Saturday, 10 March 2018

Fetch play outdoors

Wow, Mistress threw another impressively imaginative session yesterday, which culminated in fetching in the Finnish snow. The motivation for the not-so-pleasurable tone of the session was me forgetting the Women's day on Thursday :(

As soon as i got home She ordered me to kneel and remove all my clothes. As i had them piled She told me to take the pile to my clothes closet and wait there kneeling. 

With the session attire She had chosen She came in and tossed me the key, telling me to remove my cb and put on the red corset. As i had it on She taped plastic on my loins making me taped-on  diy plastic shorts. She also had taken the new bamboo cane and She used it throughout the session to keep my pace up, with occasional blow on my ass, thighs

or tits.

Now as i was equipped to Her liking my first task was preparing Her a zander dinner, and old leftovers for me. She also told me to pour two glasses of white wine. As W/wr started eating She told me to put a straw into my wine glass and pit it on the floor. Every now and then She told me to gey some wine and then i had to leave the table, get on my knees and drink without the use of my hands.

As i reported to Her after clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen She was sitting on the sofa with Her book. She told me to nestle by Her feet and  purr! i curled up around Her feet in my nakedness, and started making gurgling noises. First they were just plain odd, but gradually i learned to make sounds with my throat that resembled a purring cat. How odd it felt, my nose against Her socks, purring like a cat while She continued reading for a long time, with me purring and purring with my newly found skill!

Finally She told me to put on the gag with the toilet brush and leather bracelets above my elbows. As i had everything on She walked me into the first toilet whacking my thighs with Her cane. Next She supervised me cleaning O/our three toilet bowls with the brush in my mouth! She gave precise instructions as i pushed my head deeper and deeped in the bowl, whether to rotate the brush or shove it in and out. i came to think this is the only type of fucking i may do nowadays, fucking the sewer with the toilet brush. As She was satisfied, She each time took the regular toilet brush and showed me how to do it while my head remained down above the bowl, and She flushed the toilet. In the second toilet She kept pushing my head rhytmically into the bowl as i brushed it. The third one i did with my elbows fixed together behind my back. She freed them soon, before ordering me to cleaning other toilet surfaces, mirrors and faucets.

As i reported to Her after finishing the toilets She checked different places in each toilet, making me redo certain parts in each one. i had to wait kneeling in attention for some time next, before She told me to empty certain kitchen drawers where food is kept, to thoroughly clean and wash them. As i was ready She told me to kneel where She had been sitting and reading Her book the whole evening (the session always take 5-6 hours) , turn my back to Her,  and She fixed my elbows together. Then She told me to lie down on the floor on my side.

i had to drop my body on the floor from a kneeling position. Lying down was pleasant for a change, and i even drifted into a light sleep, but soon one of my arms (surprisingly not the lower one but the upper one) started to fall asleep, become numb. Therefore i had to twice roll over by raising myself and throwing myself back on the floor.

So, as suddenly as it started, Mistress ended my lying down by ordering me to stand up straight, and me complying promptly. She told me to get the insertable dog's tail, one of O/our newer toys. It was only the second time it was used. As i got it She told me to remove my plastic "panties" and shove it in. There was no mention of lubrication, but luckily my bum was moist from being inside plastic, and i could nearly insert it with one long shove, my bum  up in the air before Her. It was actually sexily humiliating to be made to insert a tail in your ass, and you have to do it before Her. It needed a little shuffling to and fro, but soon the flat base rested deep between my butt cheeks.

Now She told me to put on my bum freezer style coat (didn't know yet it was going to be literal this time) and bring my ankle boots to the backdoor. She also put on full winter clothes. i got an erection again as i fearing being "outed" and soon She told me to follow Her out, to O/our darkly lit backyard.  She lead me to a far corner which was not seen from other houses. She had Her cane and She used it, but no leash.

Now She took a small stick, threw it far in the snow and said "Fetch! With your mouth of course". i ran to it, holding the tail in my butt as it felt it could escape, knelt in tje snow with my bare knees and shove my face in the snow where there was a crack in the snow with the form of the stick. Nothing. i could just bite snow. The stick had fallen deep in the soft snow. i could do nothing but press my face fully into the snow, open mouth full of snow to get to the stick. With the third try i reached it and brought it back. Mistress took it and threw it again. This got repeated 4 times, before She lead me back frozen mouthed. I was trembling from the freezing temperature, bare legged, still holding the tail with my hands.

At the door She had me remove Her shoes, and thank me for the session by kissing Her feet. Then i had to remove the corset and tail, store the toys away and get my wiener back into the can.

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