Brilliant T/D games

Torment Game I

Players Attire
she is dressed in very very high high black heels, g string, very small black bra, black leat-her gloves up to her elbows.
he is naked, kneeling on a pillow she has laid out for him.

Bondage Position
his balls are bound and pulled behind him by a rope which runs to a door knob. his arms are tied behind him by the wrists and the elbows forcing him to crouch forward on his knees.
an additional rope is tied between his wrists and tied to another stationary post directly in front of him forcing his head closer to the ground.

Pre-Game Show
she walks in front of him making him stare at her shoes as they cross back and forth, clicking away. she orders him to insure that his eyes never stray from her heels.
she clicks directly in front of his face and crouches to reach beneath him and tease his nipples. she does this for quite sometime and until he moans with great pleasure, his nip-ples are raw and hard, and she has made his cock rise by this focused and unrelenting teasing.

Genital Positioning
she walks behind him and pulls his cock backward so that it rests upside down and out like a tail between his legs. She pulls the pillow backward to keep his cock in this position and begins to stroke its underside which by way of this position has become his cock's top.  ** mia's comment: there should probably be a chair behind him, the top side of the penis resting on the seat upside down ??? **

The Contract
she asks him if he would like to be untied or left like this for a few hours. his muscles have begun to ache and of course he asks for release.
she offers to release him if he agrees to first allow her to play a game with him. he of course agrees. she takes a ball gag and while applying it and tying it behind his head she explains that the game is a game of moans. she stands before him again holding the rope that runs from his wrists and is the bane of his now aching back and arms and pulls it tighter increasing his anguish.

Rules of the Game
'Now slave you are to moan for me to indicate that you wish to be freed from this hardship. Three moans in a row indicate to me that you beg for mercy. However, I will only re-lease you after you have begged after you have endured one more degree of cruelty from me.'
she walks slowly behind him and begins to stroke the top (bottom) of his cock. she brings him to the brink and stops many times. each time she stops she asks the slave:
'are you sure you don't want me to continue? please moan twice for me if you wish me to continue stroking you.' he of course moans twice. 'however, each time you moan twice for me i will tighten the rope from your hands increasing your arch, and then i will offer you more pleasure for your cock. and each time you moan for release from your bonds i will first bring you to the edge of orgasm, an orgasm you will not reach if you choose to be re-leased from your bondage.' 'this of course will go on until one of two things occur:
1. you decide you can no longer bare your bondage and moan three times after i have brought you to the brink, which means of course that you will be released, yet you will leave here with a great case of blue balls. or
2. you endure as much of this as i wish - which will be a very very long time, and i reward you with an ejaculation before i release you from your bondage.'
'so you see slave you are really the one in control. are you ready?...'

Torment Game II

Several Mistresses and one slave.

A vanilla public bar. High Class.

Rules of the Game
Slave gives up his credit card for the evening. Mistresses sit at bar all in a row. His credit card is used to cover the tab of all charges for the evening. Appetizers, Drinks, Cigars, Dinners, Deserts etc.

Items required for game play:
1. Set of Chinese relaxation balls
2. A stop watch
3. A pad of paper with three columns - rows numbered

Upon the Mistresses taking their seats around the bar, ordering drinks, and settling in for an evening of fun, the set of Chinese relaxation balls are given to the slave by a desig-nated Mistress. The Mistress makes an entry in the pad noting an amount of time she desires the slave to be gone performing his tasks and starts the stop clock.
The slave is to take the balls from the Mistress and proceed to lock himself in a bathroom stall. The slave is to drop his pants and while standing in the stall bring himself to the very edge of orgasm, stroking rapidly and remain on edge without orgasm for the prescribed amount of time. Since the slave does not have a watch, he must estimate the amount of time he remains on edge. This is an acquired skill to time his own arousal period mentally so to return in the exact amount of time prescribed by the Mistress.
When the slave feels that his time is up, he must zip up his pants and enter the bar - regardless of how embarrassing his hard-on might be - and return the balls to the Mistress.
Upon receiving the balls from the slave the Mistress will stop the clock and enter the AC-TUAL time the slave had been gone beside the entry of her requested time. She will then hand the pad to the slave to calculate the difference between the two.
The Mistress now has the slave for idle time. Idle slave time can be used by the Mistress in any way she chooses. There is no time limit. The slave must stand behind the Mistress until she decides idle time is over and passes the balls to another Mistress.
Examples of Idle Time use:
1. Staring at a slave while playing with the relaxation balls
2. Talking to the slave knowing he cannot answer
3. Wiping the sweat off his face with a napkin
4. Making the slave drink water, alcohol, or other beverages

Other Rules:
The slave is never to sit down the entire evening.
He is not allowed to wipe sweat from his face.
He is not allowed to speak.

