Birthday gurl

My eyes were fixed on this creature the moment I entered the club and saw her. She had big white boobs with nipple rings, at least DD-cup, and a soft voluptuous butt.
I knew she was one was Joey’s shemale slaves, because this was Joey’s private event at the club. She was tied kneeling up , hands in backprayer, so that her breast stuck out. She was dressed in white: net stockings, high heels, and a waist corset ending under tits. A glimpse of bright red came from her ball gag. Beside her was a tray full of condoms, tissue and other things.
I approached her and my Dr Martens boots and my tall, powerful form caught her attention. She had long natural-looking blonde hair, no root growth. The beauty of her lightly made up face was offset by a regular head harness that kept her posture collared head straight up as she was tied to a ceiling ring from the top of her head. Joey is strict about safety, so her knees and ankles were locked to floor bolts preventing her from toppling over. Legs were spread of course. I touched her breasts just to feel their softness.
‘Sir, what may I get you Sir’, said a boyish voice from beside me. It was another of Joey’s slaves dressed as a sexy maid, this time with raven black hair. She had also female breasts, even bigger, and her outfit did not cover them at all, rather presented them on a tray. Both had septum rings.
‘Get me a selection of whips to use on this little minx’, I said.
‘Sir, yes, Sir’

I was just starting to examine the tied gurl’s private parts as Joey came by and greeted me. I envy Joey because he’s handsome and rich, a tall but slender guy. Why did he get all the best slaves?  I had none and he had three.
‘You have found the birthday gurl!  Evelyn is turning 21 today. As a present she can suck my cock while being milked with electro. It is 3 weeks since I have taken her so she really looks forward to getting my cock. And it has been 4 months from her ejaculation and today she can ejaculate, twice! Aren’t you a lucky gurl evelyn? The birthday gurl, a center of attention?
‘Sir, yes Sir’ came evelyn’s obviously well-rehearsed reply in a clear female voice
‘Wondering about Evelyn’s genitals, huh? Let me explain the whole chastity belt thing. There’s a metal waist band under the corset, and a 5cm wide rubber-lined metal sheet that descends from the front. The sheet has a 15mm hole for her clit, which is confined into a tube made of metal bars, only 2cm wide and 6cm long. The tube has a base that settles inside the metal sheet. Her clit fits in only when it is fully iced down so it has no space to grow. Actually he was quite a grower, he was 13 cm long and 3 cm wide erect. Her previous owner actually had her fuck another sissy as a party piece sometimes. He flipped the coin to decide which is the fucker and which the fuckee, and the fucker had to ask permission to cum and so on. Hahaha! I am into that sort of fun also, but have them use strap-on dildos, I think that makes it even more amusing.’
He continued: ‘As he made the slave contract with me I decided, and she accepted, that she spends now all the time in the minimal clit cage. It doesn’t come off even for washing or clit whipping. The cage has a hollow plastic urethral tube in it,the whole length 10cm, so that her peehole is always open even if she against all odds would start to stiffen.’
‘Is she circumcised as well?’, I asked.
‘No, my clits of my gurls are hooded. Do you see that small padlock at the tip? Her infibulation piercings are locked with it, that is to double ensure there is no pulling out and no pulling foreskin.’ Nice.’
Joey continued: ‘As you see, the cage is also very curvy. It bends back right at the base and goes between her labia, formerly his ball sac which the the belt squashes in two.  The cage is fixed all along to the chastity belt sheet, which narrows to 15mm behind the hole so it is hidden under the cage. Today the end of the cage is covered with a condom, to gather all her discharge. The rubber-lined sheet ends into a 10cm wide flexible anus ring, which is so wide it never gets in the way with any toys or sexual organs.... And at the back the last metal sheet connects the anus ring to the waist band - welded together permanently.’
Joey goes on: ‘So the penis- or should I say clit cage does not protrude from her body more than 2cm, its width. Her clit is snugly between her legs and points directly to his, I mean her anus. There’s is no bulge in her panties.’
‘Her balls have been pushed inside his body cavity and the chastity belt blocks them  permanently in.  The contraption is very tight as you see.  In the warmth of her body her balls are not producing hardly any sperm cells any more, and also his testosterone production has lowered, so she actually gets extra testosterone in addition to estrogen and dutasteride to keep her horny.’
‘Everything is of course laser treated and permanently hairless down there, and elsewhere also including face. So no need to take the belt off for shaving.  Don’t you think her ball sac makes a believable labia? They hang lower than his clit. I have had made 3 rings which have been enlarged to 4ga, on each half, so at a casual look she seems to have shaved, ringed pussy lips. She can pee and clean herself in a bidé, we basically never have to take her out. ’

The other slave, who turned out to be lisa had returned with a selection of whips.
‘Oh, you were going to whip evelyn?’
‘Yes if you don’t mind… and maybe fuck her later..’
‘No I don’t mind, you can just remove the head chain from the ceiling ring, yank her head down and attach it to the floor bolt, and she is bent at the waist, her forehead supported on the floor.  But could you wait until 10pm, when she’s going to cum through electro precisely as a time signal. I would love you to cum in her ass while she ejaculates. And about whipping her, she knows that the slave who is tied down is practically all the time object of some play, and most of it painful. But the slave who is tied up does not have to serve, and the one who serves can make mistakes and be punished by an angry Dom, so she doesn’t mind being tied and played with.  Lisa, lift your dress and show Marc your pussy’ said Joey.
‘As you see, they are all equipped with similar chastity belts, but Lisa is wearing 200gr weights in her rings as part of her punishment and she will be whipped later for that too.’
‘For what was it?’
‘Lisa, answer the Master, why is that?’
‘Sir, I forgot that two knocks on my forehead means i must make long licks from balls to the head of penis, Sir.’
‘I must say I am really impressed by all this’ I said.

