Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Back in business

"Next you will wash all toilets"
"Yes, Mistress"
It was Friday night at 9pm.  Most people were having some weekend fun, but i had to go get the bucket which contains O/our toilet cleaning stuff, and start cleaning all of the toilets in O/our biggish house.
i had been allowed to choose the outfit i was wearing and it was again the red corset, and nothing but it.  i had already gone through two floors of the house using a steamer device, a two-hour chore.
i went through the toilets diligently, fearing for a check up, which never came.
Finally it was time for the fun part. It was time to brush up my human pony skills.  First She made me do my pony gaits in free style. i had forgot so many gaits that She told me to look up a video. Then rehearse and rehearse and do a show for Her.
The tip of my cb was filled with toilet paper to keep me from dribbling on the floor. It was really necessary as doing this got me horny and leaking.
However there was no release this time.  She told me i could be taken out of cb maybe next time.
We had had already a short session week before, i was tied to bed on my back as an x, and connected to electro. Different programs, quite intensive, also punishment programs.
Mistress is well again!

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