In the closet - a shemale cuckold

Hi, let me introduce myself first. My name is sissy or slave, or whatever my Mistress

and Master decide to use. i am 46 years old and i am so wealthy i have retired from my

executive job at an investment bank to live as a 24/7 live in slave for my former Wife,

current Mistress and Her permanent b/f Max.

i have eaten hormones, dutasteride and a lot of estrogen with no testoterone-depressant

so that i am always horny and probably functioning shemale (it's a long time since i

have "functioned"). my hormone grown natural boobs have been enlarged to a C-cup

in an operation. Other operations i have gone through are girly ass, nose job, raised

eyebrows, shaved brow ridge, ear jobs, fuller and raised lips. my narrow face was so

feminine that i needed  no other corrections. The last surgery was done to my vocal cords.

Master decided i would become a mezzo-soprano instead of an alto doctor suggested, so i

asked for a more aggressive surgery where also Adam's apple was pushed in. i have now

a high, girly voice which can never be mistaken for a male, which i find quite sexily final.

my cries of pain went up an octave at least.

i have a 6 G ampallang, a barbell through my clit tip, with a hoop round my clit tip connecting the ends of the bar. Mistress chose transurethral ampallang for me, as it penetrates glans through the thickest part. So it is least prone for tearing and as healed could be used to carry weights and have my clit tied back back to my 2G quiche. i have also nipple, tongue and nose (septum) rings, all German lockable steel segment rings, that need a special tool to open (Mistress has it). 

Tongue ring has a smaller diameter, and i use two pairs of matching earrings in my upper ear holes. All piercings have been stretched so they can be used to carrying weights, tying and leashes. A permanent chain connects my nipple rings, hanging between them. Latest addition are the 5cm diameter silver "slave bells" that Master added to hang from my nipple rings and connecting chain (3 from each nipple with little 5cm chains and 5 directly on connecting chain). They ring constantly if i move, and they are used to assess my performance those many times i am told to stay still while being handled.

i wear 24/7 a custom made 4cm wide metal collar with a hidden locking mechanism round my neck, ankles and wrists. The bracelets are completely covered with frilly black and white ribbon pleated in ruffles and sewn on around the collar. The colors match my customary black and white maid uniforms, and as street clothes i use goth girls' jacket and skirt in these same colors so that my nose ring fits in the picture. 

The bracelets have one O-ring hanging from them that can be pushed between the bracelet and skin to avoid being recognized as bondage rings. The collar has a very tight fit, so i cannot similarly hide the 8 O-rings hanging symmetrically from it. The O-rings are ornamental enough so that a person with a pure mind can mistake them for decorations. The little slack in bracelets is just enough for me to thread stockings and gloves through under them. i can wear a leather posture collar on top of the regular collar. All these are purchased from German "Traeume-aus-Edelstahl", and i am a bit afraid as they also make branding irons and metal switches.

my body hair has disappeared through endless sessions with a nice lady at an electrolysis clinic. i used to have an ornamental batch of pubic hair left until Master booked me a final visit to the clinic after which my pubes were completely void of hair. Now my Superiors are considering buying me a tattoo in the place where most people have pubic hair. Master has suggested it would be a recognizable picture of me sucking cock in some kind of bondage, weights hanging from my tits.

Having no hair down there is very practical, as i wear 24/7  a Neosteel Shemale System Ergo Rear Chastity belt, and it covers a big part of my pubes, so shaving daily would be impossible. Below my chastity belt, my balls are permanently tucked in my body cavity and instead of the usual penis tube my sissy clit is locked by the ampallang hoop to the back quiche, and the empty ball sac is taped together over my sissy clit shaft, forming a real looking pussy which covers my back-locked clit. A finishing touch is an electrode unit from an electric dog training collar, taped  so that electrodes touch my clit tip. Over these lock the unyielding but dainty metal plates of the chastity belt. The fit is so tight i couldn't get a finger between the belt and my skin. The belt stays on for weeks at a time as i can douche under the belt with special showerheads when given free hands.
For added security my hands are at home connected to my collar with 50 cm chains. The chains allow nearly all household chores, but prevent me from ever straightening my arms totally. i have to push my hands as far back as they go, chains taut, if i don't need my hands.
The chains allow all normal duties, even wiping in the toilet. However, i need permission to use the toilet and i may not lock the door, (or   a n y   door that Superiors cannot open) and sometimes my ablutions are supervised.
my waist is down to 26" through a strict mostly vegan diet and constant use of feminine  corsetry.
Even my eyebrows are made into thin archs by electrolysis. i am always Their sissy maid doll, always smiling, always submitting, always sexy and slutty with my bum and boobs mostly or completely exposed in all my home outfits, in high heels and stockings, with permanent make up and long real hair. i have no panties, only chastity belt is found below my skirts. Ergo rear system means there are only two plastic covered steel cables between my buttocks, and they leave a wide space free around my anus. So even though playing with my ass is off limits for me, my buttocks and asshole are all the time easily accessible by Mistress, Master and His Friends.
As opposed to my locked up clit, playing with my titties would be easy, in my bare-bosomed outfits, and even a great lure for me as my ample mounds still have novelty value. i have also noticed that in the prolonged absence of stimulation to my clit other erotogenous zones take its role, and kneading my breasts and rubbing my nipples provide similar pleasure as masturbation was, and if Mistress sucks my nipples, it's as hot as being taken up my ass.
Master is a firm believer of high heels training,so i use 5" to 7" pumps all the time, "to get used to them". Now i find it easier to walk on tiptoes even when freed from those dreaded shoes.
Only thing that is not very feminine is my height: 6'. With heels 6'6". Because i am so totally passable, it only makes people wonder if i am a model being such a tall skinny girl. Sometimes my height makes me look ridiculous as i submit to a much shorter guy (some of Master's friends are quite short). my feet are luckily not very large, only size 8.

i am very happy with myself as a slutty, sexy shemale slave.   However, if Mistress and Master would agree that i go through srs and become a real post-op mtf transsexual, i would surely submit to their will, although i suspect my Master would prefer my mouth and ass over my new pussy even post-op. Surely He and She would find other uses for a cunt created in such a laborous manner. Being the object of 'story of O' pussy flogging is one of my lasting fantasies and when i saw an Xtube video of a pony cart with a dildo attachment in the drawbar i started fantasizing of becoming 'post-op mtf pony slave'.