At the same time a lesbian couple joined us, a beautiful leather clad Mistress Mona and a tall, slender sub natasha, who’s hair was cut in a Mohawk hairstyle.
‘Hey, you must be experts in whipping a girl’s tits. Could you show us how to do it?’, I said.
‘Well, why not. It’s somehow queer enough that someone wants to grow tits just that they can be used to inflict pain. But it’s a free world. Natasha, get her nipples standing.’, Mistress Mona said.
While natasha, dressed in only a chastity belt, stay ups, pumps and a collar darted past me Mistress Mona took a few instruments from the waiting lisa and sent her away. Natasha started sucking one nipple and pinching and pulling on the other, when changing from one nipple to the other. Evelyn was moaning a lot.
‘Transsexual’s tits may be her most tender parts.  Especially as they are kept chaste and get no action on the clit department.  it’s like tits get part of the nerves that used to go to a boy’s cock.’, Joey said.
‘Go behind her and finger her pussy lips’, said Mona to natasha.
While Natasha, who had natural looking DD-size boobs herself played with evelyn’s pussy, Mona started severe whipping with a cat’o’9-tales, covering all sides of the sensitive breasts with loaded blows. Whack! Whack! Whack! Evelyn looked overwhelmed by the situation. But Mona was not through. She changed to a riding crop, and started to strike the still erect nipples rapidly. Slap! Slap! Slap!
Now lisa got back with some more stuff Mona had ordered. First was some thin rope Mona used to tie around the base of evelyn’s breasts. She made a breast bondage by tying around either of them and then tying them together and even tying the rings together. Then she commenced the blows again, this time starting with weaker blows, but growing the intensity until evelyn could not bear it and then some more. Then She removed the bindings and as the blood rushed back, she gave a final succession of blows on the left nipple and then the right.
I got so horny I got a condom, pushed natasha away, knelt behind evelyn, between her knees, parted her voluptuous ass cheeks and pushed in her ass, which was luckily already lubricated. She tried to accommodate me, while Mona continued whipping her tits as an encore. I thrusted my first load into his, I mean her ass as the crowd applauded and she moaned like a cat in heat.

As I wiped my penis with the tissue I asked ‘How do you find all these magnificent slaves, Joey? This beautiful specimen here must have DD-cup boobs?’
‘Well actually the two others are younger students from the same faculty at UCLA. They came to talk to her as she came out and changed her sex to tg officially. Her boobs are actually not DD but 80F. With hrt they grew to 80B, with silicone to 80F. You can’t hide such tits, so that’s when we got rid of all her male clothes and she came out. She took also officially the name Evelyn that I chose her. Then I officially married her, with a prenuptial agreement that she actually owes me 100.000 from the surgeries and hrt, and does not have title to anything.’
‘I make the gurls so gorgeous that they attract new pray.  I pay for their surgeries, even vocal cords, Adam’s apple and facial surgeries. They want to be passable and they can rely on me in that.  Now lisa also has had all the surgeries done. She is 85G, and I plan to have her injected a little more and make her a 85H gurl. The doctor is using the boobs of Monica Mendez as a model. Really big boobs would look out of proportion with a tall and slim gurl like evelyn but with a shorter and wider girl like lisa they look great. ’
‘Yeah, I agree’, Mona said
‘Me too’, I said
‘Lisa followed evelyn’s example after the boob job, and is now a registered transsexual named Lisa.  My newest recruit the brunette marilyn has not come out as of yet. She’s the one cleaning the tables and working in the kitchen.’
‘Do they live with you?’
‘They are all live-in slaves, they share one double bed so they have it tight and comfy.’
‘Are they real slaves?’
‘Until they make the slave contract they can just walk away whenever they want. But if they decide to sign the slave contract in which they give themselves to me as property, and I get an open power of attorney, there is no turning back. After that they cannot say that they want to masturbate today, and not electroejaculate next April like I ordered. Trying to disobey me would mean only a punishment, 6x20 with the rattan cane, and sleeping on the floor for 2 weeks. So they at least try to obey me always, unhesitantly. Yes, they are my slaves.’

Meanwhile Mona had detached evelyn’s head harness from the ceiling ring, removed her ball gag and positioned her head so that she could suck natasha’s nipples.
‘Can I make evelyn give natasha head? She’s tested and clean., said Amanda.
‘I know you, so yes you can’ said Joey the control freak.
Mona unlocked natasha’s chastity belt and guided her to evelyn.
‘Tell them when you were last allowed to cum, girl’, Amanda said
‘It has been 2 weeks since i was allowed to cum, Mistress’, natasha meekly answered.
‘Start licking evelyn’, Mona ordered.
I don’t know if evelyn had much previous experience about women’s pussies, but soon her small tongue was sliding along the crack of her shaved pussy lips.
‘Don’t just taste it, get your tongue in there!’ yelled Mona.
I volunteered to help her. I took the cat-o-9-tails and started warming up evelyn’s butt I had just fucked. After a few light strokes I gave the tongue saving sissy slut a super strong blow on the right buttock that made her cry out and vince her bottom a long time what little it could move to left and right.
‘You get more of that sort if you don’t eat her more enthusiastically.
‘She picked up pace. She’s licking well now’, told Mona. Natasha guided evelyn where and how to lick her pussy: ‘Take the clitoris in your mouth and suck it’
I continued medium hard strokes, 5 at a time on the left buttock and 5 on the right.
Natasha was nearing orgasm and she cried ‘Mistress, may I cum’
‘Not yet, wait for my word’, answered Mona.
Now it was natasha’s turn to be desperate. she was fighting off an inevitable orgasm. She stared in the distance and panted.
‘5-4-3-2-1-cum!’ Mona counted down. Natasha squealed ‘Thank you Mistress’  and bursted in an instant orgasm, grabbed evelyn’s head like a vice and started squealing something ununderstandable. I picked up the pace of my strokes to make evelyn’s tongue move extra quickly.

People were soon all gathering around pretty evelyn and Joey decided it’s time he gives a little lecture about his slaves and how well  he has trained them.
He went through the same issues we already heard but as he talked about the cock cage he said: ‘The chastity is also equipped with electro. At the rear where the back strap is sewn to the corset there is a lockable little box that contains a full fledged battery-operated electro unit. The electrodes are hidden under the sheet. One electrifies the clit cage and the other the rest of the sheet. Cage and sheet are insulated, of course. Other electrodes can be added, like a variety of anal electrodes, different sizes and shapes, nipple clamp and pussy clamp electrodes,stickers, whatever. But basically electricity travels from his (her) clit cage through her clit to her crotch area. In this wireless controller I have lines to all 3 slaves. By pressing one button I can summon lisa by sending to his very clit kind of a morse signal of quite strong pulses so that she surely notices it.’
Lisa arrives hurriedly. ‘Sir, you called Sir’.
‘By pressing another button I can punish her.’
Lisa started twitching and moaning. He pressed another button and evelyn reacted the same.

‘And then when it is time to milk one of them dry, It can be done with a press of another button. That will be demonstrated later when I am going to make dear evelyn here ejaculate precisely at 10pm and then again at 10.15. It is no orgasm, and not even fun, it’s painful and humiliating, especially the second time. My gurls are learning that ejaculating is nothing to look forward to. The goal is to fear ejacuation, and love denial, the sweet constant suffering in arousal. They are so sexually loaded in their denial that they have to use strings with panty liners just to keep their precum from dripping on the floor. If they cum, it’s either a wet dream, an accidental cum while they are fucked or humiliated really well, but as they happen without touching their clits, the sexual need does not go away even for a moment. They are sluts in constant heat.’, he said, putting his finger in her pussy, showing its moistness and having her lick it clean.
evelyn smiled nicely throughout the presentation, letting her eyes wander through the audience. As her Master asked her ‘Isn’t it so, evelyn?’ she looked up at her with loving eyes and replied ‘Master, yes, Master’, that seemed to come from her heart.

