Amanece and Her slaves

a normal day with known slaves
and other stories
Published by kind permission from the author Amanece

Entering her house the slaves would each continue his chore trying to not get in her way. Each had its designated behavior to be always in tune. Karla was the maid servant, the one to help her dress and all beautiful and soft things for her in addition to the cleaning. Karla always had to dress properly and sexy, always enticing for Amanece. If she let go of her fancy and dressed incorrectly for her Mistress’ wishes she would wear a jute dress to her knees as a punishment robe for the time stipulated. The cleaning was done immaculate, Amanece looking for an excuse to expose Karla, make her apologize and make it up with submission.

Sex-roaarrr, sex slave, would be doing some chore to strengthen his ability to arouse her while controlling himself. The tease/denial. The one who performs all things so as to have some type of sex. Being part of the dirt, squirming in it, humping it. Being part of the wall, making sex to it without coming, always in restraint.

James, the slave. Just that, to do the chores that tired him but he obeyed, and to use him as she wished, making his balls hang lower, ordered him around and using implements to encourage humiliating and serving orders. Manipulating a slave. Cleaning, dinners, chores around the house, training, amusement, all kept in their specific training.

My soulmate slave would get home. Look for me and provide the submission expected in his greeting. My favored.

Karla’s sleeping time came up after cleaning the kitchen and Amanece inspected it. Amanece ordered her to dress in a special nightgown and she would go by to check on her.

“Ah, and remember Saturday night is your fashion show for my help and guests.” Karla, blushed it was always hard for her but she knew Amanece demanded it and after a while she surrendered to the feeling.

James was kneeling on all fours, serving as a table for my after dinner liquor and my soulmate’s.
Karla came into the terrace and curtsy and excused herself. All the conversation in the kitchen had made her bed time be past by five minutes. Amanece checked the hour ordered Karla to raise her small skirt and offer in front of all, her buttocks, showing her lace thong. Amanece picked the belt and gave her ass five good whacks. Later she came close and tenderly caress them, kissing her face and sending her to bed…She will visit later.

Amanece seating next to her soulmate, examined james’ asshole and it was full of lubrication. The sex slave was on the corner facing the room with an erection. He always had to have an erection or pump it until he had one.

“Honey, would you like to play with james and sex-roooar? I am ready for a nice show.
Sex-roooar, let’s take off your chastity, and then that long dick of yours let it roll over the floor on its tip, drooling precum all over here.

James, we are done with the drinks, take them to the bar, then come squirming as a worm on the floor with an implement on your mouth, as you will need encouragement. I would like sex-roooar to penetrate your ass, james, as you suck my soulmate’s penis while I sit on his face on the couch and suffocate him. And as you will need encouragement, james, I will slap your face and belt your back so you suck him well while I come several times.”

Having satisfied herself and left them all aroused and denied. She ordered her soulmate to escort sex-roooar and james to their cots and tie them well so they won’t touch themselves, and then wait for her in her bedroom. James was crying all the way but that is why he was there for, to be used, to please her.

Satisfied, Amanece went to Karla’s room. Karla was in her dressing gown in her bed. Amanece sat in her cot, tied her hands and asked if she had touched herself. Karla didn’t.

“I love your nightgown…turn around halfway so I see your panties. Hmmmm good. Today you were pale…maybe the hormones, put more color in your face darling, and tighter bras so they push up your breasts. I want to see them big, honey, hopefully the hormones would help. Botox for your lips, come kiss me passionately, like the lady slut you are….if you prove me good on the fashion show I might use that asshole-cunny of yours. All alone, here in my arms yes? Do well. I will caress it now and placed the buttplug. No, don’t cry baby, honey, just open up for me Karla.”


The Beauty

The beauty

The beauty of the scenery was remarkable. Everything was totally white except for the green of the gardens and the blue of the ocean in the horizon. She lounged in her chair. She made a point of having all around her white: the buildings, chairs, tiles, even her two dogs sitting by her where white long hair. She took the small bell and rang it and a trembling dark skinned slave entered carrying a white tray with a lace napkin and refreshment drink for his Mistress. He was totally sparkling with oil all over his body. His tanned muscles contrasted with the delicacy of all.

Tight belts were attached to his waist, ankles, wrists, neck and torso. He kept crouching low as he served his Mistress his penis in complete erection below the tray.

“Put the tray in top of the table and lie between my dogs, love the contrast of colors and followed them in between in all they do.”

Immediately the slave positioned himself and imitated all of the dog’s movements and positions. His back reflected the belt marks he had received earlier by the slave in charge to remind him of his lowly position. He was made to scream like a pig while he was bugged by the same slave in charge, totally humbling him. Now he knew to obey in all, and the orders were to do as her dogs.

“May I come in, please Ama”

James stood at the door and with a hand signal she made him approach her. He knelt beside her chair kissing her hand. The favorite slave, her almost husband. He was attentive to all her moods, variations of tone of voice, change of attitude – he was perfectly synchronized to his Mistress.

Having erections were been hard to be held so he had to walk with the pump attached to his waist leather band, in case she wanted to put him in conditions. This embarrassed him profoundly, especially when she did it in front of others, or in front of her younger sex slaves.

“Nice erection, James. Did you pump yourself before entering?”

“Yes Ama, just outside the door, everyone saw me get prepare to make my petition for entry. My humbleness has grown with this act, I am at your service and desires.”

His demeanor showed the most complete surrender. He belonged to her. Nothing of him was for him to retain. He knew and accepted this. Even when his Mistress was playing and talking seriously, consulting, or being vulnerable he was always submissive, always knew his position.

He had a glimpse of the slave imitating the dogs running and barking into the yard, the slave along with them. Perfect imitation.

“If I were to say what makes us work so well it would be very difficult, James…come sit by my side. If I were to explain what I want from you emotionally it would be worse. And yet you understand perfectly. As my other slaved do also.

My sister is coming to visit our farm and she wants to be part of all of our relationships and I want all this beauty to permeate through.

Will she see the beauty of the whipping of the slave and his cries for mercy or your humiliation preparing to be in shape for me?

Present to me your balls prostrated, James.”

Immediately James prostrated himself on the floor near her feet, letting the elongated pouch of a scrotum lay in the back between his thighs and opening wide exposed them to her whim.

Amanece placed her shoes over them and squeezed them slowly; increasing the pressure and seeing him take the pain by contracting more to the floor, not moving, it is not allowed until his muted whimpers could be heard.

She rang the bell again and the slave handler entered the room keeping a bowing position. She kept playing with James balls.

“You have trained well the new slave, very well. Spray his asshole for the dogs to use him while we watch.”

The slave handler whistled calling the dogs and the three approached immediately. He smiled looking at the slave dog and made a hand signal for him to turn.

“Bend to the floor ass in mid air.”

He sprayed his asshole, and move apart while the other dogs immediately started smelling the slave asshole until one of them climbed his back and bugged him.

“Keep low so he can have a better penetration,”

The slave his face red with humiliation, feeling the dog’s paws and pushing on his buttocks took the reality of his condition more seriously than ever. After the first dog was done he was sprayed again for the use of the second dog.

