Sunday, 4 February 2018

Session in the snow

'Get undressed'
The session had just started and Mistress was rummaging in the toy box. She chose the breast harness and the same leather pants i used last week. She told me to put socks back on and get wool socks too, and put on my ski suit on my otherwise naked body. She put on outerwear too.
Soon i had to follow Her outside, and into the nearby woods. i was carrying Her bag where She had gathered some toys. This was going to be a different session night!
We had just had a lot of snow here, and as She directed me off from the road, W/we could see no tracks in the snow - W/we were alone. She took a chain leash from the bag, and connected it to the neck of the collar of the harness. Now She started to drag me behind Her, and it was really difficult to follow Her in the deep snow, i just stumbled along as She climbed on some round cliffs towards some higher ground.
She stopped at a pine tree, pushed my chest against it, fixed cuffs to my wrists, and tied them together behind the tree: i hugged the tree and could not get away!
She started opening my buttons, and tried to yank down my pants. It was difficult as my ski suit had suspenders. However She got my ass soon uncovered in the cold freezing night. Now She took hold of a slapper and started laying out some pretty hard blows on my buttocks. As it was a slapper the sound echoed around in the woods, and soon also my moans.
As She had had enough, She freed my hands and told me to sit in the snow with my naked butt and glistening chastity cage! As i hesitated She told me off in stern words and i could do nothing but descend and sit really deep in the soft snow, and stay where for a while.
As She told me to get up my ass was like frozen, it was just numb for a while, as i redressed, while some snow went into my suit, making me wet. As i was ready, She grabbed the leash again, and continued determinedly deeper into the forest while i tried to leap behind Her and follow while She held the leash short, and i had to keep my head down, and just try not to fall in the snow. She was very crude, and i got deep in subspace, as She dragged me in the deep snow through the small forest onto another road, where She removed the leash only as W/we approached the first houses.

She had saved me the weekly cleaning, so as W/we got back and i was undressed again to my breast harness and leather briefs,  She told me to start vacuuming the whole house, with the threat that She will check up certain places and if She finds dust i will know it in my hide.  After vacuuming i had to wash the floors on my knees, wiping them with rags. i did everything diligently, and i was happy i could reach many hard-to-reach places with my rag. She told me also to make hot sandwiches as a supper, and be ready top serve them at 9pm promptly!  i had to take care of the time myself which added to my burden. i managed to be ready at 8.59! After W/we had eaten the excellent sandwiches, She told me that there was still the toilets to be washed, so i took to that job next, without a murmur.
As i was ready She had me wait kneeling at attention for a while and then sent me to hurry up and dust some carpets on O/our dark balcony.

As the carpets were ready and replaced, She told me to get Her a hand towel and tricot strip She had had me cut years ago. She made me remove my briefs and kneel up with my back facing a column, spread my legs and then push my hands through my legs. Now i felt Her sweet, cold hands on my balls!  They felt so nice, after not having my genitals touched by Her for a long time. She tied the strip around my balls, threaded them behind the column and back to my hands. my balls became tied to my hands while the tying strip went around a column. Now She told me to move forward on my knees, which was nit very easy with hands between my knees. And as i moved, my balls became pulled further away from my body and to the back. As the tension was right according to Her taste She told me to stay like that and She sat down on the sofa again, where She had been reading Her book.  But not before placing the towel on my hands so that possible precum would be caught on the towel.

i had to stay on my forehead and knees. The position was not comfortable to say the least. However soon the precum started flowing. And dripping. i was so hot i tried to get off by only tightening and flexing my genital muscles inside my chastity cage, which of course stayed on. Or by slowly rocking against the flexible strips. i had now been chaste nearly two months. As i moaned, She got up, and gave a thrashing on my butt with the same slapper, which can really hurt.  Next She gave a series of blows on my tightly drawn balls - first very light, then stronger. It only served to make me hotter, with no way to get off, not this week any way.

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