Next issue was about blowjobs. His slaves don’t just give a blowjob to anyone he wishes, they are learning different techniques and signals knocked on their heads with knuckles! Needless to say, he uses electro to reinforce correct behaviour and divert from wrong.
‘We need a volunteer, what about you Sir’, he said to a gay Master Tom attending with his boi.
‘What will I have to do?’
‘Just take your cock out and approach her.’
As he got near kneeling Evelyn, Evelyn looked him in the eye and asked with a joyful smile: ‘Sir, may i suck Your Cock for You, Sir’
‘All my sissies have been taught to ask this if they see a cock near them at eye level.’, Joey said, and casually knocked slave’s left temple. That must hurt a bit!
‘When I knock on the left side of slave’s head (from your point of view the right side) it means to her: take the cock in mouth, don’t close mouth, circle your head around so that cock slides around in my mouth.’
Evelyn dutifully rotates her head with Master Tom’s cock in her open mouth.
‘one knock on forehead means lollipop,  he, I mean she must put her tongue under the balls, and suck all along the underside of the Penis to the tip, when start again.’
That was quite a visual style to follow!
Double knock on the back side: close your lips around the shaft at such a depth, that you can move your tongue up and down the underside of his corona’
‘A knock on the top of my head means improvise’
She performed a suite of different styles at least lollipop, rotating head and travelling 8.
‘Double knock on the forehead is reserved for a future skill she will start practising next.’
I knew it means drinking pee from the tap, and some others knew it as well as there was some bursts of laughter, causing Joey to eye a few people angrily.
‘Then we get to the main courses:
double knock on the left side. Travelling 8: With your lips firmly wrapped around penis deep throat until you are at the root and your face against the pubic hair. Start doing a lying figure 8 with your  nose, some 3-4 inches wide, and pull back towards the head while keeping your lips closed and moving your head. As he cums, suck on the corona, create a vacuum with your lips.’
He had her doing travelling 8 for some time but there was more to cum.
‘one knock on the right side of her head  (left side from your view), means slide tongue over corona until your lips close around the shaft just behind the ridge of the corona. Then twist your head while keeping your moist lips in contact with the ridge of the corona. If your hands are available, enclose the shaft in your hand and move your hand slightly up and down the shaft (but normally she doesn’t have hands to use) As he cums, suck vigorously around the corona.’
But before Tom cummed, Joey moved on.
‘Double knock on the right means go straight to sucking around the corona’
‘One knock on the back side of my head you place your lips around the ridge of the corona, and twirl your lips around the ridge, paying extra attention to the g-spot there foreskin meets corona. Also here, as he cums, she sucks around the corona for all she’s worth.’
‘A knock at the back of the neck means she must tilt her head, he wants to deep throat. She becomes passive, relaxes her throat, and lets him push into her mouth until his pubic hair is all over her face and his cock head is in her throat passage.’
Tom was pressing into her throat now.
‘She keeps her lips closed around the shaft, and lets him do the work, fucking her mouth and throat. She must breathe every time he withdraws. This is used many times as the finale, although the downside is the cum enters directly in the stomach with no tasting it in the mouth.’
Tom kept fucking her throat in earnest, a steady rhythm, giving her a moment to breath before next thrust. It seemed that he had no intentions of stopping. As everyone was becoming a bit bored, he picked up pace, grabbed her skull, and started banging her throat with short thrusts, moving her upper body so that her tits slapped against his knees. The problem was, he didn’t withdraw so much she could breathe, so she panicked, thrashed about what little she could, most visible was her fingers curling and opening nervously and toes in her shoes. Luckily she could not distract Master Tom with her futile efforts, he banged away in the throws of his orgasm, made three more deep thrusts and withdrew, leaving evelyn weepy eyed gasping for breath.
As evelyn caught her breath, she knelt up with her mouth still open, lips pushed forward, mouth forming a small perfect O.
‘He, I mean she has to keep her mouth as an inviting “O” for as long as she is freed or used again. It’s her way to tell she liked it and wants more.’
‘What if you just enter her without the knocking command?’, somebody asked.
‘a good question. Does anybody know the answer?’
All slaves raised their hand eagerly and a few others. She let natasha answer.
‘Sir, she keeps passive, letting him have his way, if he continues, but not doing anything until she gets a command.’
‘That's correct’
‘Now it is time to give her tips. It’s given through the controller so the sum can be positive or negative.’
Tom turned a knob and evelyn vinced but stayed steady. she started to rotate and buck her hips what little was possible, then she got silent and stationary. Soon she grew anxious again, fidgeting, moaning through her open mouth,  hips swaying and boobs wiggling.  ‘This time she got good tips’, Joey hummed. After the next pulse cycle subsided Master Tom turned the knob again and the tips were over.
‘Does anybody else want to try? You may also use verbal commands and there is a list of commands on the tray for you. It’s no use trying lisa or marilyn. Lisa is actually getting a thrashing soon for forgetting even the easiest commands and marilyn’s training has barely started. ’

‘i could try her for my sub also’, said totally leather-clad Tom, whose sub is called lucky.
‘Ok great’ said Joey.
‘And if you cum in her mouth, she is not allowed to swallow it until she gets command. I allow her to cherish the rich taste sometimes even hours. “Keep it in” or thumb up means she can close her mouth but not swallow. Thumb down or just “swallow” is her permission to enjoy the drink. After that you can give her dried apple pieces  for good performance. They are on the tray’, Joey said.
He pushed one tenderly to evelyn’s mouth, who quickly chewed on it and swallowed. Then Joey left her to Master Tom.

Shaved young lucky wore only sneakers, collar and leash. Master Tom removed his chastity in front of evelyn, prompting the dictated words: ‘Sir, may I suck your cock for you, Sir?’ Tom gave evelyn the knocks for lollipop licks, and the boy got quite a treat, as the pretty sissy started the long licks from his balls to the tip of his now towering organ. Long licks was the only thing he got, but Tom kept evelyn at it for an exceptionally long time during which the undoubtedly long denied boy started shivering, his knees started buckling, and showing all signs of going to cum from these licks alone. lucky didn’t ask permission to cum, probably that was denied as well, and finally Tom just grabbed his leash and pulled him away and fixed him immediately in the dungeon, on a wooden bondage bench by a window which was adorned with a cast iron grid which provided a vast number of tying points. Lucky was fixed on his back so that his head hung in the space between the bench and the window, and his legs were raised up and back over his head and then separated wildly and finally tied to the sides of the grid 50cm higher than his head.  Only his upper back supported him. Tom tied his hands behind his back and to a floor bolt. His buttocks as well as genitals were at the full disposal of a whip. It was the scene familiar from Story of O. Tom whipped the poor boy’s buttocks, asshole, penis and finally his balls with different suitable whips, and left him in the stocks in the classical style to ponder his life.