James lied trembling watching the scene. He knew of the amusements of his Mistress although he had not been under most of them.

Amanece clapped and the handler took the leash of the used slave and took him away to clean him.

“James as my sister is not used to all of this we will camp by the lake away from the house and other slaves and just have you with me, make the necessary preparations. She will meet us tonight. Go now.”

James was on his way to his knees when she placed her foot on his back and said: “You may crawl all the way out, your balls need a good massage.”

James had put up the huge tent with all the facilities and was preparing some refreshments when he saw his Mistress and sister approach him. He had forgotten to ask how was he supposed to act, so he decided to act as the slave he was. When they were close enough he got out of the tent and went up to them kneeling and bowing to kiss his Mistress feet.

“See, Melissa, James is my perfect slave as I was telling you, and I just want you to know how much we both desire this and for you to experience its full beauty”

“Difficult, Amanece.”

“James, you should be naked, I understand you were shy in front of my sister but my orders are clear and they were not changed.”

James prostrated himself to the floor his face on the ground and mumbled:
“Please, forgive me Mistress and give me your correction.”

“Tonight before going to bed twenty lashes with the switch.”

“Thank you Mistress, I will have all ready. I will take my clothes off now.”

While Amanece and Melissa proceeded to the chairs to relax and watch the lake he took off all his clothes and crawled back to the side of his Mistress,
The refreshments were in the table and the evening was taking form in the change of colors and subdued noises.

Melissa took in James full body, his collar, and his marks of being owned.

“James came from very far to serve me. My life long desire of domming was fulfilled with him, as was his desire to surrender and be a slave. At first there was some coming in and out, some uncertainties. Life itself brought different moments but the desire was strong enough, had been for so long strong enough that we persisted. Now a day, it comes easy and we experience the outmost limits and scenes in a comfortable, normal way. There is never a question of love, rights, opinions, value or judgement. We just both know the permanence of our feelings. Like the water of the lake know its boundaries and the whiteness of all its stillness.”

“But you humiliate and violate his body, Amanece!”

“In any way I want and he lives for this as I do. The interchange is so intimate that even being shared with other people present it is completely an experience of both of Us- no one else. It is beautiful in its sincerity and realness. We must have both known ourselves so well to the point of admitting this into our lives. As you share more with Us you shall see what I mean.

James get ready, we had a long day and want to go to bed. I will take Melissa to her cabin, wait for me in mine.”

“Yes Mistress, goodnight Lady Melissa.”

Melissa just walked on and kissing Amanece good night entered her cabin but stayed attentive to what was happening in her sister’s cabin. She could see the figure of James, face to the floor ass in the air waiting. She saw Amanece pick the switch and apply with all her force the slashes, sometimes one after the other, sometimes waiting in between. He stayed in position and she could hear his grunts and whimpers. Then it all stopped and she saw Amanece sit on the floor and James resting his face on her bosom while she caressed his hair and face. It really had felt intense and now completely beautiful.

As I wish

e stood motionless, blindfolded, tied at his ankles and hands behind his back, completely naked, nude to all of her. Her hands hardly touched him yet he could feel how she passed, inches away from the skin all over his body. He felt his hair and skin completely aroused with just that flow of energy between them. He felt her breath, her body heat, he could imagine her whole body next to him in a constant flow of sexual energy - the ying and yang, the flowing into and out of, the giving and taking, the surrendering and the acceptance. It was very indescribable to put into words and sometimes into action, what it all meant to both of them. Actions common to the practice were given significant meaning, but still fell short. Then she touched his nipples and he felt electricity flow into his body, he pushed his chest forward, he was hers.
"Please... " he murmured.

"Shhh... too soon to be begging."
Her body came close to his and as it touched it as she started rubbing against him. Rubbing all her desire skin to skin. He didn't dare move an inch, he had already learned the consequence of such actions. She moved from the front of his body to the back looking to place her vulva in his hands, on top of his long fingers. So tempting to just move a fingertip to feel her wetness, the fullness of her lips. He felt the sweat appear on his forehead and he again murmured: "please."
She moved him pulling on his neck leash and took him over to the bed. He moved in the darkness, every step knowing he could get closer to her if all went smoothly and well. He was just aware of her, her needs and desires. She attached the leash of the collar close to the bed post. He was standing next to it and as if he were a part of the pole. She started rubbing herself up and down on his side. His penis was about to explode from excitement and she had not even touched him. His penis bounced in all directions.
The door opened and someone entered the room, the person approached them but Amanece didn't stop rubbing herself. The person started sucking his penis. He wanted to scream... all was feeling.
Amanece pulled away and he felt the person sucking his penis rub herself up his body, felt her huge breast against him and how she unleashed him from the bedpost. Amanece pushed his body forward, the femsub holding his body while he bent over her. Amanece had placed her strap on and opening his buttocks entered him. He felt himself hold on forcefully to the femsub who embraced him until he felt Amanece's hand getting under his chest and raising him up, erect. At the same time the femsub lowered herself, slipping along his body and continued sucking his penis while Amanece fucked him in the standing position. She felt all his body sweat and holding him straight up, attached to his back while she fucked him hard, licking his ears, biting his neck. He whimpered, then moaned aloud, louder and louder as he felt her excitement and his own growing in the girl's mouth. When the femsub saw her Mistress start to cum she stopped sucking him knowing he might cum if she continued. He understood what was expected of him - to hold off, to jerk in the air, to moan his desire and wait for his Mistress to climax her orgasm inside him, like the sex object he was. All opened to her.
Amanece withdrew from him and the femsub crawled to her, took the strap on off her. Amanece lay down at the edge of the bed and the girl took him by the arm and made him kneel between Amanece's legs. He trembled all over with desire, again he knew what was expected, he opened his legs wide and separated clear from anything that may give the appearance of him rubbing himself.
"Give the strap-on to the slave outside, to put over his own penis and have him fuck you in the ass, below my window so I can hear you, until I am done with my slave here. Tell him not to stop using you as the slut you are. You may cum as much as you desire. I want to hear it all. Go now girl." The girl crawled to the window and opened it and taking the strap-on in her mouth crawled outside to give the orders and obey. Amanece waited, letting her smell engulf the trembling slave between her legs and as soon as she heard the girl moaning outside her window, she played with her leg on the jerking penis in front of her.
"Please, may I lick your juices, please, my mouth waters with desire."
He begged. She pulled his head towards her and let him please her with his tongue while imagining the femsub being fucked over and over again. The slave using a dildo instead of his own cock. Her screams had changed from pleasure to pain as it was nonstop and Amanece came again in her slave's mouth. "Please..."

Amanece took off his blindfold and it took several moments for him to get used to the environment. She knew and waited.
"Go to the window and tell them to keep going, that you still haven't deserved to cum yet. Come on, crawl fast!"