End of The Evening
The slave is to sign for the entire tab. Tally up the amount of time differential he accrued all evening (negative time (arriving too early) is doubled and added as a positive value). This figure is then used to determine the conditions of the slave's next orgasm by using a repercussions chart. The following is an example of such a chart, but the items should be decided by the Mistresses engaged in the game.

Minute Differential Repercussion
-1 Minute An excellent performance by the slave. Slave is allowed to return to the bathroom and bring himself to orgasm.
1-2 A fine performance. Slave is allowed to return to the bathroom, get himself close to orgasm and go completely limp once before bringing himself to orgasm.
2-5 An adequate performance. Mistresses take a vote to see if they will let him cum. Majority wins.
5-10 A sub-par yet potentially admirable performance depending on the variety of time Mistresses required him to be away. Slave can cum if ALL Mistresses vote yes.
10-15 An insulting undiscipline use of his attentive skills. Slave may however cum 5 hours after his arrival at home if a Mistress vote yes by a majority.
15- Completely unacceptable behavior. Slave may not cum at all for at least 24 hours.

Side Bets
Mistresses might decide to make side bets througout the evening on how close to the pre-scribed time the slave arrive.

Torment Game III

One Mistress one female slave and one bound male slave.

House with a basement/dungeon. male slave is bound to a chair with legs spread, chair leaning backward, and he is gagged with a large ball-gag. the male slave is wearing ear phones and is listening to a shakespeare sonnet prepared as a tape loop. the female slave is dressed in extremely high black heels which are uncomfortable for her, a black bra too small for her breasts, and a black g-string - she is similairly gagged.
Their Mistress is upstairs awaiting only the sound of a hand bell...

Rules of the Game
female slave is given a set of three dice. one WHITE, one GREEN, one RED. the female slave is to roll the dice and begin attending to the bound male in the following manner:
a large clock with a second hand is in full view for the female to see, yet out of view of the male. she reads the result of the dice throw according to these rules:
the GREEN die designates the number of minutes the female slave is to stroke the male's penis.
the RED die designates the number of minutes of relief she allowes the male between stroking for that roll.
the WHITE die designates the number of times to repeat the timed strokes for that roll.
the female rolls a 4, 1, and a 6.
1. she must stroke the male for 4 minutes
2. then stop for 1 minute
3. and repeat this 6 times before rolling again!
AT NO TIME IS SHE ALLOWED TO LET THE MALE CUM! If he begins to spurt, she is in-structed to IMMEDIATLY stop stroking letting him ejaculate without an orgasm. This should leave him still hard and horny, she can then continue after a brief pause.

Alerting the Mistress
if all the dice match the same number, the female slave is to ring a handbell to alert the Mistress. All same number rolls result in the following:
• A visit from the Mistress
• A torment for the male slave from the Mistress
• A hard paddling of the female sub - quantity determined by adding up all dice
• A chance for the game to end and the slave to be allowed to orgasm

the torment to be administered by the Mistress is determined by a table. The following table is simply a suggestion:
111 an ice pack is applied to his cock and balls until he be-comes completely limp Female sub is paddled 3 times
222 c&b's are whipped 6 times with a cat-o-nine tails Female sub is paddled 6 times
333 9 clothespins are applied for 9 minutes to the c&b's Female sub is paddled 9 times
444 12 drops of hot wax are applied to the c&b's Female sub is paddled 12 times
555 5 slaps to the balls, 5 nipple pinches, 5 cock slaps - 15 times Female sub is paddled 15 times
666 balls are spanked by hand 18 times in a row - unyielding Female sub is paddled 18 times

Chance for Release
upon completing the torments, the slave is given a chance to end the game. the Mistress removes his headphones and stands before him with an index card upon which the sonnet that he has been listening to over and over again is written. he is allowed one chance to recite the piece verbatim, without mistakes. if he accomplishes this task, the female slave is to stroke him to a quick orgasm and the game ends. if he fails at this task, he is re-gagged, the headphones are replaced and the female slave is to roll the dice to continue the game as the Mistress leaves them for upstairs.

