Friday, 11 January 2019

Exercises under cane & pleasure surprise

Mistress has gotten really fond of maid services, i think, because She orders me into maid's dress practically every day as i get home. She says i obey well only this way.

Thursday evening She wanted me in maid's dress right away. i had to make supper first, and open a bottle of wine.  After eating She continued to drink while i was ordered to prepare carrot soup for Her next lunch.

i filled Her glass a few times and She must have got a bit tipsy which is not usual. After one refill She told me to get the cane - an order i always fill extra swiftly not to get Her any cause to use it

"Upstairs", She ordered as She got the cane.  As i leaped up the stairs i remembered She had said She forgot to get the cane when She supervised the first "get fit" workout.

Upstairs She told m to strip, and i knew what was to come - but i didn't! First She caned my tits lightly but a long time, which was a really intense feeling.  i knew what was next, walking bowlegged with dumbbells like the last time, and She followed me, yielding Her cane on my butt if my ass didn't drop low enough each step, or if i faltered.

Then i had to get on my back, and keep my feet a little in the air. i did that well. But i failed the next exercise, still on my back, then legs totally up, and lowered little by little to the ground. i did it too slowly and could not keep my feet stumbling on the floor, though She specifically told me not to let them tumble down. She told me to turn my ass up, and She gave 6 punisment blows, really severe on my naked thighs and butt.

Next the same exercise was repeated a few times and now i got it right. i was allowed to rest between exercises on the carpet, but She poked my nipples hard with the tip of the cane while i rested.  At this point i needed the towel again under me, as juices started flowing. i luckily caugh the first squirt of precum with my hand before i stained the carpet.

Next was sitting down legs straight, and trying to reach my feet with knees straight. First i reached only past my knees, but She placed the tip of the cane at my ankle and tolf me to reach it. Having a clear target helped, and i could soon touch it. Now She placed it even further. Finally i could touch my feet, surprising myself!

Next i had to stand one one foot, and press the other heel against my buttock. No She put Her hand in front of my crotch shield and told me to push with my hips, make my crotch shield touch Her hand.  i had to painfuly strain myself to humiliatingly push my shining, emasculating pubes shield against Her waiting hand, where the shield fit well. She commented how warm the metal was.

Then i was made to carry the weights bowlegged again, driven with the whip until i was exhausted. Even in the end i made deep dips to avoid strong blows on my butt, though i was eventually close to collapsing from fatigue.

After working me out until exhaustion Mistress told me to lie face down on the carpet, and She started beating me with the cane. It seemed She was doing it just for fun, but the cuts were heavy, alternating buttocks and thighs. But then she pushed the tip of the cane in through the pee drainage hole into my chastity belt. The tip met deliciously my clit tip, and She started poking it, making me pant from a surprise pleasure: it had been more than a month from the previous edging.

Mistress alternated between whacking my ass and poking my clitty. Clearly She wanted to associate pain with pleasure and only edge me while i was suffering from severe pain. She sat on my back, crushing me against the floor, poking again my clitty and then whacking my thighs that were easiest reachable in that position. Mistress is turning out quite the sadistic Domme after all these years!  It has got to do what i quoted her saying in the erlier post: As She has less sexual needs She can express Herself better by D/s.

i had quit the flow of precum after the ordeal, my thighs were a mess!
Right after the ordeal, i had to stay naked until bed

Mistress has given me all Her old sheer stockings, She's not using them any more. Many have ladders. This is Friday morning.

Mats arrived for weekend so there will be not much to report about the weekend.

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