my bed 

Today i woke up at 6am like every morning, on my "bed". It is actually a 50cm wide declining hard board. i sleep kneeling on the floor, my upper body resting "comfortably" on the board so that my ass is at the high end and head at the lower end. When i keep knees moderately separated, the high end is exactly the right height for my hips. All this may sound inhuman, but i have grown used to this, and sleep well. There is even a small padded platform, "pillow", on which to keep my cheek, allowing more room to my breasts that tend to be somewhat squashed against the hardboard. The ends of the board are well rounded for my comfort. 

i sleep in a corset, gloves, stockings and high heels. Of course i wear also the chastity belt, collar, bracelets and nipple chains. Mistress opens my collar to wrist chains for the night. Getting to bed and getting up are "self service". First i attach my waist to left and right side of the high end of bed, then draw a thin blanket over me. Next i attach my nose ring to a chain at the lower end, with enough slack to permit turning my head and changing the cheek that rests on the padding, but not allowing me to raise my head or my body or do anything else. Finally i attach my wrist bracelets together under the board. i wake up a few times during the night to "turn over" (change cheek). 

Passiveness during sleep is also encouraged by not having a light switch in my room, but a motion sensor. If i move lights are switched on for 2 minutes.  Occasionally Mistress or Master, if they are up late (i am allowed to go to sleep at 10.45 pm), checks on me, (i can share with you a few interesting cases of that later) and there is of course a web cam surveillance on my room so i have never thought of unlocking myself and sleeping more comfortably during the night. The surveillance cam pics are saved so They can later check on what i have done when i have triggered the lights on.


In the morning i first unlock my hands and nose ring. Next is a half an hour of flexing and gymnastics after the long motionless night. To flex i must try to reach my chastity belt with my tongue while on my back, legs up and folded. Then stand up. Then repeat. For 15 minutes, while all the time sticking my tongue in and out, trying to reach my chin with my tongue. Suppleness of my spine and tongue are central issues, and rest of the time i alternate between limbo exercises and trying to get my head between my knees while standing up, while continuing a program of tongue exercises.

At 6.30 i start making myself presentable according to Mistress's orders given by bedtime. First is always the dress so i can lock my wrists to my collar for the day. This time it was going to be a sexy sissy maid outfit. my perfect c-cup boobs with silver rings and connecting chain were going to be totally bare, pushed up by quarter cups of my regular corset. Dress had short puffy super lacy sleeves, an open bodice and tutuish mini skirt part covering only half my butt with a little longer front. After i have shut locks on my neck-to-wrist chains i draw a new pair of sheer black nylons on my legs. i check the paint on my toenails and finger nails. They must be oval, bright red. i thread the stockings up underneath the bracelets and attach 4 suspenders. Oh goody i don't need to shave anymore!

Next is the posture collar. i have a long slender neck so a posture collar makes me seem very exotic, vulnerable and a bit giraffey. i insert an inflatable plug in my ass, squeeze 10 times and step into my 5" pumps.

Make up was to be slutty so i supplement permanent makeup with a lot of cajal, bright red glossy lipstick, black eye liner, greenish eye shadow, chandelier earrings and rouge nipples. i have half an hour to also do my long hair in pigtails. A maid's cap completes the outfit at 6.30. 

Day with Mistress

A big breakfast is to be served in bed for Mistress with the remote for my electric trainer on the tray, my breakfast in a dog dish.

Day ahead was full of cleaning toilets, cleaning windows, then lunch, vacuuming and dusting in the afternoon. It was Friday and She wanted the house immaculate for Max's weekend long stay. She used the remote only to call me to bring Her tea and biscuits.

At 4pm She decided everything was tip top. She told me to lay the table for an afternoon tea for two, with scons i was to prepare myself. i hurried and got the table ready, only the coffee machine needed to be switched on as Max arrives. Though i use heels daily, being Her full time maid, my pumps were killing me at this point, i had barely had chance to sit on my hard stool that pushes the butt plug more deeply in.

Now Mistress told me to bend over the end of the same long dinner table, and rest my chest on the table and cross my hands behind my back as She removed the chains connecting my wrists to my collar. She tied my wrist bracelets behind my back to the opposing elbows, got the permanent straps from under the table and strapped my waist to the table and then raised my both hands until they were painfully connected to the hook on the ceiling on top of the table.

'you've done a good job, so you will only get two. And you still stand the chance of getting to cum later if you can lure Max to fuck you too.' With that She took the rattan cane from the stand fixed to the nearest wall - this is the standard flogging station - and continued to deliver two blows on each of my buttocks, expertly placed horizontally, one third from the top and one third from the bottom of my butt cheeks. Two stripes is my weekly minimum punishment and only if i get two i may get a chance to cum. Of course i cried like a baby as She punished and marked me.

She let me up before Max arrived, but did not free my hands any more. She fixed both Her and my makeup, fixed me a leash and a tray to be supported by my waist and nipple rings, poored a couple of glasses of wine, placed them on the tray and told me to wait kneeling by the door. As i was kneeling, She came from behind and shoved a penis plug in my mouth with

'No need for you to talk tonight'

Master's arrival

As Master arrived, Mistress hurried past me in Her classical black mini evening dress.  'Welcome home, Darling' She went on to kiss Him on the lips.

'God, you look so beautiful. I want to fuck you right away', Max said as Their lips parted.

i saw His hand wander under Her skirt and squeeze Her white upper thigh above the stocking top that He uncovered. He had not even noticed me and my pretty naked breasts.

'Then just take your welcome drink and stow away sissy', Mistress said.

They took the drinks from my tray as i pushed my boobs out, there wasn't much else i could do. They took one sip each and Master slapped my face. i reeled and did not have time to straighten up before Master picked up my leash and dragged me to the bedroom with the strapped-on tray and all. He lead me straight into the walk-in clothes closet where my usual place is while they have sex. i have never seen Them have sex, i am always in the closet, washing His car or kitchen floor or doing some other menial work.

In the closet

He removed my posture collar first, to make it possible to tilt my head. A pair of chains was already dangling from the ceiling and He just connected them to my gag and nose ring making me stand up straight on my heels, head tilted up, staring at the place in the ceiling where the chains connected. He read the note taped to the shelf saying 1) posture collar off 2) nose and gag 3) weights to nipples 4) pump up the plug 5) ankles 6) music , took two half a kilo weights from the shelf and soon the weights dangled just off my chest, my ankle bracelets were tightly joined and my ass was filled with dozens of squeezes. Last thing was inserting earphones in my ears and switching on the player which had my punishments on tape. i don't get to even hear them have sex. Lights out. i was left in the dark with only my wandering thoughts.