Here are Shakespeare's 57th and 58th Sonnets. Quite appropriate.
Being your slave, what should I do but tend
Upon the hours and times of your desire?
I have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do, till you require.
Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour
Whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you,
Nor think the bitterness of absence sour
When you have bid your servant once adieu;
Nor dare I question with my jealous thought
Where you may be, or your affairs suppose,
But, like a sad slave, stay and think of nought
Save, where you are how happy you make those.
So true a fool is love that in your will,
Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill.
That god forbid that made me first your slave,
I should in thought control your times of pleasure,
Or at your hand the account of hours to crave,
Being your vassal, bound to stay your leisure!
O, let me suffer, being at your beck,
The imprison'd absence of your liberty;
And patience, tame to sufferance, bide each cheque,
Without accusing you of injury.
Be where you list, your charter is so strong
That you yourself may privilege your time
To what you will; to you it doth belong
Yourself to pardon of self-doing crime.
I am to wait, though waiting so be hell;
Not blame your pleasure, be it ill or well.

Torment Game IV

"Paganini Torment"

Nicolo Paganini (1782 - 1840) is known as one of the finest violin virtuoso's this world has ever known. The 24 Caprices are a set of violin solo pieces which are considered virtually impossible to play except by the most astute of professionals. Many of these themes Paganini created were subsequently embraced by the imaginations of composers like Rach-maninov, Brahms, Schubert and Liszt. Composers perpetuated the life of these caprices by creating variations on their themes, studies and arrangements for other instruments.
What follows is my own variation/arrangement of how to 'use' these caprices to create a unique and rattling sub-space environment for your slave. Exposing your toy to these works in such an intense way will 'burn' this most difficult set of violin pieces deeply in their mind - a fine way for you to perpetuate the life of Paganini's work with your own virtuoistic style...

Bondage Position
slave is bound lying horizontally with arms above his head-stretched. his legs are tied so they rise as far back to his head as possible. he is gagged and blindfolded. a cd player with a pair of headphones is used which the slave wears at all times.

Phase I - learning mode
twelve clothespins are used in different configurations during learning mode. the object is to 'burn' each unique configuration to be associated with a specific caprice into the slaves mind. the slave is to be allowed to listen to the corresponding caprice once, all the way through, with the associated configuration applied.
starting with the first caprice listed below, apply the corresponding clothespin configuration to the slave. then play the associated caprice in its entirety for the slave. upon the end of the caprice, the configuration is removed and the slave is to listen to Paganini's 6th caprice Lento in Gminor as he is brought to the edge of orgasm through the generous stroking of the Mistress. The sixth caprice should always be used for arousal and unful-filled direct stimulation. it has a dangling unresolved quality and fades appropriately.

Roll Caprice # of Clothespins to apply Configuration of Clothespins
1 1. Andante Emajor 1 Underside of penis
2 2. Moderato Bminor 2 Both Nipples
3 3. Sostenuto - Presto - Sos-tenuto Eminor 3 Both Nipples & Underside of penis
4 5. Agitato Aminor 4 Both Nipples & Both ball sacks
5 8. Maestoso Eflat major 5 Both Nipples, Both ball sacks, Under-side of penis
6 10. Vivace Gmajor 6 Both Nipples, Both ball sacks, & 2 on the Underside of penis
7 12. Allegro Aflat major 7 Both Nipples, Both balls sacks, Un-derside of penis, 2 inside thigh
8 13. Allegro Bflat major 8 Two on both Nipples, two on each ball sack
9 14. Moderato Eflat major 9
10 16. Presto Gminor 10
11 18. Corrente - Allegro Cma-jor 11
12 24. Tema. Quazi Presto - Va-riazioni - Finale Aminor 12

