Sunday, 18 February 2018


Interesting developments today...  W/we had a session that got extended from yesterday into today, and... got to cum... finally.

There was a week without session as W/we were both ill last week. This week i was busy at work, so i got home only at 7pm on the session night. 'It means your fun part of the session will be shorter, not my fun part, She said".

She told me to undress, and chose a backless short apron as my only piece of clothing for the service. It only just covered my cb. She checked that my cb was stuffed with tissue to prevent me from leaking precum on the floors.

W/we had already done some cleaning earlier, but the toilets were not cleaned for 2 weeks so She sent me to clean two toilets first. After that i reported and She checked my work - and found spots in the mirror. And in the faucet. i apologized and did them again.  After the upstairs toilet and bathroom She came to check them too, and did it closely, also finding fault in a hand mirror and especially on the surface which She described as "poorly cleaned".  i did a careful touch-up.

Next, before i was sent to clean the toilet in the cellar, She wanted some red wine, which She sipped while She watched X Factor. and i cleaned the last toilet carefully, afraid of a following checkup. As i reported, She just said She is not at all interested to do a checkup this time...

i was allowed a glass of red wine, kneeling at Her feet, while She watched more X Factor. Then She said that there's a big chore for me left. The main bathroom tiling had a lot of lime buildup, and She sent me to scrape it off with a razor blade.  Without my apron, in my chastity belt only. After a good while of toiling She showed up, and sat down near me on a bench, watching me sit and kneel on the tiles, changing position frequently to reach new areas. She complemented me for my naked moving body.

Eventually She told me to get upstairs. There She said, that the session will continue tomorrow morning, and She told me to open the toy chest and wait kneeling by it. As She returned, She fixed cuffs on my wrists, and a short strap between them. That was how i slept the night, with a very short women's nightie (not covering ass).

In the morning She picked up there She left. i was sent to make tea and breakfast in  my flimsy nightie.

Next She ordered me back upstairs, and get Her the blindfold. She ordered me to sit  down on the floor, then sent me to get  couple of terry rags, which She placed under my cb as i returned.

She blindfolded me and told me to sit spreadlegged, cuffed my right ankle to the foot of the bed, removed the strap connecting my wrists, removed my nightie and strapped my right wrist to my right knee.

Now She tossed me the key to my cb, and told me to remove my cage and wank, but with one finger only.  i could only open the lock with my left hand. It was difficult alone to get the key in the lock, but as i got it in, i could quickly remove the cage. i couldn't see it but my sissy clit sprang into attention, aided by the base ring, and i made my index finger into a hook and started massaging the underside of my glans with it.

It was the first time in 2 months and 1 week i could get erect! And so humiliating to be made to sit on the floor and masturbate with one finger of the "wrong" hand only. On a Saturday morning, at a time i had never chosen myself! i heard Her busying herself with something, but staying near, coming and going as i worked diligently.

However, it was not so easy to get off with one finger only!  So after a good while She told me that i could use two fingers (one on top, one under it). This made it easier and soon i got precum flowing in volumes, making it so slippery my fingers slipped off many times. i knew that all my precum and possible cum (if given permission) would land on the rag i had fetched on the floor.

i tried different styles, but i noticed wanking was now something i was not used to anymore, and i was not making progress towards cumming. my clit was a bit tender, and i could not get my foreskin moving: when erect, i could not bare my glans. Being denied of pulling it back has maybe turned my foreskin smaller?

Finally She told me to get flat on the floor on my belly.  It was not an easy task with my right ankle tied, but i shuffled further until i was on my stomach, legs spread, clit between my legs, pointing at my feet. my right hand was still tied to my right knee, and my right leg to the bed. She told me to keep my left hand behind my neck, as She plugged the Hitachi on.

She placed Her foot on my naked ass, pressed me flat against the floor, and started pressing my clit against the floor with Hitachi. That was so much easier to get off with!  It took almost no time as i was whimpering with an approaching orgasm. Before i could ask permission, She however placed the wand against my balls, giving me time to recover.

Soon She recommenced squashing my clit against the floor with Her wand, and i had to ask permission to cum almost immediately. She pulled the wand away, and the approaching cum faded away. But as She pressed my clit again, and i asked for permission, She just continued, pressing my ass with Her foot, my hand behind my neck, and i exploded, squeshed between the wand and the terry rag.  The amount of cum was surprisingly small, so She continued a long time, not noticing the small squirt. What a way to cum after 70 days of chastity!

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