Had Master noticed my striped butt?
What is happening right now? Is Master's penis already in Her?
i imagine His butt going up and down between Her legs.
i think about the taste of cum. i feel the taste vividly.
They didn't even want coffee before They went to bed! i was supposed to switch the coffeemaker on with my hands behind my back.
OMG, the heels are k i l l i n g me.
my hands are  u n c o m f o r t a b l e behind my back.
Will i get to cum? Will i get to cum? Will i get to cum? And how?? In my own mouth with electro? Will They connect my tongue ring and my ampallang so that they touch?
i hear my cries of pain from tape and think who saw me getting punished that time, was it both Mistress and Master?
How would it hurt if i fell? If i somehow lost my footing. What would happen then?

Suddenly my ponderings are cut short by an especially strong electric shock in my sissy clit, inside my fake pussy. i try to stoop, hurting my nose in the process. The shock goes on and on, as i shriek in panic into the gag, trying to keep my nose up. How long? 5 seconds at least. Tit weights and bells are hurled in wild motion, hurting my nipples, rocking my tits.

Mistress is fucking Her boyfriend, my Master, and shocking my clit as a payback. Did She press it while She came, i ponder, as another jolt penetrates my clit tip, where electrodes have been waiting for days to be used. i try to watch out for my nose now, and just clench all my muscles and rock my hips as i cry and cry, tears wetting my cheeks.

As it stops i just try to catch my breath and regain my composure. Thoughts come later: yes, She must press the button when She cums. She has cummed twice now. Will She cum a third time? How many times She will? Maybe She can cum as many as 4-5 times when fucked by Max, a Real Man. Futilely i check on my bindings - no i cannot move my hands, i cannot rub my crotch against anything, as there is no slack in my face chains. There is nothing i can do to prevent further shocks to my clit head - the same spot that Master is pleasuring by thrusting in and out of Mistress's pussy. The center of His pleasure is the center of my pain. How appropriate!

Funny that my feet don't hurt so much anymore. Pussy shocks put that into perspective. i try to take my thoughts away from my current predicament. What chores will there still be during the night? Washing up, doing the laundry? Will He fuck me in the ass? Or mouth? After fucking my Wife?

Cleaning up the cream

i have gone through these thoughts many, many times and stood a total of 4 long hard electric shocks to my clitty as the lights go on again and hands remove my earphones, weights and the chains, free my ankles. It's Master's hand. my muscles are  s o  stiff as He drags me along. The bedroom smells sexy and hot. He sits down in a wicker chair.

'Clean me up, sissy'

His cock is not hard anymore but it is still swollen, slimy and warm. i recognize also Mistress's taste on it. i clean it while kneeling, my hands still behind my back, lapping it all around and taking it finally in my mouth and circulating my tongue everywhere.

'That's enough, now it’s your Lady's turn'

i teeter to the bed where Mistress is. She lifts the blanket under which She has been lying, She is naked except for a corset and stockings, red cheeks, ample breasts, dark hairy pussy appears, She has obviously just climaxed. i walk on my knees on the bed towards Her pussy, white cum is marking the opening of Her sex, coloring it pale white. i bend down, ass up and dart my tongue right in Her pussy, 2-3 times, then circulate it around, start looking for traces of semen elsewhere, on Her thighs, near Her asshole... i would get hard now, but taping and the belt effectively prevent such.

i backed down as She stood up.

-'There are traces of cum on the linen. Suck it all off.'

Ass still up and hands tied i start licking and sucking the wet spots on the bed where They fucked. i try to keep my legs demurely together, but my thoughts are in my naked ass on display. Do They like what they see?

After a good while of tonguing the bed She says: -'Go put the coffee machine on'

Tea time

i scurry along swaying my ass and manage to switch the coffee and water cooker on with my hands. Mistress frees my hands and mouth next. As tea has brewed, i announce with a curtsey that coffee and tea are ready. i quickly teeter past Them to open the door to the dining hall, and feel Mistress observing my every move as i pull a chair for Her (Master does not wait to be seated). Soon i may speak!

-'Coffee or tea, Sir' (curtseying behind His left side)

-'Sugar or milk, Sir?'

i know how They like their tea, but it is all about ritual and manners. While They chat and drink and eat my warmed up scons, i stand behind Mistresss, a metre to Her left, carrying a tray with teapot and coffeepot, hands horizontal, absolutely still and mute, eyes following their cups, ready to offer seconds. Mistress starts toying with my remote as i wince in anticipation. Finally She sends a shock, not as high level as the previous, to my clitty. i bite my lips not to cry out as it is in principle forbidden to cry in either of Their presence, but a guttural noise escapes me. Luckily the china on the tray remain intact. i passed Her test. i can take a shock remaining still!

After seconds Mistress orders me to clear the table, do the dishes by hand and report with the riding crop, spreader bar and straps.

The chastity belt removed!

As i approach Them with the required items, They are cuddling on the sofa.

-'Kneel', Mistress bosses me. 

She unlocks the belt.

-'Remove the belt and all your taping', Mistress says.

-'Ass up'

It is a taught ritual position. It means i turn my back on them, spread my legs as far as they go, and bend down at the waist until i look between my legs, and join the outer sides of my wrists behind my back, tilting my hands outwards - and not move a muscle whatever happens. i look closely at my just revealed crotch and freely hanging boobs and tit chain now. The purpose of the pose is to offer quick and easy access at comfortable height to my asshole, buttocks and crotch to my Superiors. If i happened to have panties etc. covering my ass, i would need to remove them first. A possible hem is not allowed to cover parts of my anatomy below my corset in this position, but has to be pulled up. my eyes will have to be fixed on my crotch.

Mistress pushes now the key to the lock at my ampallang and soon my sissy clit hangs limply before an empty ball sac. Balls are still up in the body cavity. Momentarily i could reach and touch my sissy clit, but i know better. Next She connects my hands in the same way they had been during the evening.
i have to follow in my heels as Master roughly  leads me by the leash to the Master bedroom. My balls descend during the hasty walk.

-'Lie down on your back', Master barks.

i am now in the same place - the already warmed up bed - where Master fucked my Mistress. i feel some moist places under my naked butt.

-'Spread your legs wide! Wider!' i feel a speader bar being fitted between my knees with wide straps that force my legs apart.

