Rulebook for a slave


Basic rules

After signing this document a slave must live its whole life according to this Rulebook and possible amendments made to it by Mistress. Mistress may make amendments as She so wishes, without consulting a slave or informing about the changes beforehand.

The life of a slave is divided into 4 modes: the slave mode, the public slave mode, the relaxed mode and the free mode.

Mistress has sole right to make decisions concerning Herself, Her life, Her marital life and the life/lives of Her slave(s), including, but not limited to its/their life, marital life, professional life, body, nutrition and bodily functions. Mistress may do these decisions without consulting or even informing a slave beforehand or afterwards.

When the opinions of Mistress and a slave differ, if the reason for this is something that a slave knows and Mistress does not, a slave is obligated to inform Mistress about this fact. If the reason is something else, or if Mistress sticks to Her opinion after hearing all the facts, will a slave change its opinion and adopt its Mistress’s opinion as if it had been its opinion in the first place.

In all situations where this Rulebook does not give a clear guidance, a slave must choose the alternative which serves Mistress’s interests most and/or provides Her the biggest possible power to influence.

a slave is the member of the family with the lowest ranking and least value.

Which mode is in force?

During working hours a slave is in free mode. All other times the slave is in relaxed mode, until Mistress informs it of entering into slave mode or gives it any kind of command. Then a slave enters into slave mode, or public slave mode in a public place. If a slave is in slave mode because of a command given by Mistress, a slave returns to relaxed mode after reporting back to Mistress as the order is accomplished, if Mistress does not give a new order or otherwise inform a slave of the continuation of the slave mode. a slave enters slave mode also each time Mistress touches slave (directly or with an implement, such as cane). If a slave enter slave mode in a public place or if a slave arrives in a public place during slave mode, a slave enters public slave mode.

General conduct

In all other modes except free mode a slave needs Mistress’s permission to do anything. In the relaxed mode a slave may suggest itself something to do, but a slave must always provide 3 alternative suggestions, of which two suggestions must be useful household tasks like hoovering the curtains or washing the windows and one may be something the slave wishes to do like watching TV, posting a blog entry, browsing the Internet or reading a book. a slave is not allowed to ever suggest masturbation, eating candies, chocolate or any kind of sweets, smoking or drinking alcohol. They are treats offered to a slave by Mistress as She finds appropriate. Mistress then decides if the suggested action is possible, and She may approve one or decline all of the suggestions, and She may order a slave something else to do.

In slave modes a slave may not suggest anything because of the rules of speak. In slave mode the slave needs permission also to use the slave toilet, to laugh, and to speak without being spoken to. In slave mode all a slave may do without an explicit command is moan and whimper when being punished or tortured, follow Mistress as She moves (unless ordered to stay) and ask permission to speak if certain requirements are met (see Rules of speak for details).

The conduct of a slave must be at all times and in all modes polite, respectful towards everybody and content. The posture of a slave must be excellent at all times. If this rule set does not specify how a slave should conduct in a specific situation, a slave will follow a 1950’s book on good manners.

An unpermitted deed in slave mode causes a severe or extremely severe punishment depending on the act. A breach of code of conduct causes a punishment.

Following orders

After receiving an order a slave says “Yes, Mistress”, and if standing, curtseys, otherwise takes a bow and if that is not possible, nods. If kids or vanilla people are observing, a slave just says “Yes” nodding lightly and starts fulfilling the order.

a slave must obey each order given by Mistress or whomever She has deleted Her powers, without hesitation or delay regardless of circumstances. While fulfilling a command a slave must move swiftly but quietly. (running without raising feet when outdoors, if not a good reason not to run, tiptoes walking rapidly) The ordered activity must not be stopped or a stipulated position must not be changed by a slave’s decision, because of getting tired or whatsoever. Every order includes automatically cleaning the tools used, putting them back in place and cleaning all traces of the task.

If the order is completing a certain task, after the task is finished, a slave must report to the Mistress right away, say (if no kids/vanilla people hearing) “Task accomplished” and curtsey, otherwise just say “It’s ready now”. If the slave mode is not called, a slave now waits for 10 seconds and waits if Mistress gives it a new command, and if not, a slave enters back into the relaxed mode, and a slave may make the three suggestions of what to do now. If slave mode has been called, and kids / vanilla people are not present, a slave will now kneel one meter to the right of Mistress, or if not possible to another place where it does not disturb Mistress, motionless, upper body vertical, head tilted, mouth slightly open, tongue pushing the lower lip slightly out, hands on sides, palms against thighs, tips of thumbs against first joints of forefinger (“Waiting position”) and if kids / vanilla are present, standing in similar way (“Vanilla waiting position”). eyes of a slave wil be on Mistress’s hands, until Mistress looks a slave in the eye, in which case a slave must immediately raise its eyes to meet Mistress’s gaze. In slave mode, if Mistress moves to another place, a slave follows Her without disturbing or getting in the way.