Phase II - Play
Once all caprices have been 'burned' into the slaves consciousness, he would have been brought to the edge of orgasm a total of 14 times - once before play begins and once af-terwards makes 14. Play then begins with the Mistress selecting one of the twelve caprices to play at random. Once the piece begins, the Mistress applies clothespins to the slave in any manner that she chooses. If a 'Match' occurs, the slave is to moan eagerly to indicate that the configuration of the clothespins 'Matches' the caprice that the Mistress is funnel-ing into his mind through the headphones.
If the slave is correct, then that caprice is eliminated from the mix. he then only has 11 more caprices to 'Match' in order to obtain release from the torment and permission to cum.
If the slave is incorrect, the Mistress is to use a cat whip to remove each clothespin. This will ensure that the slave will not attempt to 'Match' a caprice frivolously. When all clot-hespins have been removed through this very painful method. The slave is aroused to the edge once more and play resumes with the selection of an additional caprice.
NOTE: A kind Mistress will 'Match' the configuration at least once during the airing of a caprice. A kind Mistress might also eliminate each caprice from the game whether it is 'Matched' or not - thus making the torment finite. Of course if the slave is incorrect on any of them, he is not allowed to cum at the end.
A cruel Mistress will be able to see the many possibilities for endless tormenting of the subject.

Timer/Metronome Game

This game is for the Mistress who is too busy to attend to the forever yearnings of her subling. The beauty of this game is the ability to have the slave stay aroused for her while she is busy elsewhere attending a slave auction, painting her toenails or simply speaking with other Mistresses on the phone. In her absence a log is automatically created for her review - when she has time to return. The Mistress has the ability to creatively set many parameters for a short or extremely lengthy and frustrating ordeal.

General Description
The slave is kept naked, tied to a chair in front of a computer. His ankles are bound to the back up-per portion of the chair's legs so that the soles of his feet are perpendicular to the floor (kneeling, as if in mid-air). His balls are pull taught with thin rope tied to a center support beneath the chair. This should put the slave in an awkward position, leaning forward, balls hanging over the edge of the chair, legs quite strained.
His hands are not tied since they might be needed to perform different tasks as Alarms are sounded. The slave is to stroke and remain hard in this position at all times while interacting with the config-ured Timer program running on the computer in front of him.

The object of this game is to exercise the slave's ability to refrain from orgasm even under the most frustrating of circumstances. There is a blanket denial in place for the entire length of the game. Under no conditions is the slave allowed to cum, regardless of the length configured by the Mis-tress. Permission to cum may be granted only by the Mistress upon review of the slaves perform-ance as indicated in the Log discussed at the end of these instructions.