-'Feet together'. my ankle straps are buckled together.

i feel that something is being tied around my ball sac, then tautened, pulling my balls severely towards my feet. Next i feel my boobs squeezed, then nipples. i become conscious of my hands tied under me. i am helpless again.Something is being tied to my nipple rings. Then the cord or something begins to pull my right nipple towards my right shoulder. In a moment same is repeated, and my left nipple ring is pulled somewhere behind my left shoulder. They have anchored me on the bed by my balls and nipples! If i try to move i get severe pain in my nipples or balls - or both!

Mistress finishes fixing me up is by tying a cord to my nose ring, removing the pillow from under my head, and pulling my head forcefully back with the nosering cord until i stare at the wall behind the bed, and see Him tying the cord off to headboard where also my nipple ring cords are fastened.
Now something is done to my sissy clit.  i gain an involuntarily erect clit, which is next pulled to different directions by the ampallang ring and finally towards my feet. i feel the cord being tied to the spreader bar so that my sissy clit points directly to my feet, at an unnatural angle.

Then a riding crop hits my sissy clit tip viciously and without warning!! It's a hard blow, but i think it is rather the surprise that causes me to cry out.

-'Silence, slave!', yells Mistress as the next blow lands at precisely the same point.

i try to keep my mouth shut, but muffled cries escape. They are not mere flicks, i hear swish of the whip in the air before each blow.The pace of the blows picks up, and my tenderest spot is being hit mercilessly and repeatedly with the tip of a crop. i am now sobbing continuously, and i try to fidget to evade the blows, but i can't even raise my knees. The spreader bar must be tied to the bed frame. What small moves i am capable of making don't help. The blows continue, and the pain accumulates and becomes totally impossible to bear. And then the blows become even harder! i hear swish of the whip as it travels in the air targeting the defenseless tip of my poor appendix that is only just revealed after a long term under the inescapable chastity belt.

-'Plug sissy's mouth, will you. Terrible noise', i hear my Wife say.

i open my mouth meekly as i feel the tip of the penis gag touch my lips.

The hard blows continue in rapid succession, as if the crop yielding hand was in continuous movement. i cannot see who's whipping me, my nose directs my gaze elsewhere. The pain makes it impossible to think, only later i understand the whole irony of my predicament: being taken into the Master bed only to be punished in the very spot that  Real Men plunge into Ladies' pussies in bed. Intense pleasure for them, intense pain for pierced me. sissy absolutely passive, Real Men active. Real Men making decision, sissy not. sissy having no control over her clit, Master control His penis and sissy's clit as well. Master controlling His life, and sissy's life as well. sissy having no control over anything, not even her own person, as she always succumbs to her Master even if her opinion is nominally asked.
As suddenly as the blows started, they cease when i am already incoherent. The pull on my balls and sissy clit eases.

She tries to push my sissy clit back down to lock my clit ring to my quiche, but the erection doesn't permit it.

-'Max, please punch the sucker in the balls. I need to get rid of its stiffy. it is so turned on by beating its clit'

Max knows that a vicious punch is needed, that nearly makes me vomit, so He slaps my balls with the full force of His large, manly hand.

Soon the lock clicks and my clitty is again pointing to my asshole. After my whimpers subside the penis gag is removed much to my comfort and this sissy is freed. However my hands remain tied and the spreader bar between my knees remains, also the butt plug to my dismay.  Neosteel is replaced. Oh no, nothing else. Now it's over, i mourn. i do't pay attention to the fact that my balls are still out.

-'Get me a beer and a glass of wine for Mistress. Fucking your Wife has made me thirsty.'

-'Sir, of course Sir. Thank you so much, Sir.' i try to dip a curtsey, but with a full length spreader bar between knees, it becomes more a squat.

-'Hurry, hurry! Get going!', Master demands loudly.

To walk i have to wave my whole body from side to side. Opening the fridge and grabbing a can of beer and a wine bottle is easy even hands behind back, and fortunately i find glasses at a suitable height in one cupboard. Most difficult part is returning with two glasses in one tied hand and a wine bottle and a can of cold beer in the other. Even the aching tip of my clit distracts and causes irritation. i return with another clumsy wide-kneed curtsey before my Superiors. my hands are freed and connected to my collar again with the usual 50cm chains, so i can formally serve the drinks.

Dinner time

Next i am sent in my spreader bar to grill steaks and prepare home made french fries and chili salsa for Their dinner and prepare mine also. i am horny as hell and would surely use any possibility to finger my clit now if it was not covered by metal.

As They have eaten, Mistress tells me to bring my dinner bowl, another long spreader bar and a head harness. i return with a big bowl which contains my balanced diet: cold nettles soup, fresh dandelion leaves i have gathered from the garden, (dog) kibble and raw eggs all mixed up.

-'Place it there in the center', Mistress points at the empty space in the middle of the living room with couches surrounding.

Next She tells me to stand at attention. She unlocks my belt again! Now what? i get anxious.

-'Place the head harness in your head without the gag and fix the spreader bar between your ankles'

The strappy head harness is easy to put on, but the spreader bar not. The chains limit my movements so much. But i kneel by the bowl, and fix the spreader bar to rings in my ankle bracelets. my legs are now parallel.

-'Cross your hands behind your back'

Mistress removes collar-to-wrist chains and fixes my hands behind my back, left to right side and vice versa.

-'Now bend over darling. your tits to your knees', Mistress purrs.

This leaves my ass up, while my face nearly touches the floor. She fixes short lengths of chain between my each nipple ring and the nearest knee strap. Now i cannot move any more without pulling on my nipples. Mistress moves my bowl under my head as i raise my head.

-'slave, eat  n o w. Bon appetit'.

They laugh as i start lapping up my watery meal. i see Their feet as They move around. Soon Master grabs my balls and pulls them to the side, attaching something - a parachute - to them, and suddenly lets some serious weights attached to the parachute drop. Weights are pulling my balls painfully down to the floor while my pierced clittie is pointing elsewhere: back towards my boy pussy. He has thoroughly twisted and distorted my genitals.

i lap up as Master attaches vibrating nipple clamps to my stretched nipples, switching them on with a remote. He deflates finally the butt plug that has been causing fullness and stretched my ass for the whole evening. He interrupts my eating by grabbing my head, pulling it up and pushing the butt plug in my mouth for me clean it. Next She attaches a ring vibrator to the root of my locked back clit and another just above the parachute.

-'slave, you will   o f   c o u r s e   n o t   c u m  without a permission', Mistress reminds.
Fortunately the vibrators are not bringing me over the edge, though i don't need much to cum, being under complete denial regime since February.

