Sunday, 4 March 2018

Session update

W/we had Lina spending a holiday week here so the next session was postponed to last week.
This time i was ordered to strip naked. She gave me the key, and told me to remove the cb for a cleaning. Normally i get to clean it every weekend, but a midweek cleanup is always welcome too.
She supervised my cleaning, and after that She became my personal trainer: She lead me through a training session with all sorts of strenuous positions and walking round using different gaits. She was strict and smacked my face to improve my motivation.
Afterwards told me to prepare supper for Her.  i was made to eat some old leftovers, on the floor, in the corner like a dog. However i liked every second.
There were no cleaning duties this time.  Instead i was told to read out loud Her book for Her. It was a book about animal rights, She is a believer of those.
As She grew tired of that, She told me to get the box of straps from the toy chest. She chose me the breast harness and the new wrist-to-thigh restraints W/we had not yet used.  She helped me to secure my left hand.  The velcro straps were quite tight and i could not utilize my hands after that.
She told me to get up (difficult with the straps) and stand with my back against a pole. Now She fixed my ankles with straps too, and fixed them together behind the pole. my hands stayed fixed, and the neck strap of the breast harness was tied to the pole as well. i could not move i had to stand straight.
Finally She produced a blindfold and put it on tight. She kept me standing up for about an hour during which She walked past me many times, and whacked my tit or clit (which was free the whole evening) or bit my ear or something like that so that i winced instinctically each time She got near.
As She freed me it was back to the chastity for another week!

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