Evelyn was left literally with her mouth open as her partner was so abruptly removed. but that didn’t last for long, as a Mistress - bull - sissy slave trio approached. Mistress’s name was Amanda and she said that the previous scene had inspired her to bring her sissy sheila to be sucked, and if sheila could cum within the time given by Mistress, he would be allowed to.
‘The last time I allowed Sissy to cum was 3 weeks ago, so he will shoot quite a load if he succeeds’
Joey intercepted: ‘sissy will have to use condom, as I don’t know when your hubby is tested’
Mistress:’sheila is not getting any sex contacts so he is clean but condom is fine with me.’
sheila was wearing all pink, a fluffy dress, cap, stockings and heels and he looked ridiculous. Amanda’s boyfriend  Greg was the guy’s who wears regular clothes in SM-party, blue jeans and a t-shirt. Amanda unlocked sheila’s chastity after he had lowered his knickers and kept his hem up.
Greg coughed and said  ‘sheila these gurls are good role models for you. you could be as pretty as them.‘
Still holding his hem up, his lock already open, he turned to Greg and bobbed saying ‘Yes Sir’ his eyes at Greg’s feet.
Amanda commanded: ‘Follow me to that tray, remove your chastity on it and put on a condom’
‘Yes Mistress’, sheila bobbed again.
While sheila put the condom on. Amanda studied the command paper. As sheila was ready, she reported to Amanda who inspected her condom  and lead her to evelyn while sheila was still holding her hems up. As evelyn saw the cock she asked her famous ‘Sir, can I suck your cock for you, Sir?’. sissy got embarrassed and hesitated. Mistress ordered ‘Yes, you may suck sissy sheila’s little pecker. she knocked her left temple, saying, ‘Do it very lightly, barely let her touch you. otherwise she will cum in no time. Sheila, push your little pecker into the more advanced sissy’s mouth. Once you are in, keep your hem horizontal, so that you don’t see what’s going on, and don’t move an inch.’, She said, stressing the last words, and continued to evelyn, ‘If I give sheila permission to cum, you are to stop licking her immediately and withdraw your mouth’.
‘Thank you Mistress’, sheila curtseyed and teetered within reach of the other sissy who opened her mouth wide before she let sheila’s rubberized clit in.
Evelyn’s head started its round circular movement keeping her mouth wide open not to excite sheila more than she was ordered to. Sheila had to keep her hem up with both hands, she stood still with her mouth open and her eyes travelling between her hem and ceiling.
Greg said ‘Sheila, you should be here in evelyn’s place offering blow jobs and getting fucked and not getting your clit licked. And you would like it, wouldn’t you?’
‘yes Sir’ sheila added and blushed.
Next was one knock on the forehead: the lollipop again! It was getting popular among subs.
Evelyn started the well practised long licks, now along the shaven balls and condom clad small sissy clit that tapered towards its tip. Though sheila had started to breathe heavily, nobody thought she could make it.  But suddenly loud buzzing started under her petticoats and her Mistress said: ‘I keep her ass plugged with a vibrating butt plug, so that I can reward him for good behaviour. She likes the butt buzz so much she can almost cum alone from that, especially if I fuck her with the plug also.’
i don’t know if it was the anal stimulation or the humiliation caused by her Mistress sharing this or both, but immediately sheila yelled hastily ‘Mistress, may I cum pl-ea-se’ extending the last word.
‘Yes sheila, you have My permission to cum!’, Amanda replied without keeping her sissy waiting.
Evelyn of course now ceased her tonguing efforts. It was an extraordinary totally ruined orgasm. she did not dare even buck her hips, she just stood there wobbling on her high heels, nearly losing her balance, mouth gaping and panting, eyes staring in the distance, while the tip of his condom slowly filled and everybody looked at this odd spectacle. The Masters and Mistresses laughed heartily at Amanda’s cleverness. After sheila had wiped her clit in the tissues, she was still hard, and Amanda had to take a table tennis bat from her handbag and swat sheila’s balls so that she bent double and got limp and she could get sheila back in chastity.  Finally sheila was told to take Greg’s cock out, put a condom on it, squat in the corner and lick the insides of her condom clean. Meanwhile Greg had evelyn deepthroat him in a brutal way that imitating Tom. What a contrast it was between him and sissy sheila! Greg however didn’t want to cum in the sissy’s throat. Greg and Amanda went to fuck in a private room, and later redfaced sheila was called in by Amanda to “do her cuck duties”

