Cuck maid inspired by Obey Melanie

i was a nearly naked maid. i was wearing my tiniest metal chastity which was attached to my narrow leather belt. i had my stockings on, with leather straps around the tops, and lace cinctures on top of the leather. my right wrist strap was attached to a ring at the belt on my right so it was useless on my side. my left, weaker hand was holding a small tray. It was the “balancing tray”, meaning i had to balance it on top of my open palm. i had to be very careful not to drop it, as both Master’s beer glass and Mistress’s wine glass were placed on the tray. What was making this task difficult, was the fact, that i was on my knees between Mistress’s parted knees, licking her hairless, musky pussy. i had to keep the tray high near my shoulder, not to touch Mistress with it. my head was cocooned in full leather, a heavy duty posture collar, and a leather helmet with open eyes, nose and mouth. Every time Mistress or Master lifted a glass from the tray i had to take care to rebalance it. i knew my balls were well presented to Master who was standing somewhere behind me, as they were tied with a strap, and drawn tightly back and fixed to my belt at the back while the chastity was drawing my package to my front. A short leash was dangling from my balls between my legs.

Anyway i was in a bliss, a horny chastity slave with her mouth full of Mistress’s musky sex odour. Of course that had to be offsetted with pain. i felt Master tapping my ballsac with a crop, then gradually introducing more force until the tray was trembling on my hand.

Master knew my Mistress-WIfe was now ready for Him, as He ordered:
“Enough, sissy”. i knew now to carefully stand up, curtsey to Him, and go stand nearby holding the drinks tray. i was to look straight ahead, so i couldn’t directly see what happened next. Maybe Mistress took Master’s cock in Her mouth?  From the sounds i suspect that after some foreplay Master placed Mistress on all fours and He mounted Her from behind and fucked Her to two orgasms before cumming and grunting noisily.

“Beer, sissy”. i knelt by Them and offered the tray to the Man that had just fucked my lovely Wife’s voluptuous, round and soft butt and filled Her vagina and womb with strong tasting spunk. i was happy i could see Her sexy breasts from my new position. Master took the beer without noticing me. He drank a few times, placed the beer back on my tray, and as i curtseyed, He thrusted a few times inside Her again, making Her butt bounce at each shove.

“That was lovely dear.  How would you like to be cleaned up?”

“Place her on the sofa, I want to watch Eastenders. Make her helpless.  I’ll sit on her face.” At that He pulled out, slapped my face and pointed down to guide my mouth to His penis, while He sat on the edge of the bed, and as i carefully knelt, He took the beer glass again. i approached His swollen, red and slimy Master Penis and felt the familiar musky scent again, now coming from the dong that had just been inside Her and filled every crevice of Her pussy, and bred Her.

“Do you want your wine?” He asked as He placed the beer glass again on the balancing tray. i was lapping the juices off Master Penis, flicking my tongue all over it in a frenzy, as i know the punishment for lazy slaves.  As it was licked from all angles, i concentrated on the tip, circling the mushroomy glans, following the corona with the tip of my tongue, licking over the urethra opening a few times and finally opening my mouth fully and sucking the head as if to suck out the seeds still inside His urethra.

Now you may think i hate this Man, Master. That i would hate Him for taking my place in the marital bed, for making me His maid, for taking control of my orgasms and putting me into chastity, for allowing me only ruined, humiliating orgasms, for finding fault in my immaculate service to blister my butt, for the pain in my balls and sissy clit as He beats them for His and my Mistress-Wife’s fun.

That’s not true, on the contrary! I love Him like i love Mistress. i am the weakest of the weak, i could not have kept Mistress, becoming a cuck was my destiny. i know somebody would have taken my Wife from me, and i am happy it was Master, Sir, who took Her. i am so happy, a privileged slave as i (my mouth) can still be such an important part of Their sex life, my tongue being the last thing on Her pussy before His Penis, then after the brief moment of lovemaking, my mouth being the first thing on His Penis after her Pussy, and the first thing on Her Pussy after the plug holding the cum in. The session on my face is normally longer than that the session with Master Penis.

As a teenager i never had erotic thoughts about boys or men. i liked girls, to the extent of wanting to be one myself, hairless, with beautiful garments, ogled by everyone, tied up helplessly. i love Master for teaching me my true self. Now i know my true self wants to be forced to serve men that i find unpleasant. i have learned the pleasures of being forced to suck the slimiest, hairiest cock. The pleasure of getting hard in a cb because of being forced to lick ass, the pleasure of being a tied-up gurl fucked in the ass by strange Men.