"He ran to the window, he was in a frenzy. He called out what she said and watched as the girl's ass, bent over a horse stool was being fucked by a slave using a dildo, his own penis bent backwards, up between his ass cheeks.
"Faster!" he added on his own. Amanece laughed. She came near the window pane and watched the subs performance and murmured in his ear: " I will count to ten while you masturbate. If you don't cum I will use the belt twice the amount I counted."
She counted fast and he couldn't make it. The couple below desperate. Others subs joined to watch. Amanece bent him over the window pane and using the belt stroke him twenty times. Not once did he dare emit a sound. He took his punishment well.
"Stand up, and we will try again, this time I will continue using the belt while I count to see if it encourages your cumming and we can give some rest to the subs below."
With this she started belting on his already sore ass and counting, the femsub hearing the belt became excited again and her screams were full of wantonness.
"Please, please may I cum?"
She was only counting six when she heard his petition.
"Stand and cum out of the window so the other subs can stop when you are done, boy."
Amanece sat and saw his body jerk into a complete orgasm and smiled.


A Special Arrangement

“In another world…”

The whole family was seating at the dining table when Edgar said the news.

“This weekend the boy slaves are presenting themselves in the Available Year Fair. I have prepared my booth and it starts on Saturday morning. Please, may I attend, Mother?”

“And I know who you are hoping to impress!!! Ja, and I think you will, too!”

Jessica, his sister, was totally honest, as a fourteen year old could be.

“And who may that be?” Mother asked.

Edgar lowered his face blushing profusely.

“Mother, the ladies will have their pick, right now they are just checking us out. In addition to our booths they will have the usual competitions among us.”

“Alexandra, Mother! That is who. And I think she likes him a lot. And Edgar is totally in love, he melts around her.”


“Yes, Mother, she is absolutely lovely. But she is very popular and have many slaves under her spell. I am preparing special things for her but I do not know for sure if she will come and visit my booth.”

“Edgar, how is Susana?”

“Fat and ugly Mother, do not let your friend get Edgar involved with her daughter!” Jessica quickly responded.

“Jessica! Susana’s mother is a friend since childhood and we promised each other the children would marry. Now that was many years ago, I do not know how she is feeling about that promise but I did promise. You must visit Susana and offer your attentions, Edgar. I will see about Alexandra’s intention.”

Everyone was completely silent. The news made everyone nervous as they all knew Edgar’s feeling for Alexandra. The father started cleaning the table with his head lowered, Jessica became white as a paper, and Edgar still blushing, answered.

“Yes, Mother.” He didn’t know what to think, he had paid little attention to Susana, he knew she was fat, he didn’t think of her as ugly just fat and very shy and introverted. As a matter of fact she hardly participated in any of the activities. Maybe she was not the marrying type. He just had thoughts for Alexandra, couldn’t think of anything else.

Mother left the table to go for a walk at the garden when she felt her husband following her.

“My Mistress, may I talk with you?”

“Yes, husband. Let’s sit at the bench..”

Mother sat at the bench; he sat at the floor and held her hand, looking lovingly at her eyes. So many years of this intense love, of serving her, of living to please her. The children were all happy, knowing with certainty their places. They had set a good example.

“Mistress, my loved one, Edgar is in love with Alexandra. It is very intense and it is so important to feel this type of love in a life of servitude.”

“Slave, it is easier but not necessary. I know what you are telling me and I feel the burden of my decision done in such an impulsive young manner but it is my word to another Mistress. I promise I will take care of this. He is my son.”

“Of course, Mistress, forgive my indiscretion. I know you will do what is best.”

“Hmm. I hope I do. Go; help him get ready for the weekend!”

“Mother! Mother!” Jessica came running to her. “Alexandra is here. She has come to see you! Oh Mother she also loves Edgar! I am sure.”

“Stop it Jessica, take control of your romantic dreams. Let’s go meet Alexandra, I am glad she came.”

“Mother, Susana is so fat..”

“Enough Jessica! I am the one in charge of this household and I will not permit to have my orders questioned. Not one word about Susana, do you hear me, Jessica?”

“Yes, Mother.”

Mother went inside the house and was immediately impress with the beauty and charming personality of Alexandra. She invited Alexandra for some coffee and desert that Edgar had just prepared.

She summoned Edgar with her bell.

“Edgar, look who has come to visit. I have invited her for some coffee and desert but as I was showing her some of the special orchids bring us the kettle to rinse our hands.”

”Good afternoon, Miss Alexandra. A pleasure seeing you here. Yes, Mother immediately.”

Edgar brought in a rolling tray table with the water to rinse the ladies hands and the coffee and dessert. He poured the water over their hand as they rinsed them over the bowl. Then he gave them the towel to dry them.

“Edgar prepared the water to rinse our hands with my flowers. In addition to the usual home chores he is very creative doing things, implements, perfumes, soaps, floral water for our use, especially for us. Isn’t that right, son?”

Edgar blushed and acknowledge with his head. He became mute in Alexandra’s presence but you could sense his happiness at having her so close.

“Edgar, none of this head nodding. Come on, open up. Tell us of something you made special for the occasion.”

“Yes, Mother, there are many things like Mother says, I love preparing oils and waters special for the person who is going to use it and special gifts, even punishment implements, perfect for the occasion.”

“Now, Edgar, that is a little bit too much, tell us another.”

“Oh, Please let him tell me about the punishment implement he has in mind. I think it will tell me a lot about him.”

“Hmm Ok, go ahead, Edgar.”

‘Yes, Mother. Once I was disrespectful to my sister. Of course I was very young then, still I scared her with my screams and words. Mother took control of the situation and handled me and my poor bottom that I couldn’t sit for a week. But it made little difference to Jessica who was very disappointed and became scared of her older brother, who she loves immensely. I felt very guilty and even in pain I knew I had to do something to make her forgive me and forget the incidence. So I designed this implement that closed around my tongue and attached to the back teeth and it was connected to a ring she would wear in her finger by a short leash. I knelt in front of her and proceeded to ask her forgiveness and attach the implement. She was taken back but her eyes smiled and a malicious smile came to her face. I had to be completely bent to be able to follow her around and she enjoyed my punishment and predicament for a whole week. As soon as she was up I was to present my tongue and she would play with me all day long, even when I had my duties to perform as cooking etc, she would let go of the ring but my tongue continued imprisoned. After that week, she was the usual self with me. As a reminder I have to use the implement as a key chain. Here it is.”

Alexandra took it in her hands and the mischievous look she got in her eyes was totally unequivocal, she enjoyed this slave a lot.

“Good, Edgar. Please leave now, we are going for a walk in the garden so she can see my other flowers before she has to leave.”

“Yes, Mother. Nice seeing you Miss Alexandra, I do hope you visit my booth tomorrow morning, please.”

Alexandra laughed.

“Of course I will!”

Mother noticed the look of adoration Edgar gave Alexandra. Edgar was a handsome slave and very charismatic, adorable, intelligent, creative, sensitive; he would make her very happy and proud of him. Just the promise she made to Susana’s mother made her doubt the outcome of all of this. She would let Alexandra know and maybe something could be worked out.