If a slave does not obey an order, it will be punished in an extremely severe way. If there is an acceptable reason for not obeying an order or if a slave fails to obey the order properly, it will get a punishment or a severe punishment, depending on the breach of conduct..

Chastity and sexuality

a slave is not allowed to have sex in any form in any mode without an eplicit order by its Mistress. Having sex refers here to any touching of penis/clitty or pussy/anus, in any other purpose than hygiene, manipulating the chastity belt of a slave in order to gain pleasure etc. a slave wears in all modes CB-2000 with medium points of intrigue. a slave is allowed to remove the chastity belt for night, but it has to relock the CB on itself first thing in the morning after epilating. Any possible exception to this rule requires a permit given in advance by Mistress.

a slave has the right to spontaneously fondle Mistress, unless especially forbidden or ordered to stop by Mistress. Fondling may proceed into fondling breasts, sucking nipples, kissing hands, arms, feet, legs, thighs and buttocks, licking pussy and stroking pussy lips and finally fingering pussy. This is the hard limit for a slave, nothing else happens until Mistress gives an order for a slave to proceed. Even with a permission to proceed a slave may not penetrate Mistress, Mistress is the one inserting the penis into Her pussy.

The aim is that a slave controls itself so well it can make love to Mistress as long as She wishes without having an orgasm or having to stop before Mistress tells it to stop. If a slave cannot continue fucking without getting an unauthorized orgasm, it must stop or pull out, whatever it takes to prevent itself for cumming, but it will be punished later for disturbing Mistress’s pleasure. a slave is not permitted to orgasm without an explicit command from Mistress, and that command will never be given before Mistress has orgasmed or is orgasming. If Mistress is nearing orgasm, and a slave feels it will cum if it continues making love, it will ask Mistress ‘May i cum?’, and act accordingly.

If Mistress gives a slave an order to masturbate that does not imply a permission to cum until Mistress has expressly said so. Without a permission to cum, a slave is intended to masturbate in such a way that it can continue to masturbate infinitely without cumming.

Mistress will, if She so pleases, give more precise instructions to a slave about masturbation and having sex.

An unauthorized cum during a permitted sex or masturbation act is punished with a severe punishment. Other breaches against the chastity and sexuality rules will be punished with an extremely severe punishment.

Sleeping and waking up

Following procedure is to be carried by a slave out regardless of the mode in force.

a slave sets an alarm 7h 15min after the time it is allowed to go to sleep. a slave may rise from the bed not more than 30 minutes before or 5 minutes after the set time.

After rising up a slave undresses, takes its set of clothes for the day and carries them to the smallest toilet (“Slave toilet”), where a slave immediately pees and every other morning:
-shaves around its nipples, its crotch and upper thighs save a triangle of pubes, and every other morning
-showers (unless having showered yesterday), and epilates all around the triangle of pubes including the upper side of clitty/penis.
Next a slave washes the chastity belt with soap and locks it on itself, shaves its face and sets its hair. Then the slave enters into free mode until Mistress wakes up. During free mode a slave must prepare a pot of green tea for Mistress and fulfil possible standing orders.

a slave must shave its armpits each Saturday morning.

A breach of sleeping and waking up rules will be punished with a severe punishment.


In all modes, as a slave sees Mistress first time each morning and after not seeing Her for a period of more than 3 hours, a slave greets Mistress by rushing to Her, hugging and kissing Her neck.

In slave mode, when a slave enters a room where Mistress is, or when Mistress enters room where a slave is, a slave curtseys (when kids/vanilla not viewing). If a slave is sitting, a slave rises, if kids/vanilla not viewing, curtseys, and anyway does not sit again until prompted to by Mistress.

A breach of greeting rules is punished with a severe punishment.

Addressing Mistress

In all modes except in slave modes a slave my speak to Mistress freely. In slave modes a slave may speak only
a) to answer a question
b) to say “Yes, Mistress” when Mistress gives a slave an order or as a reply to scolding by Mistress
c) to say “Thank You, Mistress” when Mistress does or gives something (no matter if pleasant or unpleasant) to a slave or to answer an compliment by Mistress.
d) to say “May i speak, Mistress” if a slave knows something that Mistress should know, or to ask permission to use toilet. Normally a slave asks permission to speak by raising its hand, by speaking only if Mistress could not notice a slave raising its hand.