Main Play
This game is based on using a software timer program which you can download for free from a site indicated at the end of these instructions. The program has four configurable features:
Timer - configured to time the length of a repeated or singular instruction.
Example: The timer could be configured to ring after 1 minute repeatedly. The Mistresses instruc-tion might be to stroke lightly for one minute, then stroke hard for one minute alternately and con-tinually.
Alarm - configured to go off at specific times during a day, week, etc. Each alarm may have a set of unique instructions.
Example: The Alarm could be configured to go off at 12 with a set of instructions for the slave to change his timer to 30 seconds instead of 1 minute and continue his alternative stroking. It can then be set for 12:15, with a set of instructions to apply clothespins to his balls, set the timer to 2 minutes etc.
Note: Since the alarm is like a calendar, it can be set to go off throughout the day, week, or month with instructions to perform all kinds of tasks.
Stopwatch - Used as the central interactive screen while the slave is stroking. This feature is an electronic stopwatch that has a lap button which the slave is to click on each time he approaches orgasm. It maintains a log of each lap among other statistics elabo-rated upon below.
Tempo - Essentially a metronome which can be configured to trigger a sound at any time interval desired. Configuration of this feature provides control over the slave's stroking pace.
A word about the Stopwatch and Laps
The slave is forced to approach orgasm in Laps. Laps are defined as the amount of time it takes to approach the very edge of orgasm, the point at which the slave can not take even one more stroke of his cock without cumming. A three-breath 'cool down' period is required between each lap.
The timer program allows the slave to record each Lap with ease using its Stopwatch feature. Each time the slave indicates a completed lap, the slave is to stop stroking, take three deep breaths (yes, the breaths are counted as time in the next lap) and begin stroking till he approaches the edge once again. The system keeps a log of each lap's time, the average lap time, and total number of laps.
Setting the Tempo
The time it takes for the slave to approach each orgasm will be somewhat a function of the speed with which he strokes. The Mistress can control the slave's Tempo with the metronome feature. The program will execute the default sound setting from Windows.
[The default sound setting can be found in the Windows:Sound program within the Control Panel]
The slave is instructed to set the Tempo in the program's dialogue box and start the metronome; one stroke per beat.
Once the Metronome has been started, the slave can select the Stopwatch to begin doing his 'Laps'.
Customizing the tempo sound trigger:
Deposit your own sound as a .wav file in this directory:
Then go to settings, sounds, and set the default sound to the .wav file in the above directory.
NOTE: Be careful not to use a sound that is longer that the time interval you wish to use. The fast-est stroke you can induce with a sound, can be no shorter than the length of the sound itself.
Get your timer now!
This software is shareware. If you do end up using it and having fun, please support them by sending in the extremely nominal shareware fee. It is people like them that make games like this possible!
[[the link that was here is not operational anyu more]]
Sample Configurations:
The One Hour Warm-Up
An excellent way to prepare your slave for some intense play. Simply set your slave up one hour before you will be ready for him and when you return, he should be nice and lust-plump for you. This sample ordeal assumes you want the slave prepared for a 1:00PM appointment.
Alarm Timer Tempo Instructions Stopwatch
12:00PM 10 seconds, set on repe-at 120 one stroke per beat. 10 se-conds light, 10 seconds hard alternatively. Not Used
12:15PM 5 seconds, set on repe-at 60 one stroke per beat. all VERY hard strokes Not Used
12:30PM 15 seconds set on repe-at 150
(insure a sound that is minimal - i.e. a click) nipples in between fingers. one squeeze per beat. Not Used
12:35PM 30 seconds set on repe-at 120 one stroke per beat. 30 se-conds HARD stroke with left and right alternatively Not Used
12:50PM Not Used 120 one stroke per beat click on lap button every time you reach the very edge of orgasm
Await your Mistresses Arrival. A nice log will be awaiting her, showing her how horny you are as indicated by how quickly you reach the edge - the shorter the laps, the hornier you are.

Training of a novice

To begin a novice a commander might order him to get hard for her and then stop stroking. The novice would be left with a raised cock, void of further stimulation, and completely focused on his Dominant for the next instruction. This focus shift, from his need to the woman who is controlling what is next, begins to fertilize his mind with where his 'conscious' attention should remain. This begins the process of creating a duality within him mainly: 1. an awareness of his own arousal state and 2. a concurrent attentiveness to his instructor.
To further this duality, a Dominant can create certain fixations for him to focus on during his these arousal states. Embellishing fetishes, mindwashing with single unique objects, enriching lust focused on the Dom, are all methods of creating a synergetic duality in the novices mind. The fixation can substitute for the physical presence of the Dominant when unavailable. After all, the sub's prolonged frustration should not take up too much of the Dominant's precious time. She should be able to walk in and out of his lust-nightmare as she pleases. A well structured stimulation schedule can keep a subject occupied, aroused, and frustrated while the Dominant goes about her business. If well maintained by the sub-ject, his participation in the prescribed activities will prove amusing to the Dominant as she enters his space as evidenced by his arousal state.
Being left alone though is beyond a novice's abilities. He can not be trusted to maintain a high degree of concentration and adherence to what is prescribed to him by his own will. A novice must be monitored for short sessions with an enormous amount of generous atten-tion by the Dominant. Which brings us back to his training.

As previously stated, Up and down exercises are the best to begin with. The Mistress might sit cross legged in front of him as he kneels before her, naked, stroking on com-mand. The minute she sees that he is hard she asks him to stop and place his hands be-hind his back. The Mistress might get up and do some busy work, talk on the phone, or just remain there to stare at her subject while he slowly loses his precious erection. Upon flaccidity ample for the Dominant she instructs him to get hard for her again, only to repeat this loop many times until the submissive is in tears from his unfulfilled lust.

While the novice is stroking and regaining his erection for the 4th or 5th time, his mind should be very receptive for training the slowly shaping duality he must attend to during arousal. The Dominant may intrude into his libido using various methods - variety is always appropriate. She must become his Muse of Arousal. Speaking to him while he strokes marries her presence with his experience of this most intimate and personal stimulation. The more a Dominant speaks to him during this early training, the more the submissive will hear her voice in future arousal sessions - even when she is not present.