The teasing

As i have licked the bowl spotless Master grabs my head again, removes the bowl and yanks the already familiar penis gag in my mouth. i submit as He pushes it all the way in to the back of my mouth.  He takes my nose ring, attaches a cord to it, threads it through a ring at the top of the head harness, and starts pulling my head back by my nose. i feel Him untie my ampallang from quiche and retie it to my nose ring instead, forcing my head up, my neck in a strenuous bend, and stretching my sissy clit by the ring back towards my ass. i am made to stare forward, directly to a mirror propped against the wall, and my reflection there.

And what a reflection it was! my pretty female face looked piggy with nose up, and it was devided with black straps of the head harness. my pert white boobs near the floor, drawn apart, stretched pointing to my knees, shoulders covered with maid's dress, exposed white ass, spread stocking-clad legs. Mistress was sitting on the sofa and Master joined Her hugging Her. i tried to ease the pull on my backward bent sissy clit by raising my body, but it caused more tension to my tits - and i saw it happen in the mirror. What an ingenious predicament it was - i began to get too excited.

i must not get off! i had no permission to cum!

i was quite sure this was one of those countless nights i am just teased and denied. Then i heard the sound of Hitachi and Master approaching in the mirror. The wand had a pink ridgy penis looking attachment: Magnolia. i got immediately worried that it may be too much if He pushes that vibrating cock in my pussy. And the thought of being pushed over the edge by this gay anal way excited me even more!

Master feet stop by my ass and soon He penetrates me shortly after He penetrated my Wife's Pussy.
i get in a pure bliss as the intensely vibrating rubbery penis head is pushed against my yielding hole, which opens and lets the intruder pass. The strong vibes are transmitted to my sissy clit as well and i have to clench my muscles and concentrate in not cumming. Ridge after ridge it stretches my boy pussy as the vibrating tip reaches further towards my g spot. Magnolia has a little separate tip, a clitoris simulator. It touches my clit tip as the shaft is inserted fully - how appropriate, but too pleasurable. i start flapping my red-nailed hands like i was trying to fly away and scream into my gag 'Please Master, stop, i am cumming'. Only incoherent mumbling is heard, but Master fortunately understands my dilemma, and withdraws. Mistress also switches off vibrating clamps, remotely from the sofa. She stands up, walks to me and shouts:

-'slave! There is  n o  chance you will shoot your load before you are told to do so! I don't go into details of what horrid things happen to you if you would  e v e r  cum without permission. No need to think about that as you will never - I said   n e v e r -  do it!' The last words were hissed through closed teeth.

-'But it seems We cannot leave it to your self control. Max, get the shock devide'

Master goes away, and returns to tape something all too familiar to my sissy clit tip: i feel the horrid metal electrodes of dog training collar against my clit head. He removes the vibrator from the root of my clit. They are training me to cum with no or minimal clitoral stimulation.

Nothing more is said, i see Him hand the zapper remote to Mistress who is reclining on the sofa and watching the show unfolding in the middle of the room.

As the vibrating stopped, the bondage became a nuisance and i tried to stretch a little, just managing to pull on the tender piercings on my nose, tits and clit.

But soon that is the least of my worries as Master approaches in the mirror, switches the dildo on and shoves it in with unnecessary force. Mistress switches on my nipple clamps and the one at my back stretched ballsac. Now i must control myself if i want to avoid a horrible electric shock on my poor sissy clit tip. He lets the wand stay put, radiating its magic vibrations inside me. i don't feel anything on my clit although Sir rammed the rubber penis fully in with one swift motion. As He starts rotating the dildo i understand: He pushed it in upside down. He is merciful and does not tease my clit with the little clit vibrator. However, He keeps twisting the dildo half a circle to the right and left and that enough is nearly enough to make me succumb. A Hitachi up your ass is something, but when Master purposefully twists it inside you, is really  o v e r - t h e - t o p.

Each round He rolled the dildo in my asshole brought me closer to orgasm in spite of my fear of a terrible pain to cut my orgasm short.

-'slave, you   w i l l   inform if you lose ability to control yourself, and I will prevent the accident by zapping your clit tip. But if I feel you are not using   a l l   your will power first, you will get as many additional zaps I find appropriate'

The humiliation, how She spoke to me, stating Her and Master's true ownership over me, while Master viciously twisted the dildo a nearly full circle around in my ass, stopping just short of brushing the electrode unit with the clit vibrator was too much, i had to start flapping my hands and mumbling my 'Sir, please, stop, i am close to cumming' into my gag.

Simultaneously the dildo was pulled quickly out and a long super jolt made me cry and involuntarily try to lower my ass, resulting in severe pain in both clit and nose rings. The pain was such that all excitement was gone in an instant. Then another jolt!! i trembled in my bindings, shimmied my ass, in a futile effort to do something to the sharp pain that was like a dagger in my pussy.

-'Next time I require much more concentrated effort, sissy, or you will get a   s e r i e s   of shocks like this. D o   y o u    u n d e r s t a n d?'

i sobbed my answer to the gag: 'Yes, Mistress. i do'

Master took a pillow and knelt on it before my tilted head. He was wearing just briefs and He took out His Penis which was erect. He didn't say anything, He just snapped off my dildo gag and bent His knees to guide it in my mouth which was fixed at a suitable height once He got His Penis is in. i knew which way He wanted a girl to suck His dick and i thought if i'll do a good job - a good blowjob  - Mistress and Master might let me have a full orgasm. He pushed His Penis deep in my throat. As my head was tied up, i could just lick along the underside remembering that i wear the thick tongue ring which wraps around my tip of my tongue, mainly because Master wants me to be able to give better blowjobs - even though He quite seldom takes advantage of that.

Next He started to withdraw. i created a tight vacuum with my lips and i don't mean a vacuum like when you are drinking soda with a straw. i mean vacuum like you were sucking poison out of a snakebite and your life depended on it.

Earlier i didn't like giving blowjobs, but now best way to describe my feelings is i am overwhelmingly proud and get sexually excited each time Master accepts my lowly mouth for pleasure. More often i have to content myself with tonguing His ass from below as Mistress gives Her blowjobs.

i started flicking my tongue horizontally. He makes a few thrusts against my throat, then withdrews so that only Penis head remains in my mouth and i can give it the quick tongue treatment He likes. He grabs both my titties in His big hands and starts squeezing them.

Unexpectedly i feel Hitachi at my opening again. i didn't even notice when She had switched it on. She also switches on my tit clamps' vibes. He starts fucking my mouth in earnest, and She pushes the ridgey rubber penis in and starts fucking me slowly with it, taking care to avoid my clit head as She buries it all the way in.