During the course of the evening evelyn was made to demonstrate all her cocksucking techniques.  A couple of black gay Masters had tied their subs in the bondage area to wait for their turn and came to sample evelyn’s talents.  The Masters were very close friends of Joey’s so they could shoot their loads in evelyn’s mouth. They were also experts of electro play, and right after Master Max had pushed in evelyn’s mouth and double knocked the back of her head, Master Black switched the electro on. Evelyn seemed to be in trouble trying to concentrate on the interracial bareback blowjob while electro churned his own crotch. However she tried to passionately tongue the underside of master Max’s penis head. After a few minutes of that Master Black spoke to evelyn:
‘Pace your tongue with the pace of the pulse. When Master Max wants your tongue to move faster, your clit starts to pulsate faster too. If the pulse gets slower, he wants you to lick slower. And when the pulse intensifies, that means use more tongue. A weaker pulse means lick more softly’
Mr Max gave a sharp slap on evelyn’s right cheek and she withdrew, slowly sucked the glans back in, and started shaking her head, pressing tightly around Master Max’s corona. Now the spectators saw better how Master Black controlled evelyn. The pace of her head slowed down, but the contact stayed tight. Then the pace started picking up and simultaneously evelyn’s ass and legs started involuntarily shaking. In visible distress she tried to shake her head even more. Master Max showed marks of his climax drawing in, so evelyn sucked his glans, lips just behind corona. Even her cheeks got sucked in, and then Master Max grunted and exhaled, and emptied his sacks, with a few thrusts against the back of her throat. Evelyn seemed to tilt her head automatically as a cock banged against the back of her throat, to offer it a passage further. However Max did not use to possibility to deepthroat her.  Probably an intense pulse caused evelyn to also shake visibly at the same time. Finally Master Max withdrew puffing. Evelyn’s mouth was so full of cum she tilted her head up to keep it in her mouth, waiting for the possible command to swallow. Master Black asked his fellow master ‘What kind of tip, Max?’
-’She was...great...Give her 5/5’
Evelyn’s big eyes opened wide, as Master Black turned a couple of knobs. She started grinding her hips right away, the cum load she had to keep in  her open mouth prevented her from whining or panting. Quite soon she calmed down, but after half a minute the symptoms returned with exaggerated force. Her expression became one of fear or alarm and I got afraid she might choke on the cum. But she settled down again. A new wave of pulses started, and from her expression I knew that the crest of this wave could mean her peak too. But Master Black could read his victim, and turned the whole thing off a little before the crest, and told her to swallow.
-Sir! Thank you Sir!
-Head to the floor bitch!
As evelyn’s head fell fast until it rested on the floor, I noticed again her elbows were drawn together behind her back. For such a long time! Those hands must be useless for hours after they are untied, I thought. Master Black squatted by her head with a substantial bipolar anal electrode.
-Suck the tip!
-Sir, yes Sir, came a small, clear sound from the floor and evelyn lubricated the anal intruder with her mouth. As Master Black stood up he stood intentionally close to her face, and she understood to kiss his sneakers repeatedly as if pleading “be gentle to me” until he moved towards her rear, and said
-Lick my footprint!
As she busied herself licking the floor where he stood, he said to spectators
-Her anus looks sadly neglected. Let’s give it something to keep it busy.
Although her asscheeks were easily accessible in this position, Master Max joined Master Black and spread her buttocks even further. Mr Black tenaciously pushed the electrode in, let her rest, then pushed further, until she opened up and he pushed the latter half in with one long shove. Now he plugged the electrode into the electro unit.
-Head up bitch and swallow!
That got evelyn to raise quickly to a kneeling up position.  Now she saw Master Black’s even bigger black cock in front of her, and as she had swallowed the previous load, she whooped her famous one-liner. However Mr Black entered her mouth mid-sentence: ‘Sir may I…’
She got a double knock now on the left temple and travelling 8 started, hindered only by the girth of Master Black’s tool.  This time master Black used the controller guiding how he was sucked. Evelyn started to grind her bottom oddly - the new electrode was giving new kind of vibes inside her.
-Stronger pulse in your pussy means bigger 8, quicker pulse means quicker dive and pull.
We could easily follow the sensations in evelyn’s pussy as they were articulated by the movement of her head. After experimenting with different combinations he settled her into medium size 8 and quick moving along the shaft. But that was only the beginning. Next he knocked the back of her head, and enjoyed her circling her lips around his corona.
-Stronger pulse is now tightness of your mouth and rhythm is the rhythm of your head.
It was hilarious to watch her rotate her head quickly, the slowly and again quickly, and with intensity, at least her legs were shaking again. The pulse must have been pretty intense in her crotch and ass at times, but she had to concentrate on the task before her.
Finally there was a double knock at her right temple, and she started frantically suck on his mighty cock head, doing all she can to get his load which would mean the end to the insufferable pulse in her tiny clit. With a load grunt He came, taking hold of her head and shoving his cock to the back of her mouth. evelyn tilted reflexively her head, but of course his cock could have not fitted in her gorge. Instead he fucked her mouth as if it was her pussy, cumming more and more.  I think she had to swallow some of the cum instantly to make room for it all. As he finally withdrew, evelyn tilted her head fully up.
-Quite a package, Master Black  heaved, playing with both her nipple rings, kneading her breasts.  
-White boy nobility, without question.
-Oh, I forgot to switch it off, Master Black said as one onlooker mentioned evelyn is still being churned by electro.
Touching her slender, stretched neck Masters Black and Max pondered how to tip the gurl. She had earned a good tip again, but it seemed dull to repeat the electro sequence she got previously. They settled to giving her the same reward program with the ass electrode, while Master Max kept pinching her left nipple and Master Black the right one. The slow pulse cycles that grew and grew in her ass really got her attention, and nearly toppled her over at one point, but Master Black helped by grabbing her neck with her right hand and continuing the quite strong manipulation of her right nipple with his left hand. They let the pulses grow a full cycle of 6 waves and it was fun to watch her fidget, especially as this was supposed to be a tip! For a birthday gurl!
As there were no other volunteers to use evelyn, Master Joey ordered evelyn to “keep it in”, hold Master Black’s cum in her mouth as she was put back to stricter bondage by chaining her posture collar back to the ceiling ring, and this time also her septum ring was attached to the same chain, making her keep her head tilted up so that she wouldn’t accidentally spill anything.

Next Joey summoned marilyn with the controller and ordered her to continue serving and clearing dishes.  Joey had lisa remove her maid’s dress and turned out she wore exactly similar corset-cb combination, but her corset was bright red, so her “evening dress” consisted on red corset, black net stockings and black pumps. Now I got to see her 85G boobs, those look superb on a shemale! Lisa was now very self-conscious about her nude butt and boobs, even demure. I assume this was her first time naked as a full female in front of such a big group of friends and strangers.   
Lisa is 175cm as evelyn is maybe 185cm. Lisa’s shoulders were broader than evelyn's, actually evelyn’s butt was wider than her shoulders. Lisa’s butt was as voluptuous soft a female butt as evelyn’s.  
As she was made to remove her tiny red  thong I noticed a precum soaked pantyliner was fixed to it. I didn’t even know they make pantyliners for thongs! I also noticed the lacing at the back of the corset still had 5cm tightening room. And finally Joey ordered her to remove the small weights from all her pussy rings, that she wore as a part of her punishment. I suspect Joey uses weights in new gurls pierced labia quite often to stretch them to look more convincing as pussy lips and also to stretch the piercings to accommodate bulkier rings like the 4GA rings evelyn wears.
Lisa’s face which had been cheerful as she served drinks and snacks, looked now fearful. She must have feared the pain also. It was funny to think that only two years ago this gurl had been an independent boy, doing decisions about himself on his own.  What a waste it  would have been if he still were a boy! It was lucky Joey found her so young. Lucky for both, as such sissy is just wastes her life until she finds a Master.
Lisa without her customary cb

