Monday, 22 January 2018

Puppy session

On Tuesday my first two new Chinese chastity belts arrived. One was the plastic device that was meant for play only (it has electrodes), but the other was out to use immediately, a metal device with shorter tube and 50mm base ring. The ring is also thick so it does not chafe easily. It was difficult to get my junk in the tube, but once i had it on, and locked by Mistress, it has stayed on until taken off for cleaning today.

Friday was O/our weekly session night.

Mistress put me into subspce by ordering me to remove my socks and run to the basement and back - three times, as i wasn't quick enough first to times! Each time i had to throw myself on my knees before Her to report.

She made me undress totally, and then fixed my serving outfit on me: clinging plastic film wrapped around my torso from armpits to hips, and some around my new cock cage, and taping it on.

This was my service outfit this time. i was even sent outside to beat carpets in it, but was allowed jacket and pants on top.

She kept me on my toes the whole evening. i had to be quick when Se sent me to clean toilets, prepare supper and do allsorts of chores. i was also made to wash Her feet in a bowl as She reclined on the sofa.

For my session She ordered me to bring the pup's tail, pup's cllar and leash. It was about pup play! i had to insert my pup's tail first. It's one of O/our new toys. It felt large first, but with the help of lube it went in, and did feel quite nice after that. i could fuck my prostate with it by clenching and unclenching my buttocks, and quite big amounts of precum squirted during the play, finally starting to dribble on the floor from the plastic-covered cock cage. Cage stayed on this session too, only my anus was played with. 

i had to be playful wagging my tail, and then She fixed the leash on me and had me heel Her as She walked about the house. Turns are always difficult, my nose should stay near Her knee.

She clipped off the leash, told me to stay, moved away, and told me to heel. She trained me to circle behind Her to Her left side, always. Different positions, difficult turns.  Some fetching followed, She threw my used socks around as a package and made me fetch them.  The tail plug made me feel super sexy and i clenched my butt around it.

Finally She prepared an obstacle track. She releashed me and guided me along the track. First i had to zigzag amongst some items She set on the floor, then jump on a stool, and crawl under a table, as She cheered me to do it faster and faster, repeat the track time after time.  As i was good, She gave me a raisin or a nut from Her hand. As a prize She took hold of my balls.

There was nothing more this time, cock cage was not removed, but She told me  could keep the tail in my butt until bedtime which i did!  i liked the pup play very much!

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