Cum on command

”OK, Spot, Heel!” I recognized my dog name immediately, hurried to my Mistress, on her right side, lowered my head to the floor next to her right foot, my hands below my neck like dog paws, and my ass high in the air. I loved this dog play with My mistress so blood rushed into my penis and I felt the bulge getting harder in my pants.

She started walking to our bedroom and I knew better than to follow her on all fours, keeping my nose as close to her walking feet as possible. “Undress!” I started taking off my clothes quickly but organized, and arranged them in a neat pile on my side, then assumed the earlier position by my wife. This Heel-command was sometimes a bit difficult as I had to always face the same direction as my Mistress. She had her normal clothes on but now I felt the coolness on my naked skin. My pubic hair and my upper legs are always kept shaved, only a thin fraction is groomed into a very narrow and quite short rectangle just below my belly button. She doesn´t touch me yet.

“Put on your latex stockings, rubber corset, leather helmet and posture collar”. This sounds like fun, and I hurry to obey her, taking care to put on the things in the same order as she used in the command. I crouch to lace the corset tightly by myself; the lacing is in the front so it is easy. I exhale and hold my breath to get the tightness to a satisfactory level so that my waist is reduced and I get an hourglass figure. Then I attach the suspenders, fit the helmet and zip it up, last fixing the strap of the posture collar which as I know exaggerates my long neck. When I try to arrange myself a bit clumsily to her side she commands “Take position” and I carefully approach her as the helmet blocks my view save for the limited view though my nostril openings, and finally when I find her feet I stick my head in front of them, putting my hands on top of my neck, and sticking my buttocks up, spreading my legs to the maximum and finally making my toes and soles touch.

“Add a condom, the parachute carrier with 1kg weight”, she continues, still not touching me. She must know how difficult it is to find again the toy closet and the things, and it must look funny as I fumble on my knees in the latex stockings. I finally find my way back, roll a condom on me, and attach the penis strap that hides part of the condom, then the strap that goes round my ball sac and I pull it as tight as it goes and then the final strap that goes round all my genitals and tighten it too. Then I search for the next largest weight and attach it to the ball sac strap. I understand reason for condom is that my pre-cum doesn´t drop everywhere during the scene. After that I fumble back to my Position, just to realize that she´s not there any more! A swish in the air and a stinging pain in my bottom, and another slash after that help me get an idea where she has moved and finally I can take my position again. Through my limited view I notice that she´s changing her costume too.

“Attention!” This military-style command is used to make me stand rigidly in attention with my wrists crossed on top of my head. I assume she checks my attire, and after that she asks me to take position again, so I kneel and lower my head again. She normally makes me do this before nearly every command. “Attach your wrist and ankle straps”.

I fumble my way back to the closet. It’s now more difficult as the weight swings back and forth between my legs, and every now and then my ball sac hurts. I attach the straps which look very massive on my slender legs and wrists. They have one D-ring each. Then I return back and lower myself to the Position.

She then commands me to get the oil. Fumbling I fetch the skin oil and kneel again before her with my naked ass sticking out in the air between the rubber stockings and corset, presenting her with the oil. “Grease your ass with two fingers”. I do as I am told, lubricating my anus profoundly, and sticking the fingers in as far as they go while I am at it. “Put a third finger in. Use your left hand.” I obey, filling my hole with my own three fingers. “Stretch you ass with your fingers as much as you can!” Next couple of minutes go as I stretch my anus to various directions.

“Attention!”. I panic as I don´t know whether to remove my fingers from my ass now, but I do it, as I understand I cannot stand correctly otherwise. This is like chess, you know. She opens the zipper that closes my mouth, and commands me “Lick your dirty fingers until they are clean!” So I must stick my greasy and a bit smelly fingers into my mouth, but I do it as a slave must obey all commands, always. I lick and suck them for a long time, first my right hand, then the left one. I think Mistress is still changing attire, I assume she´s going to use a corset and stockings, with a gown and boots.

When I am finished she comes and takes hold of my right hand, folding it behind my back and attaching the wrist to the back of the posture collar. After that she does the same with the other wrist and also attach my elbows together with my back, so that they nearly touch in a back-prayer position. Then she clicks a leash to my collar and another to my genital strap and starts pulling me with the two leashes round the room. She stops and removes the weight. “Spread your legs and bow at the waist”. She clicks a strap to the back of the corset and pulls on my ball strap as far as it goes and attaches my ball strap to the corset strap. This makes my penis point a bit downward. “Attention!” Now the drill begins.

“Roll!” I had to lie down and roll over until she asks me to stop. It is very difficult as the penis points so directly to the floor, so I don´t roll as fast as my Mistress wishes. She stops me by stepping on the small of my back and administers two lashes with some strap, possibly the riding crop, to each of my buttocks, which stick out vulnerably as my hands are uselessly fixed behind my back.

“Fetch!” she commands and throws a rubber ball. I swiftly hurry after it, kneel and get hold of it with my mouth, when return on my knees and offer it to her standing on my knees. She takes it from my mouth and throws it again, I hear it bouncing off the floor and walls. Nearly blindfolded, I fumble again to look for it.