Lisa’s moment of prudence was doomed to be a short one. Next Joey tied her wrists and elbows behind her back, elbows not touching though, like evelyn’s are.
-Get in position bitch!
She could not hide her naked charms as she at once knelt before the bench, lowered her breasts on the bench and rolled over onto her back, feet on the floor. As marilyn helped Joey pulled lisa’s legs up and towards the window grating, straightening them and spreading them insanely wide, stretching her so open even her asscheeks parted. She was soon set up exactly the same way Tom had done with lucky, who had actually been freed only a moment ago.
Tom went on to bind her in many totally redundant ways just to make sure she cannot move a muscle. He tied her posture collar to the bench, her wrists down to floor. She was not resting on her tied hands as her back ascended so quickly. Only her upper back took all the weight. He tied also his… I mean .. her knees drawing them hard towards the sides. I knew why he did that. As you start whipping a boy’s genitals it’s really annoying if he can draw his legs together and conceal the target. Now there was no such a risk. Lastly he tied her posture collar up to a ring at the front of the cb just above the clit cage (although below the cage in this position). He yanked her head up from the gap between the bench and window and pulled it so much it was much higher than the bench and practically between her own boobs. I asked why he did that.
-There are two reasons. Firstly I want to make her see her whipped crotch. Second, I train my gurls also in suppleness. They are young and I can still mould their bodies. I fancy those supple circus girls that can make a knot of themselves. Big boobs, big ass, nice face and a supple spine, that’s my recipe for a shemale. I want lisa so supple she could deep throat herself, if I happened to allow that some day...  In practise he could deepthroat me while in such a position, her mouth near her crotch… I could easily switch between her ass and her trained mouth.
Well that was a detailed answer. Maybe a tad too detailed…
Then he added the surprising last binding, a short elastic strap, maybe 10cm long. He threaded it from one nipple ring through her septum ring to the other nipple ring. Those rings were indeed now quite close each other, and by pulling he managed to hook the other nipple ring too. Nipples were drawn together and his (her) face drawn even further up and crushed humiliatingly between her own boobs. Joey explained the meaning before anyone asked.
-This binding is to ensure, that she can’t thrash about, like he..she would be inclined to do when she is whipped between her legs. She can’t tear her rings, as other bindings don’t allow her to, but by throwing her head back she would pull her nipple rings and cause additional pain to herself. So no moving your head, lisa!

Quite a few spectators gathered around lisa’s upturned and totally spread buttocks.  
‘After a warm up, she’s going to get 20 strokes for not remembering what one knock on the forehead means. But before that you that have not seen the pussies of my gurls, please take a closer look, she is now as exposed as one can be. It’s good for her. As a slave girl she must get used to being the exposed and defenceless, and her most private parts exhibited to strangers.’
Everyone could easily see her nude, stretched buttocks and spread crack, but to see the fake pussy I had to circle to her side. From there the bars of her little clit cage could well be spotted between her glistening pussy lips there all her precum seemed to gather. Her butt hole was about her highest place, bent clit between ringed labia pointing up towards it. The metal chastity belt and the flexible 10cm anus ring and the quiche ring inside it were easily seen as well. The most pedantic spotted even the lock at the tip of the tube that locked the infibulation rings. The audience took part, trying the different piercings, tugging them, wiping the moist pussy lips with a finger and feeding her and even pulling on her nipple rings which were now visible for the first time ever. Also some spectators checked how tight the chastity belt was and were surprised they could get a finger between the sheet straps and her skin.

The warm-up was done with a wide rubber strap and it was quite impressive in itself.  Loud slapping sounds and her howls filled the room as Joey covered her buttocks twice with the strap, not forgetting her asshole and a gave dozen softer ones on her pussy. The butt turned nice crimson colour. The actual punishment started with a bullseye with the riding crop over her asshole. He used a lot of power causing her to thrash about, but she could not even move left or right. Next he had the rattan cane in his hand, and delivered one stinging blow horizontally across one buttock and then the other. Those will leave a mark! Again he changed the instrument and hit her full force on the fake pussy with a cat-o-9-tails. Needless to say she yelled after each as she was not gagged. She had herself the best view, the cat landed only a few inches from her face.  
This was kind of an introduction, as next he returned to the crop and gave 4 more blows on her hole in rapid succession. Similarly he continued with 4 stripes on the left buttock, then 4 stripes on the right buttock, and 4 exploding blows on her poor genitals with the cat.

Lisa was left on the uncomfortable bench for the rest of the evening.
-If somebody’s interested, please go ahead and fuck her in the ass, but you have to stand on the bench, so it’s not easy., Joey said, and everyone left the young miss now in peace. Lisa could now get used to the idea her nude upturned ass was permanently on display.

The clock was now 9.15pm and it was time to start preparations for evelyn’s ejaculations. Joey removed her nose ring binding and neck chain from ceiling. As she had kept her mouth full of Master Black’s tasty cum, Joey had marilyn bring evelyn’s food bowl and told her to spit the cum in there. Her head harness was removed and hands and legs freed.
-Go get your face and hair presentable for the big moment, bitch. You look like shit. Marilyn go and help her, her hands are still dead. Remove and wash the ass electrode.
First thing when she got up after an evening on her knees was curtsey to Joey:
-Sir, yes Sir
After all, a gurl wants to look pretty when she cums so she must have been happy.
As she returned, she looked magnificent in her long blonde hair, tall thin girl, big white boobs and soft female ass, a white corset with some 3 cm tightening reserve, white stockings and pumps, thin long posture collar. Submissively she presented herself to her only Master, curtseying, uttering one of her punch lines
-’Sir, Your order carried out, Sir’
taking eye contact and then lowering her eyes to his feet.
-’Good. So that the ejaculation day does not become something to look forward, rather something to get over with, evelyn’s getting warmed up now for a whipping that will follow between the ejaculations. Position Two!
-Sir, yes Sir!
Position two turned out to be a sexy one: evelyn spread her legs wide and clasped her fingers behind her neck, elbows back, tilting her head somewhat up.
Her Master took now a heavy duty flexible, perforated plastic paddle he had been carrying