If Mistress starts to speak while a slave is speaking, a slave stops speaking and does not say anything in 5 minutes unless asked to do so by Mistress.

If Mistress asks e.g. whether a slave is stupid or not, or whether its punishment or boring task should be continued or whether a slave should be humiliated or controlled in a cruel way, or asks something else related to a slave, a slave will answer in a way it admits its faults and shortcomings, the necessity of the sexual and other control Mistress provides it, its desire for further punishment and humiliation.

In slave mode a slave must use a very submissive tone and the use of curse words and vulgar words is not permitted. In no mode a slave may speak to Mistress as She sleeps (with the exception of emergencies) and as Mistress is in Her study, no more than once in 30 minutes.

If a slave asks permission to speak without a good enough reason described above, and for other breaches of addressing rules are punished with a severe punishment.

Cooking and eating

In relaxed mode, a slave must spontaneously suggest making a menu for next week before the end of Sunday evening, and ask permission to present it to Mistress, who approves it after making the changes She wishes. a slave must take into account the use of available preserved and frozen ingredients so that all stocks are used so no foodstuffs older than one year exist.

In relaxed mode on weekdays, a slave is responsible of suggesting preparing tomorrow’s dinner in advance, if a slave gets back from work after 5pm tomorrow. After cooking and after eating a slave cleans automatically the kitchen spotless including shining sink and clean sink trap.

On meals, a slave warms itself the oldest leftovers even if new food is available. The order to prepare a meal includes automatically laying the table nicely (a clean tablecloth, serviettes, clean china and cutlery, clear glasses, utensils used in serving food, servers). As Mistress sits down by the table, a slave draws a chair for Mistress. a slave clears automatically the table after the meal, puts the leftovers in the fridge, rinses the dishes, puts them in the dishwasher right away, switches on the dishwasher as it is full and in relaxed mode also suggests emptying the dishwasher. Kitchen sink must be empty at all times. If it is necessary to soak a kettle, it must not be in the sink.

A breach of cooking and eating rules is punished with a severe punishment.

Using toilet

a slave may only use Slave toilet. As a slave uses the toilet bowl, the lid and the rim must be raised and the slave must sit on the bare porcelain or squatting over the bowl without touching it. a slave pees first thing in the morning and 1-2 times during the day and poops once a day. If a slave has peed during 2 previous hours, or has already peed 3 times, no peeing during pooping. a slave must ask permission for any further toilet usage and all toilet usage in slave mode.

Any breach of toilet rules results in a severe punishment.

Walking together & in town

Unless Mistress commands on the contrary, a slave trails behind Mistress as it follows Her inside, and outside walks beside Mistress, 30 cm behind Her so that a slave doesn’t get in the way if Mistress turns. In a store, a slave trails behind Mistress, pushing the cart, taking care not to block Mistress’s way (don’t bring the cart into narrow aisles), a slave asks permission to pay for the shopping and carry Her shopping home.

In a restaurant, a slave draws a chair for Mistress, stands in attention and sits itself only after Mistress has given it a sign.

If a shop assistant asks a slave something, a slave may answer only “i’m just looking’. In a restaurant, “She will make the order soon.” Otherwise the slave may only use words “Yes”, “No”, “Sir”, “M’am/Miss”, “Please”, “Thank You”, “Excuse me” and “i don’t know”.

When Mistress nears a closed door (including a car door), a slave hurries past Mistress and opens the door for Mistress.

Breaking the walking together & in town –rules brings about a punishment or a severe punishment.


a slave is responsible to keep the kitchen stocked according to Mistress’s wishes, and so that all meals in the menu can be prepared and also to purchase items Mistress has written on the shopping list, all during its free time. a slave needs Mistress’s permission to purchase anything else than these items, tissue, prescribed medicines and cheapest deodorant, hair gel and fixing spray for itself.

A breach of shopping rules results in punishment in the range of punishment – extremely severe punishment depending on the unauthorized purchase.

In a car

As Mistress has sat in a car, a slave sits at the seat beside Her. If that is the driver’s seat, it turns the motor on and asks, if necessary, where to drive Her. When Mistress is in the car, a slave is not allowed to exceed the speed limit by more than 10km, on motorways 20km.

A breach of car rules results in a punishment – severe punishment according to Mistress’s discretion.