Edgar woke up early Saturday morning; eager to be at the Fair, but he first had his home duties to attend to. After a couple of hours, as he was ready to leave, his Mother approached him.

“You are taking along Jessica. She will leave the Fair with some friends but she will get there with you. I wish you the best of lucks my son and I want you to present your respect to Susana and be of her service.”

It finally hit Edgar the reality of her orders. He was to be at Susana’s service. If she claimed him, his mother had promised he would be hers. Oh! My God! He didn’t have a choice, he never did anyway. It also depended on what Miss Alexandra would do but in any case he knew he had to obey his mother’s wishes and orders.

Jessica pulled on his sleeve.

“Do not worry right now. Let’s go.”

The fair was crowded. Slaves were in their pavilion or getting ready with special attire, leather work, their specialty. There were dances, joggling acts, magicians, and slaves were looking for chairs to sit their special Lady. Edgar saw Susana, as usual standing looking far, non involved. She was fat but not at all ugly, just very reserved maybe mean or just shy. He didn’t think twice, he picked up a chair and went to her; bowing presented himself and offered to sit her in a nice spot, under some trees so the sun wouldn’t bother her. It all flowed very easily, and it made her feel at ease. She smiled and let him take her and sit her. He bowed down to her ear and offered his services whenever she needed them.

Her smiled froze as she saw Alexandra looking at them with a puzzling look. He also froze; he wanted to rush with a chair to her to help her sit.

“Your mother sent you?”

Her voice startled him away from his trance with Alexandra.

“She sent her regards to you and your mother.”

“Edgar, that is your name right? Please go accommodate Alexandra as she seems unattended and looking our way.”

“Yes, My Lady, Edgar is my name. I will go to Miss Alexandra now and be back as soon as I can be free again after the competitions. Will you please visit my pavilion? Yes?”

Susana had to smile again at his earnest.

“Yes, yes! Go on now!”

Edgar rushed to get a chair and take it to Alexandra but as he was nearing her another slave rushed to her and offered to sit her. Edgar stayed lost in space; Alexandra smiled at him and just shrugged her shoulders accepting the help from the other slave. Jessica pulled again on his sleeve.

“I need a chair, brother.”

“Sure Jessica. Where would you like to sit.?”

“Hello both of you. Come Jessica, let’s sit near Susana so she is not left alone.” Alexandra said.

They took each others hands and walked to where Susana was, while the slaves walked behind them with the chairs.

The bells rang calling the slaves to their pavilions. Edgar sat Jessica and hardly glancing at Miss Alexandra, bowed low and ran to his pavilion, looking back and catching Susana’s far away look again.

Many Ladies walked to his pavilion and were impressed with all his toys, massage oils, floral waters, and beautiful items he had designed. Alexandra walked in and he was all attention to her, mesmerized. Her thoughts were fully answered, her desires met, it was like he could anticipate what she wanted. It was a successful couple.

“I am making a special gift for you; I hope you will accept it when it is done and that it would please you, Miss Alexandra.”

“I am sure it will, Edgar. I hope you compete well in the next events but even if you don’t, your pavilion has impressed as your behavior at my visit yesterday. I am very happy with you, Edgar. Ahhh there is James, I shall go to his now, I will see you later.”

Edgar bowed low as she left. When he raised himself Susana was standing there, everyone had moved on to the next pavilions were the competition among slaves was going to take place except for her.

“My Lady, please come in. I would like to show my trinkets. I do these to please my women, maybe they can also please you yes?” He was so charming, she couldn’t help but smile, even laugh. She felt so joyous being near him. She was totally silent as he showed her the different items, but comfortable.

“My Lady, let’s go to the competition. It is about to start. Not that I am going to do very well but I shall try.”

“No, I am going to leave now. Thank you for your services.”

Her voice always startled him as she spoke so little but it was melodious and sweet.

“Please, do not leave. The competition is not far. And you will be able to judge us better, know were we have to improve. Please, I will walk you home afterwards.”

“No, no need. I am well. I can walk home by myself. There will be parties and everyone is going together.”

“Not me, I am to be home just after the Fair. Will you please wait for me here then, the competitions are over pretty fast and I will finish cleaning up tomorrow at dawn. Please wait, yes?”

This time she laughed out loud at his insistence.

“Yes, I will wait. Go.”

The competition was about to start when he got there so he just dressed in the shorts and competed doing some exercises, races and home chores. They were fun and some healthy humble acts. They all finished in a good mood, laughing. Alexandra was looking at him the whole time.

She walked to him after it was over.

“Well done, Edgar. Yes, you satisfy me a lot. I am leaving now with some friends for two weeks, when I come back I will visit you and tell you my decision.”

Just like that. She kissed his lips briefly and turning left running to were her friends and some slaves were. She waved goodbye.

Edgar walked back to his pavilion and found Susana lost in her thoughts waiting for him.

Edgar smiled. He was becoming familiar with that lost look of her, it didn’t scare him. When you are alone most of the time, people moving about you without counting with you, one tends to be alone somewhere in your thoughts.

“My Lady, I am back. The competitions were fun. I shall tell you all about them as we walk.”

Edgar went on and on telling all the funny things that happened in the competitions, the looks they got, the applause, who won, who lost. He didn’t even know if she knew who he was talking about but she laughed all the time. Then all of a sudden he started singing out loud, with a beautiful voice.

She was so surprised she laughed louder. Then she started singing with him. It flowed easily, freely. He took her hand and both sang for a while as they walked down the sidewalk. People would ride by them and waved some surprised but all happy. It was contagious. In one of the cars, Edgar could have sworn Alexandra was there.

The songs ended and they got tired.

“Let’s sit for a while by the road, I have a nice blanket and a small cushion for you to sit, in my backpack and then we can go on, we must have about ten more minutes of walking.”

“Edgar, you are a magician! Seating arrangements! You have made me talk, laugh even sing!! I cannot believe it!”

“Has it pleased you, My Lady?”

“Very much so, very much. Thank you.”

“My pleasure, My Lady. I have also felt very happy and at ease with you. I have enjoyed the day fully.”

“Alexandra was very happy with you, Edgar”

“Yes, My Lady. I think so too.”

“Edgar, my father left me a cabin in the woods which I haven’t visited since I was a child. My mother never goes. As the summer holidays are here I thought of going there in a couple of days for a week or two. I thought of going by myself as I do not know who I could invite, which I don’t mind at all. I am used to being alone but if you could come I would be so very happy. You could help me in a lot of things I want to do. I mean, would you want to?”

“Of course I would. I have to have my mother’s permission though. As soon as I get home I shall ask and I will let you know, My Lady.”

“Well I shall be going the day after tomorrow. I have rented a car and I will
be leaving at seven in the morning. Be there!”

“Yes, yes, let’s hope so. It is getting dark, let’s get you home. Mother is going to be upset if I do not get home soon.”

Those ten minutes went by quickly as she described the cabin, and what she wanted to do. She was full of stories and beautiful descriptions. Once in front of her house she just grasped his hand firmly and letting go rushed in without inviting him in. He turned and ran home as he was late.