After a while she says “Enough of that” as she takes the ball. “Dance and sing for me, Spot. Can-Can!” I know a variety of feminine dances like the harem dance, can-can or just wiggling my bum. I just start “la-la-la-la” with the can-can melody and start throwing my rubber-stockings-clad legs up in the air as my penis obscenely sways around. As I don't have any skirt nor hands to wiggle it, it becomes monotonous quite soon, even though my Mistress is so wise that has instructed me to turn 45 degrees every once in awhile as I am dancing, so she gets my side-view and rear-view (bouncing buttocks with a bunch of red nuts in the crack) also. She gives my legs extra speed by giving me a few rhythmic lashes with the riding crop. They land on the beat on the buttock next to move.

My dance is interrupted with “Attention!” which anchors me in a fixed standing position. The next command comes quickly “Lick my boots”. I notice that she is sitting on the bed, and I kneel right before her and start sticking my tongue out the zipper opening of my leathery helmet to lick all of her boot in an organized way, starting from one side etc. While I´m at it I feeling my upturned buttocks, the naked and smooth-shaven upper parts of my thighs, my balls and my groins. I noticed how smooth my skin is there and how vulnerable my private parts were in my pose. To my great relief she undid the strap that held my balls back. But then she reached down and reapplied the weight to my balls. All the time I kept on licking her riding boots.

“On the bed on your back! Spread your legs!” New commands got me quickly on my back so that my already sore hands were a bit crushed under me. This was exaggerated as she sat with her bare backside right onto my chest. She took hold of the base of my condom-clad prick and delivered instantly a stinging blow to the most sensitive part of my penis, the part where foreskin and head of penis are connected. It might have been a 30 cm plastic ruler what she was using. My knees were by instinction coming together because of the blow, so she said “You’ll keep those legs of yours spread like they are, or I will tie them up and give ten blows like that to your balls also”. Immediately I concentrated in keeping my legs spread wide apart like they were, and at the same time preparing to have my head of penis trashed, and trying to fight the numb pain in my shoulders and hands. New blow landed on the same spot, and my legs shook but stayed wide apart. “Good..” she said soothingly, “Good boy, Spot”. Another hit! Directly on the spot. She continued sitting on me and hitting my penis for a while, when raised herself and fixed a spreader bar of 1,5 m between my ankles.

She sat on my upturned leather-clad face, and instructed “Start licking”. I thrust out my tongue in a hurry to obey, and started licking her clitoris, vagina and the pussy lips. Her pussy was wet with a lot of pre-cum. I worked furiously with my tongue, but got it strained quickly and my pace slowed down. Whack! She hit my penis with another type of whip, perhaps the small cat o’nine tails penis whip. My speed picked up immediately. Then she raised herself and moved herself on top of my penis and rode herself to a massive orgasm. I knew that I was not allowed to cum so I tried not to get more aroused.

Then she stood up, closed my mouth-zipper, raised the spreader bar up when back towards my face, and finally fixed it with two straps to the head of the bed. She has also removed the weight which had been laying between my legs on the bed. My legs were up, and spread very much. My penis and balls were brought close to my face, and through the holes I saw my shaved thighs which disappeared under the red rubber stockings, my shaved flesh between balls and butt hole, and even part of my corset. Only my shoulders remained on the bed. It was easier for my hands as my body weight was raised off of them. She connected a strap to a D-ring on top of my helmet and started to pull my head up and connected the strap to my ball sac strap. My head was raised up from the bed and the head of my penis pointed directly to my zipped mouth.

The reason for tying my balls to my head occurred to me as the first lash landed on my ass. She was giving me a good thrashing on my buttocks and the insides and backsides of my upper thighs, and wanted to get my balls from the way. I had quite a good view of what was happening, and saw the strap landing on my vulnerable intimate parts many times. As she stopped she undid the strap holding my balls, and opened the mouth zipper, just to stick her boot on top of my mouth “Lick the soles of my boots, you forgot to lick them” I panicked as I started to think if she was going to punish me for that later, and licked the sole fast. When she gave me the heel to suck and the same routine was applied also to the other boot. She was standing on top of me all the time I licked her soles and heels.

My mistress restrapped my balls to my head-ring, but this time tightening the strap more severely. Now the head of my penis pressed against my cheek. She opened the zipper and told me to put the penis in my mouth. I tried to turn my head, but couldn't get it in. She had to assist my by shoving the penis head into my mouth.

“Suck yourself to the edge, but remember that you need my permission to cum”, she said. I started circulating and caressing the penis head with my tongue, and sucking the foreskin, but didn´t do much else not to shoot my load too early. Then I felt her take hold of my hips, and push something against my asshole. It slid easily in my well lubricated hole, and I noticed that it had the shape of a penis. She pushed it totally inside me, and started sliding it in and nearly out so that the big penis head stretched my sphincter muscle every time. Every time she slid in, my own penis slid further into my mouth, and I really tried to ignore everything because this all was bringing my orgasm closer. Then she kept the dildo all the way in me, and told me she is going to take time how quickly I shoot my load when she gives me the permission. The sooner the better, “3 –2 -1 –Now” I had my whole penis head in my mouth and started sucking it intensely with my tongue flicking under the penis head, and I came in 3,5 seconds!

As a prize she gave me cold contents of a pea soup can to eat from a dog bowl. What a happy dog!

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