An order to warm up the sauna includes automatically cleaning up the sauna into immaculate condition, bringing fresh towels into the bathroom, bringing a moist towel for Mistress’s face in the sauna, and informing Mistress as the sauna is at 60 degrees Celsius. During warming up the sauna, a slave reports each time it is not busy with the sauna, and departs from its other chores automatically every half an hour to check the temperature and if necessary add firewood.

An order to put fire in the fireplace similarly implies keeping the fire up every half an hour.

An order to go to sauna includes automatically bringing a sleeveless shirt, socks, panties and soft pants for a slave to wear after sauna. As Mistress has settled in the sauna, a slave asks Her if She would like to receive some massaging or rubbing, and if not, or after the Mistress indicates the massage is over, a slave will sit in the sauna somewhere where it doesn’t disturb Mistress.

A breach of sauna/fireplace rules is punishable with a severe punishment.

TV viewing

All TV viewing requires Mistress’s permission according to general conduct. it may watch TV only a maximum of one hour per day, and it will report t Mistress as viewing time is used up. a slave will keep notes of the times it views TV. If part of the TV viewing quota is not used, it is added to the available daily tv quota. a slave may change channel only if all other TV viewers agree.

A breach of TV viewing rules is punished with a severe punishment.

Hand signals

Mistress points at the floor = a slave takes up Waiting position / Vanilla waiting position in that spot

Mistress points at a chair = a slave sits on that chair, in slave mode back straight, hands on knees, or if by a table, hands on the table, knees together, thumbs nearly touching, chin straight ahead, eyes on Mistress’s hands

… to be continued

Miscellaneous rules

If a slave breaches any of the rules in this Rulebook, a slave will have to confess the breach spontaneously to its Mistress as soon as possible. If a slave is caught for a breach it has not confessed, the chosen punishment will be repeated two extra times, and for confessing the breach after the first possible chance the chosen punishment will be repeated once.

a slave must keep a diary of its deeds and feelings, and it must hold the diary at its Mistress’s disposal.

Cleaning instruments are not put back in their place before Mistress has accepted the cleaning results.

a slave must suck eagerly on anything that Mistress places in its mouth.

Recurrent tasks

a slave must spontaneously view weekly the list of recurrent tasks and their next due dates and inform Mistress of overdue tasks. Mistress then decides when a slave takes care of those tasks.

Punishments / torture

Mistress decides case by case the quality and quantity of each punishment, severe punishment and extremely severe punishment. Mistress may also punish a slave for Her own pleasure or as a treat to a slave; in such case it is called torture. Punishments include but are not limited to clamps, electric shock devices, whips, canes, keeping in awkward position, kicking, pushing needles into it, longer points of intrigue in its chastity belt, taking away its right to serve Mistress, taking away its right to be in the house, depriving it of its right to sleep on a mattress, restricting its nourishment, depriving it of net rights, additional service/work etc.

If a slave breaches two rules in a single act, (e.g. masturbated before putting on the chastity belt in the morning), it gets two punishments, one for each offense (in this case one for breach of chastity rules and one for breach of waking up rules by doing something unpermitted between morning chores).

a slave must control its voice during punishment/torture. It is not permitted for a slave to cry out uncontrollably or ask for a permission to speak (e.g. to ask for mercy), but it is allowed to react with a grunt or whimper when strong pain is inflected on it. It is not permitted to move out of the instructed position during the punishment/torture even if it is not tied down.

When a slave is ordered into “Punishment position”, it removes its pants and underpants if it wears some, stands facing away one meter from Mistress, spreads its legs 60cm apart, lowers its upper body horizontal, raises its chin, eyes focused to a point in remoteness on a level with its eyes, crosses its wrists on top of its small of the back, or if wearing a skirt of some kind that still covers its buttocks, lifts the item covering its butt and holds it up exposing its buttocks, resting its elbows at its sides.

a slave must not move when it receives regular blows or level 1-3 electric shocks. a slave is allowed to make a move when it receives a strong blow or a level 4 shock, but it must return to the instructed position within 3 seconds from the blow.

After receiving a blow or a shock a slave must announce the cumulative number of blows/shocks received, e.g. “Thank You, Mistress, One”, “Thank You, Mistress, Two” etc.

As the punishment is over a slave waits in the position until Mistress orders it to move. Then, before fulfilling the order, a slave will swiftly kiss each of Mistress’s feet and say ‘Thank You for the training, Mistress’.

Transferring the rights

Mistress can transfer Her rights described herein either totally or in part, either temporarily or permanently, to anyone She wishes (even a slave itself), without consulting or even informing a slave in advance. In doing so Mistress may withhold the rights also for Herself if She so wishes.