Once home, they were all waiting for him.

“Mother I am sorry I am late.” He made to kneel but the mother stopped him.

“It is all right, Jessica told me you were walking Susana home. How was it all?”

“Beautiful, all of it. Maybe no one claims me, but it was worth every second of the day.”

“So you liked Susana?”

“Very much so, very much. She is a very lonely lady though.”

“And Alexandra?”

“Oh...she is soooo beautiful, we speak the same language and at the same time, it is like dancing a waltz…so smooth, so true. Ah, Mother, My Lady Susana invited me to her cabin in the woods for two weeks, may I please go. I will work hard these two days to leave everything as done as possible.”

“ is a toll on your father, but maybe when you come back your father and I will go on vacations and you will take care of the home. Yes, you may go. Now, be careful with Susana, she might get hurt if she falls in love with you. Be responsible for your actions.”

“Yes, Mother.”

He was at seven in front of her door and as he was to knock, she opened the door and taking his arm led him towards the garage were the car she had rented was. She gave him the keys and ordered him to drive off.

She looked happy, decided. She had brought food, water and all the things they might need, so they just had to drive directly to the woods. They sang songs on the way there. The place was beautiful, it needed some work but they could handle it. It was mid afternoon when they got everything out and settled. Then they walked to the lake which was nearby.

“Let’s go in, please. It is hot and it will relax us before I start dinner. Yes, My Lady?”

“Yes, go ahead. I will wait sitting here.”

“Please come with me, we will both be in our underwear and I promise I will be most respectful.”

Susana smiled.

“No, Edgar, I have this thing about being fat. I do not let others see me. I prefer to stay.”

“As you wish, My Lady. I hope I can change that feeling one day soon.”

With this he took of his clothes and stayed with his underpants and dashed to the water. He swam and swam. It was beautiful and so relaxing. When he came back Susana had drifted into her space and they walked back silently. In the cabin he went to the kitchen and started dinner. He got nervous; he didn’t know if he had upset her. He started setting the table and she stood up from her reading to help him.

“No, please sit; it will be twenty more minutes before the roast is ready. May I sit at your feet, please My Lady?”

“Sure, this will be the second time you sit at my feet.”

“My Lady, may I talk freely?”

“Sure, why are you asking me this?”

”My Lady, I am afraid I have offended you, upset you in some manner. Please always be open with me, keep me in my toes, what have I done? My nakedness offended you?”

“No, I am fine Edgar. I became very conscious of my being fat. I mean you are always surrounded by these beautiful women, your mother, sister, Alexandra…”

“And you. My Lady, you are fat and you are beautiful. I hope you do not give much thought to this with me or anyone for that matter. I love being with you and we have just met. You are wonderful. Let me serve you dinner and then I am going to show off one of my wonderful foot rubs’ lotion. I brought three or four to see which one you like. Tomorrow we might find some herbs in the woods to do some others. Yes, My Lady?

“Sure, let’s go eat!”

Resting in the balcony, Edgar brought his oils and set himself in giving Susana the best foot massage he could give. He felt her resistance at first and how slowly she let go and started enjoying herself.

“Dinner was wonderful. From my hand washing, to the roast and juice, to dessert. You are a wonderful chef and you are giving me a marvelous foot massage. Tomorrow we have a lot of work to do so you should go to bed now.”

“As you wish My Lady. Good night.”

Bowing low, Edgar kissed her hand and left. He liked how she decided on the things to be done and when. He liked her approach simple and direct to reality, to his submission.

The days went by, they enjoyed working together in the morning and they would go for walks, looking for herbs and berries, relaxing in the woods, watching Edgar go swimming and then the evenings with a small dinner, story telling, songs, sharing. They really liked being with each other and she had totally opened to him. They also had moments of being alone, Edgar with his lotions and herbs, Susana with her reading, and now she had started to do some writing, “introspection in paper”, she called it. She was enjoying herself in many levels new to her and she liked exploring them, they came smoothly but fiercely, with impulse.

They were following a creek, walking on slippery rocks, laughing all the way, when they fell one beside the other and the position, the moment led to laughter and then to a closeness, which led Edgar to kiss her lips slowly and finding no resistance he pursued with passion in a virgin mouth with the freshness and sweetness of a first kiss. He held her tight after the kiss, wanting the closeness to last. After that moment passed, she became scared, she clamped up.

“Was that kiss due to my proximity?”


“Did you kiss me because I was so close? Is it something to be done under those circumstances?”

“What Are you saying? We have been together for a week and a half, and I have shown you how much I like you, I like being with you, we have talked, laughed, I love you, how dare you think...”

Susana had become pale, his screams and anger were very scary. Suddenly he realized he had been screaming to a Mistress. He knelt beside her, lowering his face and shoulders, a deep bow.

“My Lady,… I am sorry. I am sorry… I raised my voice and scared you. I am sorry I have been so disrespectful, I was just so surprised…”

Susana started running back. He let her go. He blew it, this time he really did. He walked to the cabin and found that she had closed herself in her bedroom.

He took a shower and started to prepare dinner for her. He heard her in the living room. He went to her, she was reading, she looked up at him but her eyes had that far away look.

“My Lady, My Lady…I prepared dinner for you. May I please serve you?”

Susana got up and followed him to the dining room. She permitted him to serve her but didn’t say one word. Everything was done special for her; he stood the whole time beside her chair. He didn’t eat, nor sat with her as he usually did. When she was done she went again to the living room and her book.

Edgar cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen. He stood at the doorway of the living room.

“My Lady, may I please kneel at your feet, please. Please My lady, let me speak, please.”

“Yes Edgar, you may.”

“Thank you, thank you My Lady.”

He knelt; he bowed his head, his hands on his back. You could easily see his regret, his penance.

“I have no excuse for my disrespect. I cannot endure your silence any more even knowing I deserve this and worse. Please punish me harshly, please.”

“Edgar, I cannot punish you. I have never been told such beautiful words before and so truthful. I am moved by your words and our intimate moment, deeply but I cannot accept that you treat me like that, raising your voice and being angry at me.”

“No, My Lady, you cannot accept it and I swear it will never happen again. I can understand that you do not want to punish me even if I know I deserve the worst punishment, then, I beg you to let me make it up to you. Please give me the opportunity to show in acts what my words tried to convey so badly.”

“Very well Edgar, all ready I feel much better.”

Edgar kissed her feet humbly over and over.

“Please My Lady, make me be just as you want me to be. Correct me as many times as necessary. I want to just please you, for you to feel wonderful, happy, secure, knowing I am here just to serve you, that I am happy just doing this.”

“Good night Edgar, go to bed now.”

“May I please put you to sleep tonight, just this once?”

Susana smiled.

“Ok, let’s go.”

He had cleaned her bedroom everyday but right now it was like entering her special chamber. She went to the bathroom while he looked for her nightgown. He took it to the bathroom and handed it to her at the door. When she came out she looked lovely in it, her whole being showed vulnerability, a virgin quality.

He brought back the bed blankets so she could lie down. Instead she sat on the bed.