Back to reality. Master slaps my face to stop me as i again get carried away while cleaning His Penis. “Take the tray away”. i take it to the kitchen and as i return and curtsey, He shuffles me around, and fixes my wrists together behind my back with a short chain. He takes my ball leash and pulls me before television. “On your back”, he barks. i throw myself on the floor, my ass rests on my hands.

“she’s ready”, He yells to Mistress, who soon appears, and Her perfect, shapely butt starts to grow and grow as She lowers Herself on my head, facing away from my body, kneeling one knee on other side of my head. i suddenly feel moist hairs touch my mouth and a familiar liquid starting to trail into my mouth. my nose is in the midst of Her pussy hair near Her clit and my mouth directly on Her opening. i begin to tongue and lick Her pussy vigorously, my tongue is the active and eager appendix my sissy clit never was.

As i lick my Mistress-Wife’s hot fucked pussy, and musky scent and pungent taste of cum fill my senses, i feel a tug on my balls and then toes are fitted between the chastity cage and my balls. Master crushes my balls with His foot! Luckily He can only crush them against my soft perineum. i can’t do anything, under her butt, hands tied under me, i’m trapped and vulnerable for Master’s foot on my balls. But i know i’m doing nothing wrong, He just wants to counter my fun with some pain every time i get to lick my Mistress-Wife’s pussy! i just have to cope! He moves His foot about, crushing my useless balls, which are a shame to mankind. Suddenly He really manages to hurt my balls, which prompts me to struggle and cry out into Mistress’s pussy. She raises herself a little bit and said “sissy, you’ll have to learn to stand the pain in your balls, otherwise We’ll have to remove them!” Then She resettles with Her cliltoris on my mouth. i took it as a hint and started circling it with my tongue.

Suddenly His foot stops and just presses still on my balls. i feel an intruder in my exposed asshole as Master shoves a lubricated dildo plug in  all the way. It’s the electro plug, and the rest of the evening it rests in my ass, controlled with Master’s e-stim remote, twisting and turning my insides. Control unit is clipped to my belt.

To my great surprise i feel the urethra plug and the chastity cage removed. i am so used to not being able to grow that i stay limp. Master corrects it with His riding crop, a few sharp blows into my clit and it stands in attention.

Eastenders is maybe over, because Mistress lifts Herself. “Up” yells Master, and i rise wobbly. Master frees my hands and i stand there hands free with a full erection. If i were a man i could now grab my Wife’s voluptuous ass that is just a few feet away, and start banging Her. However no such thing happens, instead i stand at attention until Master tells  me to bow to Him, and He attaches a leash to the tip of my helmet, as i keep my head lowered for Him. Soon i am literally dragged by it and my ball strap to the frame. Master commands me to kneel and He fixes my head strap to the frame so i must kneel upright. Mistress ties my wrists to my belt each on its side. Master ties my thigh straps together.

Mistress comes before me and Master behind me. ‘It’s time for your fuck training. So you don’t forget it altogether. you know the rules. Start!’

i started pushing my hips forward and back as if i were pathetically fucking something, my hands by my sides, but i just fuck the air. i start repeating. ‘sissy is not allowed to fuck anything but air. sissy is not allowed to fuck anything but air…’ Just as i have ‘pulled back’, and my ass is sticking out, i hear a crack and feel Master’s cane hit my right buttock. i jolt my hips forward because of the blow, and right then Mistress hits me right in the underside of my sissy clit with a riding crop. i jerk back, and Master’s cane on my ass sends me again forward. ‘Continue chanting’, yells Mistress angrily. The surprise made me stop, but now i continued  ‘sissy is not allowed to fuck anything but air. sissy is not allowed to fuck anything but air…’  Master was yielding the cane fiercely, making my thrusts very believable, while Mistress chose accurate targets alternating my clit and balls. i understood the symbolism as each thrust towards Mistress was countered with She smashing my privates. Each moment wild electric jolts in my bottom made me not forget that i am penetrated. After many rounds of this “slave ping-pong” i am left to continue rehearsals and chanting on my own. Then Mistress placed me in chastity again, freed one hand, and sent me to prepare Them a gourmet supper.

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