Friday, 12 January 2018

Session with new toys

Mistress celebrated my one month in full chastity by keeping my chastity belt on throughout the weekly session.

She ordered me first to our toy chest where She chose the serving costume. This time it was the maid's dress, with stockings, panties removed and replaced with a suspender belt, and the red corset underneath, no shoes. The dress was locked on, even though i had no intentions of removing it anyway. i managed to take photos after dressing up. She locked bracelets above my elbows and connected them behind my back with a chain. The chain means i had to learn to push the other arm behind my back if i needed to reach up or far.

First 4 hours She made me do household chores excepy for one long break while i waited for a new command on my knees as She worked with Her laptop. Actually long kneeling still is really difficult and makes my back hurt and makes it difficult to start moving again.

i did a myriad of things, mostly running small and meaningless errands, the largest being cleaning surfaces in the kitchen spotless. She approved it otherwise in Her check, but the bottom of the sink and the metal sink trap and the sewer under it were not gleaming, so She ordered me to get Vim and polish them until they shine.  i was of course very apologetic for this.

After the kitchen was done She pointed at one of the large drawers and said "Empty this and clean the bottom!" my only question was "Madam, did you point at this drawer?"

After doing the laundry, and preparing Her (not me) a small supper, She told me to get Her a couple of tools from the shed that is located at the ack of O/our yard, the route visible from many houses. i just asked  in my maid's dress "Will i go like this, Mistress?" "No, put on your short overcoat"

It meant my lacy hem remained partly visible, also the ends of my apron ribbons at the back, and i had only stockings on between my mid-thigh and shoes! They could be considered sports leggings from a distance so the risk of getting caught was small. However it was exciting She is no longer so secretive about my status!

After that She did some glueing jobs and i had to press each glued item until the superglue set. Easy but boring, suitable for a slave.

Each time i had fulfilled Her order i remembered to throw myself on my knees, as She reprimanded me last time for neglecting that. Once, after i did that, She told me to get on all fours and expose my ass.  With my hands tied with the chain behind my back i noticed i had to keep my shoulders low and my forehead to the floor. She had a ruler and a stick in Her hand and She gave me a series with the ruler, told me to rate it. i said "mild". Then She followed with the stick, and it was a bit more stinging. It was a punishment for my fails.

my supper was only five mini-sized spelt crackers with cheese adnd pueraria mirifica. i was sent to eat them alone on the laundry room floor.

Eventually i was told to wait on my knees in the bedroom while She browses session idea photos. i looked at my image in the mirror while i waited, happy with my new slim waist. i have lost 6 kg now.

As She returned, She unlocked my dress. i was to continue in my red corset showing off my tits nicely, and stockings. There was no reference to my chastity device. It just stayed on.

She told me to get the Humilitor gag from the chest. We had invested in Scott Paul Design's tray  and toilet brush attachments, but had not used them at all yet. She buckled the tray in my mouth and sent me to get Her a 1/4 glass of apple juice from the kitchen. Keeping the tray balanced means i have to keep my head up, and as the tray hampered my vision i had to keep hold of the rails while going in the stairs.

i filled juice in a plastic glass to be safe. Balancing it on the tray was surprisingly easy. It is just necessary to bite on the gag quite intensively. Even climbing stairs went without accidents. i knelt head high by Her and offered Her the tray. She scolded me for bringing more than a 1/4 glass.

After drinking it She placed the glass smartly on my tray again and told me to bring it back to the kitchen and get toilet detergent. My mistake was to nod, the glass tumbled over but i caught it still on the tray. i mumbled an apology to the gag, and moved swiftly downstairs with the empty glass on my mouth tray.

As i returned, She changed the attachment, fixing the new toilet brush to my gag.  It was humiliating to notice my head became a toilet brush stick. She told me quickly to get to the toilet, put detergent in the bowl, and start brushing it. After my first tentative attempts She guided me to nod my head and do up and down movement with the brush along the walls, gradually covering the entire area. i had to push my head far in the bowl, my maid's dress revealed my ass as i stooped. As i vigorously moved my head, She started feeling my balls with each nod, in the same rhythm i was brushing the toilet. She then told me to start brushing under water level, meaning i had to push me head even deeper in the toilet. Her touches to my balls became slaps, She was slapping my balls, which were very well presented while my clit remained squashed inside its little cage, now filling it to the brim.

Finally She flushed the toilet and told me to rinse the brush in the water. The last part was shaking my head to bang the brush against the walls to dry it. Who wants to drip toilet water around?

i thought i had survived the ordeal, but She told me to go downstairs, and the affair was repeated in the downstairs toilet.  Now, as i was bobbing my head up and down, She took hold of my entire ball sac with Her cool hand, taking a firm hold of it, and yanking it at the same speed as my mouth and head moved inside the toilet.  Needless to say my pace became more anxious, and so did Her hand. i was so full inside my cage, last ruined orgasm in more than a month ago. i so wanted to be teased, to cum. With renewed energy i bobbed my head in a frenzy. What a devious way this was to make me degrade myself! But She didn't give me more than i could chew. Her groping changed again into slapping on my balls, as i continued to fuck the toilet bowl with my brush like a madman. i continued to rush the brush, but then She just stopped slapping my balls. i could not guide Her, She did what She wanted. i continued unnecessarily long, but She did not recommence Her assaults on my balls. Instead She checked the bowl and flushed it. This time i knew to push my head so deep that the brush got thoroughly rinsed, and my hair caught part of the flood as well. it was a new experience to have my head in a flushed toilet. Like a pro i then shook my head like a dog to dry the brush against the inside walls of toilet bowl.

Now Mistress told me to get into the laundry room toilet, where She removed the attachment and told me to clean the brush, which i did carefully with my bare hands. it is an expensive toilet brush after all. The session was over. After a week i may have another chance to get satisfaction, and until that i will have to cope being inside the chastity device.
humiliator upside down

humiliator gag right way

EDIT: Added photos of the humiliator gag worn the wrong way like W/we did and the right way. The wrong they i drooled more

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