“Edgar, kneel.”

He knelt in front of her as if she was sacred. She caressed his face, his shoulders, and her fingers quivered in her search. She unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his chest. He was so manly, every part of him so shapely. He moaned softly. He looked at her and softly said.

“May I kiss your lips, My Lady, please may I have that pleasure even when I know I do not deserve it.”


She moved forward and started kissing his lips. He kissed her passionately and he let his arms surround her while saying in her ear.

“Please stop me the moment you think I am being too forward.”

His arms caressed hers and his hands looked for her breasts and caressed them. He was erected and he let her feel his stiffness against her leg. She was gone in excitement, in pleasure. He knew he had to stop.

“Please My Lady, lie back.”

She let herself be placed in the bed, his arms engulfing her in a tight embrace and soft kisses.

“Good night My Lady, My Love, good night.”

Softly he left. He was madly in love with her, he knew it.

The next morning she was all smiles as she walked into the kitchen. He laughed seeing her so happy and they both laughed together.

“My Lady, I am so happy. Thank you.”

“Well we should start the packing today as we should head back in a couple of days. But I have serious things to talk about.”

“Please, please not now. Let’s go for a morning swim in the lake then come back for breakfast and we can linger all day indoors. Please, I want to go swimming with you, yes My Lady?”

“A swim? With me? Oh, ok let’s go.”

It was early but the summer weather was inviting the swim. They both took of their clothes staying in their underwear. Edgar could feel Susana’s free spirit coming out, nothing to be ashamed of. He took her arm and led her running to the lake. They swam for a while and when they got tired they looked for each others arms and embraced in the water. He got very close to her, he loved feeling her body next to his, feeling intimate.

‘Don’t let me be too forward, My Lady. I can hardly control myself.”

“Let’s go to the shore.

They swam to the shore and lay there next to each other. Edgar turned on his side and gently caressed her body all over. He knew how excited she was, how hot she was and he felt the same tension on his body.

‘My Lady, I need a cold shower or I will shame myself in front of you. Please let’s run to the house so I can prepare breakfast.”

She laughed, got up, dressed and started ahead of him.

After breakfast, they just sat on the porch Edgar at her feet caressing and massaging them.

“Edgar, if I claim you I want to share you with Alexandra.”

Edgar raised himself to a kneeling position. He knew he had to be careful, to keep a low tone, as her words had totally alarmed him, shocked him.

“My Lady, why? You don’t have to share me. I am yours totally. I want to be only yours. Can you imagine how are you going to feel when I come back from being with her? How are you going to be sure of my total love and dedication to you? Miss Alexandra is extremely attractive and I feel almost devotion to her but if I belong to you, I will dedicate my whole time and life to serve you and please you.”

“No, no, not like that. I know I couldn’t share you like that, we must live together the three and be very open about our relationship.”

Edgar laughed out loud.

“Oh My Lovely Lady that would be a great idea but no one will accept this.”

“Well, do not laugh! Alexandra has and she is coming any minute now to share with us these couples of days to see if it works fine. And I am sure it will!. Talking about her, I think she is just getting in, go to her. I will wait here in the kitchen.”

Edgar rushed to open the door and was marveled at how beautiful Alexandra looked. She took his bowed head in her hands and lifting it kissed lightly his lips and passed on.

“Hello Edgar, where is Susana? Tell James to bring in the suitcases and that he can go?”

“Yes Miss Alexandra, My Lady is in the kitchen.”

Edgar walked into the kitchen and both women where chatting on all the happenings. Edgar started preparing tea while he overheard their fun conversation. They got along beautifully; he really could not explain why Susana had kept by herself for so long. Susana displayed a new found confidence and her profound wisdom.

When the tea was ready he went to serve them and was order to kneel between them.

Susana asked:

“Have you kissed Miss Alexandra’s tired feet from that long journey?”

Edgar bowed low to kiss her feet and rose to ask if she cared for a foot rub. Susana sensed his tension and so did Alexandra. She decided to take control and make everyone be more relaxed or this was not going to work.

“He hasn’t even praised me as he is used to. Go at once and get your foot rubs and work hard to appease me.” Alexandra said laughing.

Edgar rushed and came back kneeling at her feet, he started massaging them.

“Please forgive my rudeness, Miss Alexandra. You look astounding, beautiful. I feel wonderful being at your feet serving you.”

“He does give fantastic foot rubs, he has me spoil with all his attentions, Alexandra, and it is good we can have such treatment. By the way, I told him about our idea. He is a little bit doubtful but I think by the end of the weekend he will feel fine. I have promised him I will be totally honest about my feelings to him and be quick to let him know if something is offending me or making me uncomfortable.”

“Mmmm, yes he does give good foot rubs, such a talent. Well, you have shared almost two weeks, I still do not know if he is able to meet my standards. You see I cannot and will not be in a monogamous relationship and I want no jealousy on his part. If he is able to deal with this, well, I can see no problem ahead.”

Edgar had continued massaging her feet not daring to interrupt but he could feel how freely the conversation was flowing. It was all running smooth maybe it would work after all.

“Miss Alexandra, I have no expectations of being the only slave to have your favor, I am more than happy to serve you as long and as totally as you wish.”

“We shall see…sooner than you think.”

They spent the day together, walking around the woods, cooking, having fun. Edgar was bubbling with happiness, among his two loves, and the loved ones both were extremely comfortable.

After a whole day of sharing three ways, of intense tension to know, of letting be known and being, they collapsed after dinner in the living room.
Edgar at their feet, the four foot over his thighs, while he caressed them lightly.

Alexandra moved.

“Let’s go to the bedroom Edgar, I am going to change as I am going dancing with Hector and cruising the region.”

Susana smiled while Edgar with a non committal face rushed to his feet to follow Alexandra out. Once in the bedroom Alexandra was looking for her evening attire while he prepared her bath water with the special oils he had made for her.

“Mmm that smells sweet.”

She drew close to him and caressed his bent back. He tried moving but she stopped him. So he stayed bent while she passed her hands all over his body. He started trembling all over in his excitement and he felt his pants tight hiding his erection.

She pulled him up and he stood with his hands on his back, face lowered, his heart racing.

“Hmmm it will be so much fun to have you naked around all day, my love.”
Again she drew close and with her lips caressed his. He wanted to respond kissing her but she pulled away.

“Hush…I do the movements you are just a recipient of my use of you. Go now, wait until I am done bathing so you can help me dress and prepare for my evening out.”

Outside the bathroom he tried controlling his erection as he could hardly walk. She was so sexual and beautiful. He took the black clinging dress and looked in her dresser for her pump high heel shoes, off black sheer stockings. He had the emerald necklace ready with the matching earrings.

She came out only in her underwear. He knelt beside her clothes. She smiled liking his normal response to her, so much what she wanted in a slave.

“Dress me.”

He stood up, picked the dress from the bed and carrying it over, helped her get in it. He had his mouth slightly opened and concentrated in dressing her as if dressing a Goddess with outmost delicacy and respect. On his knees again he put on her stockings, sliding them on with his hands, smooth over her legs. On his knees he lowered his face to kiss her feet before putting the shoes on.