Now He grabs my head harness straps that go over my cheeks and accelerates, pushing my mouth rhythmically on His cock. As my harness is connected to my sissy clit, He jerks also my sissy clit each time She bangs my head. He is getting nearer of cumming in my mouth. Mistress plunges the dildo as deep as it goes and keeps plucking it there with small thrusts. i can't help that i get carried away. my sissy clit is jerked by the ring and it gets also part of the Hitachi's humming next to it in my boy pussy.

my big blunder

i need to be shocked again. i start flapping my hands in panic just as Master accelerates even more and His strong tasting semen hits my throat in a series of eruptions. She pulls the dildo out. i don't swallow as i know i must keep all His cum in my mouth until i'm told what to do with the precious stuff. Simultaneously my evident orgasm is killed by a penetrating pain in my sweet spot. i open my mouth to squeal. Some of His cum leaks out. He says 'Damnit. Keep your mouth closed, bitch'. He is still in the middle of His orgasm and wants sucking, tongue and vacuum. He plunges back in my throat, i feel more liquid burst in my mouth. i create the vacuum again while a tear falls down my cheek. i try to suck as hard as i can, knowing i have fucked up, as He slowly withdraws. She pulls out with a 'pop', but keeps pushing His penis head back in past my thick, sucking, bright red lips as Mistress shouts:

'sissy, i'm  s o  disappointed with you. you were  t o l d  that you are  n o t   a l l o w e d   to   c u m. And now you have mangled M a s t e r ' s   o r g a s m   by trying to cum as He cums in your mouth. What a lack of respect! W h a t    a   l a c k   of   s e l f  c o n t r o l.  Now think for a moment what you have done.'

With that they disappeared and left me cheeks full of His cum i was not allowed to swallow yet, looking at my cum stained face and blaming myself for ruining my best chance in months to be allowed to cum. Soon most of my excitement was lost and all i felt were my weary knees, my arms going numb and even my cheek muscles becoming sore for the unusual task of keeping a mouthful in my mouth for a long time. i knew where was cum also on the floor, They would punish me badly for spilling it and They would also make me lick it up.

i had no idea how much time had went as i heard Master and Mistress return. She started:

-'sissy, normally We would just give you your punishment for the lack of self control and spilling Master's valuable seed and your chance to cum would be over. But this time Master decided to have mercy on you. But only if you  b e g    submissively enough. you will first   a p o l o g i z e,  and  b e g  that i give you two of the strongest with the zapper. If you pray reverently enough to make Us believe you have learned your lesson, that you have   n o   dignity left, that you   r e a l l y   b e l i e v e you have less worth than the wax in Master's ear then W/we continue and you get a  c h a n c e    to cum in a manner suitable for a worm such as you. you may begin'

She noticed my bulging cheeks.

-'Show Master's load'

i opened my mouth taking care not to spill any more.

-'Swallow   n o w   and begin'

Mouth still oozing cum taste i started a long and winding monologue with my high female voice:

-'Sir, Master, and Mistress. i am the most worthless piece of property on the face of the Earth. A laughable excuse for a sissy. Something that doesn't even in a distant way resemble a Real Man or even a Real Woman...'

i went on and on about my miserable, lowly and powerless self, then i started to apologize about my spillout:

-'my small, idiot's brain cannot describe in words how shocked i was when i noticed i was not able to continue entertaining Master, my Idol, my Living God, my Owner, my Reason for Living. It's awfully wrong that so insignificant creature like this slave can spoil even partially the God's pleasure. Every drop that i spilt was worth more than this worm. i cannot say how terribly sorry i am...'

Finally the begging part:

-'Mistress and Master, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. you have saved my life by taking my ownership. this slave would not exist any more without You.  i am infinitely happy you own me and i hope You will keep me in your service always.

Instead of throwing me out i beg to be punished for my shortcomings, Sir. Please punish me for trying to cum without permission. i beg you to punish me for failing to suck your Magnificent Penis in the crucial moment of Your forceful Orgasm. i beg you to punish me for spilling some of your Precious Cum. Please give me two shocks to my clit tip with the highest voltage. Please make me suffer for my failures. This way You Superiors can show this outcast its place: that all i have said is literally true, that i must give perfect service to You before awaiting anything in return and all deviations of this lowlife must be harshly punished, especially those concerning Master's or Mistress's pleasure.'

-'slave, that was a good speech. I'm happy you have understood and accepted your situation. It has taken two years of training but the results finally start to show. you must understand that you are a miserable thing and even if you obey and serve flawlessly, you are still a fucking joke, a worthless sissy slave, nothing more. But if you fuck up, for instance if you break a cup, you can cause much greater damage than your tiny worth. And causing pain to Us, or ruining pleasure that belongs to Us makes your value go zillions in the negative territory. That's why you must    t r y   l i k e   your   l i f e   d e p e n d e d   on it, when We train you, mould you more to Our liking, and further away from your old disgusting male slave self. you are learning new skills like a circus animal in training, some useful to Us and many just to make you remind them, trained animals. Even though you have already been transformed far, you've got a lifelong training in front of you. Even 10 zaps to your clit wouldn't set your record straight, but We start with two.'

The punishment and last try

With that She pressed the button and gave me a long shock at the highest setting. i howled in pain, but felt the purifying effect of redemption. i was redeeming my sins, the wrongdoings were taken from my shoulders. A small break with me trying to catch my break and vincing and getting ready for another unbearable electric shock at my clit tip. But when it came it caught me as vulnerable as ever, thrashing, bells ringing, my womanly high-pitched voice crying out, squealing.

-'your begging showed that you must understand that these two shocks are not near enough to return your value to the zero level. As part of the punishment your chance to cum is limited. Master just peed in your bowl, He will now bring the bowl here under your head and provide you with a straw so you can suck His pee while your nose ring remains locked to your clit ring and your head tilted. Soon you will be given a last three minute session with Magnolia in your ass. At some point you will get permission to cum like the trained circus animal you are. As the buzzing starts, you will start sucking Master's pee. During the three minutes you will also need to suck the bowl empty. you cannot see the time, so you better suck all the time without any pauses throughout the 3 minutes. Even throughout your possible orgasm. Cumming may not interfere with your task. As another part of your punishment for losing grip of the Cock in your mouth as your clit was shocked, Master is also bringing a spoonful of your tasty homemade chili sauce. He is going to remove the electrode set now for the 3 minutes, and coat your clit tip with the sauce. So that you get your part of the hot taste. Ha ha!'

