Sissy masturbation / Ruined orgasm

So your Mistress or Master has opened your cock cage and given you permission to masturbate. Hold your horses! Don't just grab a dick and stroke it in a disgusting manly fashion: you're a sissy, act accordingly! i describe here the one and only method in which sissies should be allowed to masturbate - ever - and this applies also to you wanna-be sissies living without a Superior.

Sissy masturbation means touching your sissy clit much in the same way Women touch Their clits. First you need to undress to your heels, stockings and corset and put a shield like a plastic sheath on your sissy bed and lie down on the shield on your belly. Put your clit so it points towards your feet, that's the right direction for it! If you are right-handed, you want to lay your head on the bed on its left side, as otherwise you cannot reach your clit with your right hand.

The rules are: you may touch your clit only with one fingertip at a time. If you touch it with two - accidentally or not - the fun will be over for tonight, try again tomorrow if you get permission. As your hand and finger will get tired during sissy masturbation, you may change the finger you use, but only twice!

If you don't have a hard-on yet, your puny clit is now hidden under your ball sac. In that case reach over your ass with your hand, and raise your ballsac with other fingers, and reach further with your index finger to search for the g-spot.

That means, touch the tender underside of your clit with your index finger. Notice how great it feels just to rub your clit a little with one finger, especially if you have been locked up for weeks. Wiggle your finger first over your clit and find your g-spot. Yes, it's your frenum, the ridge that connects your clit hood (foreskin) with the clit head.

Hopefully you are wet down there already, as it makes things easier now. Any lubrication is not allowed. Concentrate on your g-spot, move your fingertip from a little below the g-spot till the urethra opening. Speed is the key here, so flick your finger like 5 times a second or so.

It isn't easy to reach orgasm by sissy masturbation, so next your arm and finger wear out in the awkward position. Use your first chance to change finger, and continue with the middle finger of your left hand – you may turn your head too. Continue and think how nice it is that sissies have a clitoris so easily accessible, and loose skin that can be moved over the g-spot with just one fingertip. Continue to flick the loose skin up and down. As your left hand wears out it's time for the final third round.

Use your last chance to change finger and change back to your right hand, middle finger is best for the final. Now you need more tension. Press your ass with your palm right at your anus to get more leverage to your finger. Your finger is this way more aligned with your clit and there will be more crucially important skin contact. You may now want to change into horizontal rubbing, moving your fingertip from side to side over the g-spot. Press your finger as forcefully as you can against your clit all the time. If you have been denied long enough, you will now feel an orgasm building up, though the friction your clit gets is so different from friction in regular fucking.

Keep up with the pressure and the flicking until you have passed the point of no return for your sissy orgasm, and... yes, jump up, on all fours! As your sissy cream spurts, your clit shall never - i repeat: never - touch anything. Only air. you will ruin your orgasm deliberately by ejaculating without any contact to the penis.

Ruined orgasm is an excellent way to keep a sissy's piping in condition, without causing a big drop in sissy's service level. she may experience a minor downtime after the ruined orgasm but not half as bad as after a full orgasm. The drop is the deeper the longer the stimulation has continued after the point of no return. It also correlates with the amount of semen spilled in the ejaculation. If a Superior feels the sissy's sub drop was too big, the sissy can be instructed to stop all stimulation and raise on all fours right at the point of no return, with the result of only one or two forceless spurts at maximum.

As you get more experienced in the sissy way to masturbate, your Superior(s) may require more humiliating details. you may need to keep a saucer by you, place it under the clit as you raise on all fours, and collect your semen on the saucer and lick it up at your Superior's command. Instead of your bed you may be made to perform on a long, but hard wooden bench. On a hard bench also the upper side of your clit gets its share of pressure, against the bench. You may need to perform with clamps in your tender parts, or your head in a leather hood, gagged. Head bent backwards, the hood tied to the back of your corset? Out in the cold? Plugged, figged, nettled, holding pee or semen in your mouth? Holding in an enema? While your Mistress's Boyfriend is giving you the commands? Sucking Him all the time as you sissy-masturbate? Looking at the semen in the cup, waiting for His order to consume it?

Only the imagination is the limit. What's your favourite?