She left him behind to sit in front of the dresser and give him the brush so he did her hair, while she put on her make up and perfume. When she was done he was trembling beside her.

“Miss Alexandra, you look beautiful!”

“Thank you. You will get better doing my hair and makeup and attending me perfectly for my evenings out.”

“Yes Miss Alexandra. Miss Alexandra, could I go with you sometime?

“Sure why not”

Down in the living room, Hector was waiting, very attractive, well dressed.
Susana was asking him questions and she had a smooth conversation going, she was actually also enjoying their conversation.

Hector dropped to his knees when Miss Alexandra walked into the room. She placed on him the evening collar he was to wear and made him follow her to the car.

Susana had watched Edgar attentively. As soon as he felt the door close behind Alexandra he started relaxing.

“You had a ranging erection. Did you enjoy being with Alexandra?”

Going to her feet and kneeling beside her, he looked up at her as he answered.

“Very much so, she is extremely exciting. May I stay up tonight to attend to her when she comes?”

“Did she ask you to?”

“No, My Lady. I just thought it would be nice.”

“No, as a matter of fact it is past your bedtime again. I am going into town and will be home late so you better go to bed now.”

“Please, My Lady, it is only 8 PM and I would love to drive you. It is a long trip.”

“No, I am going by myself. Go now, hop to bed.”

It was a long time before he could fall asleep. Memories of the day kept creeping on; he had a wonderful time with both women. It was not difficult at all, actually the experience with each women was somehow deepen when shared or lived along the other Mistress. Submitting is surrendering and there are no false pretense or mind games but inner truth bubbling over. It was too pure, too intense to be an affront or create feelings other than real admiration, respect and love. It could easily be shared and admired each by its own way.

He heard Susana return around one in the morning and a little after, Alexandra walked in. He stayed in bed until he heard both women in Susana’s bedroom and Susana seemed to be crying. He got up alarmed and rushed into the bedroom. He took her in his arms when he saw the nervous state she was in. She caressed his back as she embraced him.

“What is wrong? What happened?”

“Shhh. All is well Edgar. Susana went to visit her mom and told her our good news, except her mother doesn’t agree with us. She will not permit our threesome, so they had a few strong words. Nothing to worry about, we shall come up with ideas on how to convince her. Now we are all tired after a very long day, so I suggest we do not talk or think about this anymore until tomorrow. Stay in bed with her and calm her down.
Go to sleep, Susana darling, everything will be all right.”

Edgar caressed Susana’s face and kissed her gently until little by little she relaxed and fell asleep. Edgar was careful not to wake her up when he got up at five in the morning, his waking time, to prepare for the day. Except today he was going to prepare all and leave to visit Susana’s mother hopefully he could be back by the time the Ladies woke up. He was counting on them sleeping late after the long night last night. He rushed to prepare lunch and clean the living areas. He was writing a note letting them know where he was when he felt Alexandra’s hand on his shoulder. It startled him and he got up before he could help himself.

“On your knees, slave.”

“I am sorry Miss Alexandra, you surprised me. It is still too early, only seven.”

He felt something was wrong. He hoped she had not read the note over his shoulder, not yet. He felt her anger, not knowing why, not clearly.

“Get naked, put your face on the floor, and open your legs wide and ass high up in the air. I will wake Susana now to deal with you.”

She sounded so angry and determined he just obeyed. He was not clear what had happened and would have protested at waking Susana but he felt he was in some big trouble. He felt very nervous and the humbling position made him feel more vulnerable as he would face both of them in this position. They took a long time coming down, but his nervousness just grew.

“What a way to wake up Edgar! Alexandra has come to tell me your doings. We would like to know some things before continuing to think about you as claiming material.”

This was very serious, Edgar thought. He could hear the icy tone on Susana’s voice, his Lady who he caressed to sleep last night; hours ago and now she had doubts about him. He started trembling.

“My Ladies, please, please tell me how I have displeased you, what have I done…”

“He doesn’t even acknowledge his fault, Susana. This is very bad. Maybe he should spend the day as he is until he comes to reason and if he doesn’t, we might as well forget him.”

“Please, please I am very confused Miss Alexandra. I feel I have done something wrong but I do not know, please help me see my faults, please.”

“Alexandra, we are living trying moments, he might be right about being confused. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity this time.”

“Oh, ok, you are too good to him, Susana. Edgar, you got up and decided to rush through your chores so to be able to go and talk to Susana’s mother, without our permission. You were even going leaving us a note! As a slave you do what you are told, when and how you are told, that is it. You seem to think you are our equal, or you have a mind of your own.”

Edgar lowered himself more and more to the floor. He felt terrible, and knew how right they were on their anger.

“Again, your intentions might have been good Edgar but you are a slave and must know always, always your position. This has happened before, right?”

“Yes, My Lady.” His voice was so low he could hardly be heard. “I am sorry, you are so right and I stand corrected, please give me a chance to atone and learn my place before you ladies. I know what you are saying and I feel very guilty. I will amend my ways and will concentrate on showing I have learned my lesson. Please, punish me so to show with submission how deeply sorry I feel.”

“Alexandra we cannot punish him, we have not claimed him yet.”

“My Lady, I have committed a serious offense, so much so that I might stand the chance of loosing both of you. Please, punish me harshly, that it might mitigate the wrong impression I have given you and you might give me another opportunity. I cannot think I run the risk of loosing you, please, I deserved your anger and your punishment.”

“He is right Susana. And I think he is too opinionated; this will make him know what he faces for his intrusion and his free will, if he is claimed by us.
I will punish you slave and then Susana will also, so you start to know our ways. Stay as you are.”

Alexandra left the room and when she came back she walked behind him and without giving him the faintest idea struck him hard with a crop.

The surprise and pain made him jump up and scream. For which he felt instantly remorse, he had to show he could take punishment. Again he fell forward, face to the floor and raised his ass higher, tightening his lips so he would not scream. Alexandra let the crop fall eight times, each harder than the one before and he took it with just groans of pains but not lifting himself from the floor except to make his ass higher for the next. The ladies were impressed; they both were excited by the way he took punishment.

“Now is your turn Susana.”

Susana was going to protest thinking that he had enough but a hand signal from Alexandra let her know she had to punish him and make him know her ways also.

She pull a chair in front of his bending figure.

“Crawl to Miss Alexandra hand and kiss her crop and then come and lay on my lap.”

Again he felt remorse not having kissed Alexandra’s hand by his own training but maybe it was better to be told and not do anything on his own this time. He kissed her hand humbly several times and thanked her humbly for his punishment. He could hardly get up as his ass was in so much pain and you could see him struggle to do so. He trembled from the pain but he had to take his other Lady’s punishment with the same attitude of accepting his fault. He lay on Susana’s lap. She placed his shrinking penis between her fat thighs and accommodated his buttocks. These actions alone made him feel all ready castigated by her. Her hand started a slow rhythm but after the tenth slap it took speed and became harder. She really got into punishing his ass despite its flaming color. She struck him a hundred times. He was crying like a baby, mumbling to please forgive him, how sorry he was but not once did he asked for it to be stopped or be slowed or not so hard. He took the punishment well. When she was done she let his body slip to the floor and he kissed her hand and thanked her. He was sent to the corner until they decided on his future. He crawled to the corner placing his nose to the wall and his arms behind his head, humbled and scared that he might be rejected by his wonderful Ladies.