and proceeded  to beat her tits that were conveniently pushed out slightly in this position. Splat! Splat! Splat! He put up a noisy show, surprisingly loud slapping sounds filled the club. Evelyn’s tits were bouncing about as each blow came from a new and surprising direction, finding a new untouched territory each time.  Her whole body shuddered with each blow but she didn’t move and kept her hands out of the way obediently even she was not tied. After especially heavy blows her knees buckled and turned sideways momentarily, but returned to position for next blow.  Her cries sounded muffled: she tried to keep still, but a short, muted high-pitched howl escaped her lips most times the paddle came down. Joey used his hand like a tennis player, really giving his paddle pace.  While still beating her, he directed her a question.
‘Did I make you big tits so that they could be fondled?’, he gritted between his teeth
‘Sir, No Sir, i was made breasts so that - ouch!  - they can be beaten up and tortured, Sir - ouch!
Soon her breasts started to turn crimson all over.
-Turn around!
-Sir, yes Sir!
Keeping her legs spread while turning, she brought to view her other femininely bulging protuberances. Her still lily white buttocks were the next defenseless targets. They were treated quite similarly, but then:
-Position 5
-Sir, yes Sir.
She bent at the waist and took her fingers to the floor. Her buttocks got stretched. Now Master Joey continued to warm up her upper thighs, the crease between thigh and buttock and the lower buttocks. The similar deep crimson colour glowed soon from her entire plump ass.
-He looked at his watch. Oh it’s 9.45 already. Let’s get you fixed up for your treat then. position 1 at the rings!
-Sir yes Sir
evelyn knew to kneel at the same spot there she spent the whole evening. This time she knelt on all fours, and kept looking down as Joey fixed her knees, ankles and wrists to floor rings.
-marilyn, attach 250gr weights to her nipple rings and all pussy rings!
-Sir, yes Sir.
-She can carry 100gr weights easily now so we have upgraded the weights.
Soon small but heavy lead weights stretched her tits and pussy lips towards the floor. Especially her pussy lips got so much to carry that they stretched many centimeters.
-marilyn, bring her bowl.
-Sir, yes Sir.
As she got back she was instructed to place it under evelyn’s head.
-Smell Mr Black’s spunk, bitch!
-Sir, yes Sir.
As she had been sniffing the bowl for a moment, Master Joey approached her and pushed her pretty face totally in the cum.
-That’s it, your favourite smell all over your face! Isn’t it so that in the contract that you signed you would like to be humiliated in public and earn your keep as a whore.
-Sir, yes Sir, came her high-pitched answer.
-And that you want me to control you from eating only cum and whoring yourself with abandon.
-Sir, yes Sir
-Do you need a strict Master to keep you chaste and to tell you what to do next?
-Sir, yes Sir i do Sir… she whined with her cum-splattered face
I think these accounting students from Ucla were not exactly so sluttish in nature that Joey tried to prove, but it was nice mind fuck.
-Now eat half of the cum and suck in the rest and keep it in your mouth.
As she was ready, mouth full again, Joey made marilyn put the head harness on evelyn without ball gag, and then he attached the ring at the top of her head to a ring at the base of the back of the chastity belt. That made her hold her head up and arch her back nicely, and her cum covered face was showing nicely.
-One of my guiding principles is that a gurl must be preoccupied with other things as she cums. So she will be blowing me as she ejaculates, and based on how well he does it, she will get either a severe whipping or a very severe whipping right after the first ejaculation.  So the thing is not her ejaculation, but how badly the flogging will hurt. It will hurt like hell if her attention wavers during her discharge. She has to do all she can to concentrate on blowing me, and not let her milking interfere. The whipping is also a way to make her fear the milking day, not look forward to it. That’s why they are also milked twice. The second time is pure post orgasmic torture.
-I have also denied my cock from her the last 3 weeks and used only other gurls. So my birthday present for 21 old evelyn here is not her uncomfy ejaculation. No, that’s only part of the suffering she was born into. The real present is my cock which she will feel again tonight. She’ll be eager to get that present!
-Another principle is to reinforce their new existence is having them milked only while being spit roasted by two males, he continued.
-And no matter how long a denial period of a gurl has been, the next one is always longer. Evelyn has been made to cum 4 months ago and she has not had any wet dreams or accidental cums after that. Evelyn’s next discharge will be only after 4½ months.
-Yet another principle is that their ejaculation is a party piece. As evelyn was last time milked, some of you were present, it was during a May Day Party. Now it’s september and her birthday. One of the gurls might be milked with a special Halloween theme and one on Christmas Eve! Not evelyn though, it would be too early for her. Let’s see what kind of party we could have for her late January or early February...
-Another thing. I have heard many times people whining that they cannot cum with electro.  I have not met a gurl whom I cannot make electroejaculate. You just have to give them enough power. If you give yourself electro, it is difficult to give yourself enough to cum, because it is no longer comfortable.  I can make each gurl cum using the basic excite-program. I raise the level right away to ¾ full.  The first slow waves are already very strong, but then each wave is still stronger until at the crest of the third wave it feels like her little clit is fried alive. With the fourth wave the intensity goes still up and they cum involuntarily, penetrated by very uncomfortable, powerful wildly pulsing current.  They feel no orgastic feelings, it is just electroejaculation like they do with bulls.
-It takes 4½ minutes, but please go ahead Bob, you can start fucking her. At 10pm she cums.
It was 8 minutes to 10 as I opened my fly, put on a condom and went first to evelyn’s head. Her mouth was full so she couldn’t ask if she may suck my cock for me, but I showed it in her spunky face and used the knock signals had her do a little travelling 8 and then suck on the glans to get my cock lubricated in her mouth. Some of the spunk leaked from her mouth and made her look even more whorish.
As I withdrew she kept her mouth open for my potential retreat.
I knelt down on nice pads marilyn had brought between evelyn’s knees. evelyn has been kneeling the whole evening without pads, but now her weights was partially taken by hands, that made it easier for her. Finally I got to part the ample, beaten up buttocks, feel their silken softness, and penetrate her beaten up ass. I pushed the saliva lubricated cock inch by inch into the used but tight gurl pussy.
Joey had gone to her head, took a wide straddle and pushed in her mouth from an angle above. With her head tied back she couldn’t do all techniques, not well anyway. He started with two knocks at the back of her head just as I started to get all the way in. She dove onto Joey’s cock and kept it still deep in her mouth, her tongue must have darted along the tender underside. But as I withdrew and started banging into her soft buttocks, I caused her body to swing which made her blowjob more difficult. Also the weights on her nipples and pussy started swinging fore and back. Actually her tits started swinging with the weights! The weights collided with each other and rattled rhythmically.
‘She’s used to weights swinging while she’s fucked. When she was a boy, I put weights on his limp dick and balls that swung as I banged him. Now it’s her tits that swing’, laughed Joey, and added:
-Now it’s time to switch her electroejaculation program on.
I have tried electro on myself so I knew what evelyn must have felt now: like her clit was twisted 100 times, then suddenly 100 times to the other direction. It’s intense when it all goes through penis - or clit.
I started fucking her in earnest, the way I fuck when I aim at cumming. Quick pushes, one every second at least. My thrusts made it difficult for evelyn to keep her Master’s cock in her mouth! Her tits were rocking like pendulums!
The first wave of electro caused her ass to jerk,  but I just grabbed her hips tighter and went on. I was getting close too soon so I slowed down a bit and gave her long deep thrusts.
Now Joey knocked the top of her head!
-That means improvise! Use many techniques, also your own ideas and change style many times. If you stop to ejaculate, you fail!
Improvising needed most concentration😨. She needed to be creative and use her brains. And she couldn’t reach far and move her head a lot because of the way she was tied.  First she sucked at his corona and shook her head as much as her bindings allowed. From the shaking in her ass I knew the second, stronger crest grilled her clit at the same time. The strong pulse also caused her ass to contract. I grabbed tightly at her hip bones where corset meets her silken skin, and forced my way in and out through her contracted sphincter. The fucking became more intense, she must have felt it also!  
As the wave subsided she tried to start licking the underside of his cock, but as she let the cock out of her mouth it bounced up and she couldn’t reach it. Joey had to lower his hips so that evelyn could get it back in and lick the underside as far as she reached. Each time she got to the head she bathed his g-spot with her busily twirling tongue. As her ass started to shudder again, her tongue movements became jerky, but basically she continued all through the third crest.
It started to be noisy, with all the grunting and moaning, me slamming loud into her buttocks with each thrust, her pussy weighs rattling rhythmically against each other, slurping sounds of the blowjob.
As the third wave subsided slowly, she took Master’s cock in her mouth again, sucking briefly behind the corona and then taking it in deeper, without moving her head after that. Her tongue must have been doing hard work though. Now Joey grabbed her nose ring, looked her in the eye and said:
-Now concentrate. It’s my pleasure that counts, your discharge is meaningless.
The tremor in her ass picked up again, her boy pussy started to contract, I picked up the force and pace and aimed at cumming simultaneously with her. Right as clock struck 10 her pussy spasmed uncontrollably and she ejaculated,. Her spasms threw me over the edge and I pushed myself in her slutty ass as deep as I could and came and came, grunting loudly, hearing nothing, seeing nothing.