It's not so easy for me to orgasm any more because of the hormone treatment. Nocturnal wet dreams in the belt have ceased. i was afraid these distractions will prohibit me from cumming. Well, after fucking up, what would i suspect?

Soon the smell of a Man's pee filled my nostrils. A short hollow penis gag was inserted in my mouth by Master. It had a tube that i was to use for sucking. Then i knew i had to concentrate fully in sucking, as it is not so easy to suck with a gag in your mouth! Like reading my thoughts She said:

-'The only way you can fuck up now is that all of Master's pee is   n o t    in your belly after 3 minutes.  So suck for your life when you get permission! I believe you couldn't handle the results of two fuckup's in one night.'

Master now manipulated my clit, removing tapes, i felt electrodes removed. Cold substance was applied to the top side that was showing and it was carefully smeared on the sides and to the very tip and slit. Soon the tender pierced tip that had experienced tens of blows with the crop and half a dozen electric shocks became hot, then it started to sting and smart, and i gasped in my gag as it started to sting like hell, and the pain just continued, like it does. All the while Master was applying more hot chili sauce to the stem of my pencil. Soon my sex organ was on fire.

Next Master shuffled a strap round my arms, and draw my elbows together behind my back by tightening the strap. That added significantly to my discomfort and distracted me momentarily from worrying about my clit. i kept grunting in my gag sounding like a whimpering girl. He wasn't satisfied until my elbows were literally touching and hands pushed further off the opposite sides.

The nipple clamps vibration was switched on. They had been on my nipples so long, that the vibration merely emphasized the pain.

-'Time starts   n o w !'

i sucked and the strong tasting pee gushed into the back of my mouth. Hitachi was turned on and Master pressed the penis head of Magnolia against my anus and assertively inside me. Suddenly a hot burning feeling spread in my boy pussy as well. He must have coated also Magnolia with my hot sauce!

i tried to concentrate in continuous, effective sucking and swallowing mouthful after mouthful, and not get distracted by the ridgy penis in my rectum. it's funny how you never get used to the taste of pee. When i was first made to drink tiny amouts of pee even those nearly made me vomit. Due to my training i can now drink pee as fast as water, but it still tastes as disgusting as it ever tasted. Just the vomiting reaction is not there any more.

Simultaneously Master was applying pressure on the wand whose ridges slid in with difficulty, clearly no more lubrication had been used as part of my punishment. In this position even my precum from my bent back clittie didn't lubricate my ass like it does when i am on my back or upright.

As the strong vibrating penis head was buried deep inside, i fell into some sort of trance, though clit vibrator did not touch my smarting clit tip. It was just the sucking and staring at my image in the mirror: i seemed a woman in tight bondage, pretty made-up face, big boobs, sucking on a fake cock to drink pee... Male Master fucking my ass with a penis shaped Chili-coated dildo vibrator. Still i had a sissy clit, albeit puny, ringed, neglected and bent backwards in the most unnatural position,  and testicles that were pushed up in my body...

When i was a child i was a boy. i wore boys' clothes. i had long hair and i was a feminine boy, but i thought i would grow up to be a man. Like i did, and even got a Wife. Well it may be She married me to make me Her slave, as i was wealthy and all, but anyway. And i see myself in the mirror and look at what has become of me. A slave slut. 99% feminized 24/7. Totally obedient. Sexually 100% passive bottom. Totally degraded lowlife. A piece of property with as much control as a toilet seat has.

-'One minute gone.   N o   permission to cum!'

i started to nod my head a little while i sucked. i got the idea from the blowjob. By nodding i could pull on my clit ring. The problem was the connection was already so tight my clit must have been stretched long and look ridiculous like a spaghetti. i could only do minimal nods, merely noticable, otherwise it became very painful. However, these unobtrusive nods produced the necessary stimulant for my clit, as it was apparent it would receive no other attention. Master started to use His whole repertoire on my ass, alternating with fucking my ass with the dildo and twisting it about deep inside me.

i could not sob as i tried to still concentrate in effective sucking and swallowing, but while i stared in a trance into my eyes in the mirror, my life flashed before my eyes, and it all cooked up to a bliss of heat and pain. The coarciveness of my restrictive bondage - elbows together, clit stretched, even nipple rings pulled -  started a sudden physical need to cum. It's odd - or perverted maybe - but sometimes i used get over the edge while i masturbated, and i heard my Mom or my Wife approach: at a moment when i least should cum. It's similar to a few cases when i have had a nocturnal emission during a nightmare at a moment of utter catastrophe or embarrassing situation. Now i was in such a nightmare come true.
i felt the urge to cum lingering inside me, as Master continued to roughly take my ass with the comfortably sized but ridgy dildo, and my sexy emasculated appearance captured my eyes. i tried to keep orgasm away, as i had not yet the permission to cum. The smart of the chili rubbed into my clit and ass was taking its toll and helping me. It was still burning as badly as it was in the beginning and distracting me.

-'Two minutes, sissy slave may cum N O W'

Now my situation changed 180 degrees. From holding back i shifted in a second to trying to cum. If it was humiliating having to fight back an orgasm after months of selibacy, trying to cum on command was also degrading, especially as Wife's boyfriend is watching and providing the necessary stimulation with a vibrator in my ass.

Anyway fear of cumming changed suddenly to fear of not being able to cum. my corsetted belly was by now full of Master's pee, and the straw provided more and more from the seemingly bottomless bowl. i tried to catch the momentum i had, and started to nod my head a little more visibly, my only way of masturbation, pulling the clit ring while sucking a mouthful of pee after another and struggling to swallow them all.

Nodding my head caused the nipple bells start to ring and Mistress ordered:

-'No moving. Be   c o m p l e t e l y   still!'

i was to cum completely passive and immobile, only moving muscles being my cheeks sucking for fresh pee. i was even forbidden to pull my backwards pulled clit further back.
my clit and ass were smarting like they were dipped in chili over and over again.
Master twisted the Magnolia in my ass but carefully avoided any contact with my clit tip that rested next to it. He pulled it out, plunged it back in with one forceful thrust, ridges and all. That was nearly enough to drive me over the edge. i got the same lingering feeling of distress that a moment ago was leading to a spontaneous orgasm. If Master would do just a few more thrusts... But He started to twist the dildo viciously round and round... my straw found no more pee, at least i had that part sorted out. But i was like a football team about to be defeated, trying anxiously to even the score, fighting against the game clock - but it won:

-'3 minutes: no cums tonight. you will go right back to the Neosteel belt, and you will be given another chance to orgasm in exactly 2 months at the earliest and 3 months at the latest, depending on your behaviour. During that time W/we will train you daily in receiving electric shocks to your clit tip during cocksucking, as it turned out to be the weak point today. Master will teach you when He's available but mostly We'll use the Blowjob Trainer. I'm sure that with our regular training routines your next big O will not be ruined because of this reason.'