The punishment had cleared their anger and doubts, they both felt they wanted this slave, now more than ever. It is so important of a slave to receive well his punishment, apologize correctly and make amends. He was well trained. Edgar thought about what put him in this predicament after things going on so smooth and he felt he deserved anything they decided; he only hoped they would still claim him. He would act on his best behavior and as a slave should.

“Edgar, make us breakfast.”

“Yes, My Lady. Thank you, My Lady.”

He prepared and served breakfast with his head bowed but the movement made his ass feel better. He knelt by the table with his face lowered as they ate.

“Well, what do you think, Alexandra?”

“I think I would give him an opportunity, watching him very carefully though. But it depends on you, you said he had done this before.”

“Well, yes but I agree with you, let’s give him another opportunity.”

“Oh Thank you My ladies, Thank you. I will not disappoint you.”

He fell on all fours and crawled to their feet to kiss one and then the other, humbly kissing and thanking them. They could feel his grateful tears.

After breakfast they all went for a swim to the river, the ladies in their underwear and Edgar showing off his red butt. By the time they left the river they were in a great mood, they dressed and not seeing his butt made it seem as if nothing had happened. As they neared the house, Edgar exclaimed:

“Mother is here, My Ladies, may I run to her?”

They stood mute. Alexandra was the first to react.

“Yes, of course, run to her.”

Edgar ran to his mother and knelt kissing her hand. She stood him up and grab his hand while waiting for the girls to get near.

“Hello ladies, swimming I see…I have come to visit and maybe take my boy with me early.”

“Hello Mother, ahhh but we were driving him home tomorrow, anyway we might as well all go back together. I imagine you miss him. He is a lovely boy and a great help. We have had a great time.”

They all entered the house talking about the vacation and Edgar went to make lunch as the women sat in the living room relaxing. When he put the chicken in the oven he went to present himself formally to his Mother.

They saw him come in and kneel at his Mother feet, waiting to be permitted to talk.

“Present yourself, slave.”

“Mother, your blessing. It is good to see you. I hope all is well at home. I am very grateful for permitting me such a vacation, I am at your service.”

“How have you behaved slave?”

Edgar blushed. He knew the question was coming and that she would not take well his reply.

“Mother, I am afraid I have offended My Ladies by my behavior, at least two times seriously.”

By now Edgar was blushing and sweating profusely. The Ladies knew this was between Mother and son and didn’t interfere.

Mother’s cold voice told of her immediate anger. She was very proud of her training of slaves.

“Go on.”

“I was punished by my latest offense a few hours ago.”

“I see.”

She looked at the ladies with a curious interest, the relationship was on a more serious note then.

“The earlier offense?”

Edgar visibly trembled. Alexandra looked at Susana and Edgar. Susana made to talk but Mother’s hand made her stop.

“No, Mother. I was not punished by My Lady Susana. I made it up to her by my actions, I hope, but I was not punished.”

What was the offense?

Edgar lowered his face to the floor, this was going to be very hard, and he just didn’t want it to be humiliating to Susana. He knew his offense was punishable by itself not needing to take into account the cause or Susana’s reason to forgive him.

“Mother I raised my voice and was angry for a few moments with Lady Susana.”

Alexandra gasped. Mother stood up.

“Edgar, I cannot believe it!”

“Let me explain.”

“Please, My Lady, Mother is right. I have been trained well, there is no excuse for raising my voice or being angry to a Lady, none what so ever. I am very sorry I have disappointed you, Mother and My Ladies. Please punish me harshly.”

“But I insist.”

“He is right Susana, he should have never raised his voice to you and you would have had my permission to punish him really hard had I known. Now I will.

“Edgar get a switch from the patio, run now, I can hardly wait to let these ladies know how I disciplined a badly behaved slave. Run!”

While Edgar ran outside, Mother told the girls she had come because Susana’s mother had called and she was there to understand what the girls wanted to do and see if it had any possibility before making any decisions. The girls explained what they wanted to do and were so engulfed in the conversation they forgot about Edgar and his impending predicament.

“Permission to enter, Mother.”


Edgar lowered to his hands and knees, place the three switches in his mouth and crawled to her. Once in front of her, he lowered his chest to the floor while offering the switches for her inspection and use.

“Ladies. Edgar has brought three switches although I have asked for one. The relation of one to three is important and I might want to use a thicker or thinner one and if one breaks before I am done I might have a fast replacement. Now I will move with him to the next room and cane him properly. He will take his punishment bended over the back of a chair or the table, legs apart, naked without any sound as long as he can avoid it. When you hear him cry you know he is beyond control and in great pain. I will decide he had been chastise enough for him to present to you, Susana and all of us, his apologies and gratitude. Crawl on your belly to let us know your shame, go!”

They sat listening quietly the punishment next door. Mother was surprised to see his ass already well beaten and smiled knowing these girls had a way of punishing the slave and let him know who the boss is.

“Never, never dare raise your voice to a Lady! Next time you will be branded and tied to a cart to be a field pony and never a man again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mother, I am sorry Mother.”

“You have disappointed me greatly, are you ready now?

“I am sorry Mother, yes please punish me harshly so I might pay for your displeasure and atone to my Ladies.”

You could hear the switch hit the air and then his flesh and it was a while before you could hear his groans and then his cries. Susana could take no more and walked into the room.

Mother stopped. Susana gasped as she saw his ass almost bleeding as well as his upper thighs and Edgar crying like a baby but in position.

“Please Mother, stop. I know he would never again raise his voice to a Lady and he did apologize and make it up to me very humbly. Now you have punished him well. May I please interfere on his behalf?”

“Hmm, yes, you may. Edgar, down, go to your benefactor and kiss her feet and then come to me.”

Crawling, crying, he came to Susana’s feet.

“My Lady, I thank you for forgiving me and giving me the opportunity of continuing my service to you. I deserved Mother’s punishment and feel extremely humble and thankful of you coming on my behalf. I love being at you feet and will live to serve and adore you.”

He said these while repeatedly kissing her feet.

Mother was impressed with both of them; one could feel the love and caring between them.

Edgar crawled to“Thank you Mother for making it possible for me to atone my offense. I am sorry I disappointed your training and beg you to be forgiven and further punished to make up for my actions.”

“Edgar, I would have punished you further, humiliating you for a year but Susana has come to your rescue and I will grant her wish. You are under her guidance so this will never happen again.’

Both of them thanked her at the same time. Alexandra walked in, pulled Edgar to his feet and embraced him. Susana joined them in the embrace while Mother smiled looking at the three of them.

“Yes,” she thought, “This might work after all.”