As my senses came back, I noticed Joey had withdrawn and he was letting evelyn lick her cock clean. It was still rock hard and he had not cummed. He was reprimanding evelyn:
‘I noticed you tried, but it was not good enough. As you discharged, your tongue nearly stopped moving for at least a second. It could have been the crucial moment!’
He called for marilyn to get the canes and untie her hands and weights. With exaggerated motions he untied the strap connecting the top of evelyn’s head and the back of her cb, and reattached it to the ceiling, making her kneel up again. Joey raised her hands up and folded them to her neck, locking her wrists to the back of her neck.
Determinedly he took the long rattan cane from marilyn, gave one agonizing blow across her right buttock, repeated it with her other buttock, moved over to her front, gave both tits a gentler blow (but strong enough to leave a longstanding mark) and returned to her back to stripe her both buttocks with continuous blows that didn’t leave any question whether this was a very severe punishment or not.  Evelyn started squealing continuously, and Master ordered marilyn to gag her and stay close and wipe her tears and comfort her.  Finally he returned to her front, and everybody could see how evelyn’s fingers and feet fidgeted in the rhythm of the blows and her whole body jerked back at each blow even though she was tied tightly, and could do nothing to cover the female bodyparts that Joey had chosen as his targets.
‘This is for your own best’, he only said as marilyn comforted the weeping gurl.
Master Joey glanced at his watch and took a tapered slapper from marilyn who acted also as  his squire, and he leaned a bit to start walloping his wife’s transformed and pierced genitals in front of this congregation. The leather slapper made quite formidable noise and the feeling must have been quite formidable too, as her kept on fidgeting.
‘Now I must stop to get her milked again at 10.15’, he said.
Evelyn was next fixed in exactly the same position in which she was spit-roasted, although now she wore the ball gag and a mirror was placed in front of her. Even the weights were put back by marilyn. Her head was again fixed so that she had to stare at her reflection.
4 and half minutes before her discharge time Master switched his controller on again, knelt on the pads between her legs and entered evelyn, apparently without any further lubrication. He went on to fuck her forcefully, like her Master who he was, putting the weights again in motion and making her moan. As the first crest got her, she screamed into the gag.
Nobody wants another electro milking 15 minutes after ejaculation. It really was postorgasmic torture. However he bucked with her hips, meeting her Master’s thrusts, so that each thrust ended with a loud Thud-sound.
The spectators chatted about the second discharge: would there be any? From where they were positioned, it was difficult to observe evelyn’s clit. I reminded everyone that her clit cage is condom-clad, and it already holds all her precum and the previous cum. Greg was interested however to get to know the results for sure, so after his suggestion Joey gave permission for sheila to crawl on her back under evelyn, remove and hold the condom and hold a plate under evelyn’s clit for possible additional ooze.
As the second crest got her, she could get comfort from the fact she could see her Master in the mirror and feel him in her anal passage, fucking her. However she screamed and wept, the pain must have been intense. Marilyn’s tissue was needed again. Third wave was pure torture, and at fourth wave they came simultaneously, her artificial boobs and the weights attached to her nipples swinging wildly as Joey was banging into her wildly in the throws of his orgasm. She was crying her lungs out into the gag as - and sheila can testify this - experienced a dry cum. Only spunk evelyn had left was drying on her face. The relentless electro churned another ejaculation out of her, but there was nothing left to give. The pain must have been horrible.
Joey chimed in the conversation about evelyn’s dry ejaculation:
‘In her current state she produces not much more than 1 spoonful of cum in 4 months.  That much there is in her condom.’
‘Because her balls are inside their body?‘, asked Amanda
‘Did the gurls protest much when their balls were permanently pushed in?’, Amanda asked.
‘Well, let’s put it this way: one of the good sides they saw was that I could not spank their balls any more’, answered Joey enigmatically.
‘And now that the transformation is ready, they are happier than ever. Such tits! Permanently hairless labia! Becoming the hottest gurls, made to wear sexy women’s clothes to their university, never losing their sexual appetite and now learning to take their pleasure like girls. That’s why I got lisa. Evelyn recommended me to lisa. Now that evelyn and lisa are two sexy gurls, sissies who want to transition go to them. That’s how I got marilyn. Btw. Marilyn! Untie evelyn. Also weights.’
‘Sir, yes Sir!’
‘There’s this going to end?’, asked Mona.
‘Well, I don’t need more slaves. Maybe I start training new slaves to sell… And certainly I will train these further. Lisa is interested in big tits and piercings, so she will get more silicone in hers until she is 85H. Topless with friends, showing lots of cleavage in public, like all my sluts... And more rings in her labia, so that her stretched labia can fully cover her clit. Marilyn is interested in pony play, she will get more than she asks for on that arena.’
‘Sir, freed to your service, Sir’ said evelyn, now freed and kneeling in front of Joey.
‘Good. First thing you’ll have to take care about is the condom now in the possession of sheila. You’ll consume all you discharged, lick the insides nice and clean and reattach the condom to your cage. Normally I would send you to squat in the corner while you do it but now you can kneel here to do it. Start.’
In a seasoned way she had the condom turned inside out in her mouth in a second, her fingers pushed into it.
‘Evelyn… she has shown interest in all sort of bondage and bdsm. She is my wife and my pain slut, forever. And maybe a future bondage model - I wanna show the whole mankind how pretty I made her’, Joey said taking her breast in his hand, kneading and groping it hard but lovingly as evelyn looked up at him and sucked her own condom-clad fingers.

LisaLisa after next boob job
Lisa’s labia after a few more piercings

Marilyn’s new hobbyMarilyn trained hard

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