Before He opened any of my bondage, Master freed my nose ring, locked my ampallang to my quiche, replaced my electric training unit and locked my chastity belt in place, sealing my smarting, chili-tortured clit under the shields, unachievable for me. Finally the inflatable plug went back in, and Master pumped it a dozen  times until my ass was again filled and still burning.

i was quite spent as my hands were freed and i was told to free my legs. Then the collar-hand chains went back on.

-'There's Master's cum on the floor. Lick it off   r i g h t   a w a y ! And while you are down there lick the floor of the   w h o l e   r o o m'

It all happened so quickly that the fact that i didn't get to cum and shall not cum in 2 more months had not fully sunk in yet.

Finally getting to release my energy

After i had served them a delicious supper i had been made to prepare next, Mistress said.

-'Because you couldn't cum today, you have a lot of repressed sexual energy that need to be discharged some other way. Hard physical exercises have proven a good way for that. you will start a strict exercise regime right away. i want you in the gym, you have time to go through your training program. Continue it non-stop until you are called'

W/we have a large home gym in the basement with 10 appliances. It is equipped with video surveillance, that can be viewed in living room or Master bedroom. Mistress has made me a training program of 5 minutes rowing, 45 back extensions (100kg), 45 abdominals (45 kg), 45 rotary torso left and 45 right (40 kg), 45 sit ups on a slant board, 45+60 pushdowns  (35 kg) and 45 back extensions, ending with 10 minutes on the bike. i am allowed for one minute break after every 15 reps.
i know Mistress is right. Only physical exercise will take my mind off sexual things and dilate my clit that has been trying to swell all evening. According to my standing orders, i have to work out practically nude. as i enter the gym, i take off the maid's outfit, corset and stockings and put on a pony girl harness only. i have to put really effort into exercising, so i get all sweaty even without clothes. 
The harness has horizontal straps above and below my breasts, making them stick out, a broad strap around the waist and a vertical strap between my breasts continuing between my legs, has rings both for my genitals and ass, and going over my shoulders. my Neosteel naturally stays under the harness.
i fix the base of my butt plug Next i restrap my high heels. As there is no running in my program, i can work out in heels.

Now i start the exercises, with the bells ringing in my naked boobs, mirrors reflecting the image of a harnessed female on the equipment, eyes of my Superiors maybe on the screens viewing my performance. They could be doing something else too. Something much nicer, together.
Anyway, as sweat starts to pour, my mind empties, as i start to use up the energy that was meant for my sexual release. As my body tires, i forget the fact that rigorous exercise will be the only outlet for the energy accumulating in the balls hidden in my body cavity.

The work out has now gone on for 80 minutes and i am going through the same program 2. time. They have not shocked my clit even once. Maybe They have not watched me at all. Maybe i have been good :) i am totally spent and my genitals are finally at rest, not aching any more, having shriveled up to their original, tiny size, even though the bulky butt plug filled my ass uncomfortably and my image in mirrors shouted sex. Then a medium shock on my clit head makes my squeal! my tiredness is showing, They think i'm idling! my efforts are instantly doubled, i speed up to quick rhytm on the rotary torso, similar to my first round on the equipment. However i cannot keep up the quick rhythm for long, and another jolt given remotely from behind the monitor forces me into quicker rhythm again. it's like milking me endlessly to the last drop, only this time last drop of sweat, not cum, which they will keep in my balls from the first drop to the last.

Finally i am physically too exhausted to react to the shocks. Then i start getting full power shocks! i scream and desperately start pushing the weights quicker again with newfound last traces of energy. After two extra big shocks i get the call signal through my training collar. It means i can stop and must find Mistress or Master to report. i must take my dress with me, but not change any clothes. i wobble breathing heavily and find both Superiors in Master bedroom. i curtsey and drop on my knees as They are in the bed and i must be physically lower than Them.

'Sir, Madam, this slave reports' i say eyes fixed under the bed.

'Chees you are sweaty, foul...'  Mistress says.

'Approach on your knees', says Master, rising up to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

'Clean it. Don't touch anything else', Master says, pointing at His Cock, this time hanging soft between His strong hairy thighs.

i bend down and grab His Dick in my mouth, start swiftly cleaning it, bobbing my head and whirling my tongue around it, lips tight. The taste is not so great, ...

Get in the bathroom, on your back...', says Mistress looking supercilious.

'Keep away from me', She said as She knelt by my head facing my body, lowering Her ass on my mouth. This way my nose didn't get near Her pussy. 'you may touch me only with your tongue rimming my ass. Max just fucked me in the ass while you were releasing your energy in another way. I kept His cum there as you need to recover from your exercise.'

Cum was already oozing through Her asshole, which landed on my opened mouth as She spoke. i was so exhausted i didn't even have strength to get excited. i just enjoyed the chance to eventually lay down, and use the last muscle that was not yet worked out, my tongue. i knew She required me to French her ass, and keep sticking my tongue through Her sphincter in rapid pace, and whirling it around in Her ass. It was past my bedtime, i had had a long day, i was so spent my mind was going into a numb state, i was half asleep still licking and She was relaxing and more cum started flowing out. His semen in my mouth again... from Her asshole... He has had His fun, He has fucked Her ass. Her ass must be tight and nice, i have never had it, so i can just imagine... and continue to explore it with my tongue instead and lick Her lover's cum from Her ass.

Next i am sent to shower and for bed i wear my usual corset, stockings, heels and gloves.
Only as i had fixed myself in bed i start to realize how close i was to cumming, and now it may be weeks before the belt even gets removed next time. 

i fall asleep right away as lights went off. my sleep is of minor value, so after midnight the lights go back on, as Master opens the door, checks my bindings, pumps the dildo up with 20 squeezes and says

'It's sexy maid’s outfit for tomorrow. And I want pancakes for breakfast at 9.30'.

It took me hours to fall asleep again, thinking what it is like in the Master bed, and how i would see it as i bring them a pile of delicious pancakes in the next wonderful morning.

To  be continued