A slave's torment in chastity

This thing is driving me crazy. How many times have I been in my workshop, hacksaw in hand looking down at this infernal piece of plastic. It is creating a gnawing, invasive 24 hour a day ache that sits between my legs. There is not 10 minutes of relief in the day from this pressure. The pressure of not only fluid backed up inside me, but the knowledge that my cock has not been properly managed, stroked or squeezed in weeks. I often reach down and stroke the unyielding acrylic hoping for some sensation. It does not happen!

Well, Wednesday evening finally came after a hectic and frustrating day at work. We are self-employed and although I do most of the field work and am out of the office most days, there are times when I have to do a lot of customer service reports. We had an irate customer complaining about late delivery (his wrong address) and a supplier that gave us the news that a recent power outage had damaged his computer files and our templates. Even though it had been a rough day, I was eagerly looking forward to my release from the acrylic prison. It had been a long month and more.

When I got home, she was waiting for me in the living room with her feet up. "Look" she said. "Sit down and I will tell you what I'm thinking. You have been great for the last month or so and I have enjoyed not only seeing you frustrated, but seeing how much better you are around the house. You are more attentive and, to tell you the truth, I have never been so turned on around you as I have for the last few weeks. You have become a master with your tongue. I will say, that if we continue with this, it won't be for periods as long as we just did. It was great teasing you, but I need your cock more often. My feeling is that having you locked up a week at a time is enough as long as you don't get extra days added on for behavior or attitude - and that is at my discretion."

I nodded and wondered where this was going. A feeling of dread was growing as I suddenly realized that my ache would not be relieved this evening. She continued, "After today at work, I really don't feel like playing tonight but will keep my word to let you loose. This is going to be your decision." "Here" she said, and threw me the key that was in her hand. "If you use it now and release yourself, I will not be a part of this ever again. You can beat off or do whatever you want, but I will go to the kitchen. However, if you agree to stay locked up until Saturday morning, I will let you out for the day as long as you agree not to have an orgasm until Saturday night at a time I designate. Same rules. If you cheat and masturbate, I am done with the chastity thing. However, if you wait, I will give you an experience you will never forget and then I will lock you up again when I'm done with you. As I said, it will be for just a week. So, what is it going to be? Either return the key to me, or unlock it. Your choice, honey."

Well shit! This is hardly fair. Talk about a mind-fuck. I can't believe how warped her thinking is and how it messes with me. Here I am, ready to rip this thing off with my teeth, yet ready to voluntarily, yes, voluntarily live without an orgasm for two or maybe three more days. My choice be dammed. Thing is, I have enjoyed the frustration and being controlled. What I don't like, is doing it to myself. Having to make this choice and have her control me with the threat of no more play is daunting. I'm a little afraid where this path could lead us. I have enjoyed the new activities and play and my new submission. Sometimes I think I have awoken a monster - one that I always wanted as a dark fantasy but.... now that it could be a reality I am apprehensive. Is this who I want to be? The bottom line. The choice was obvious. With a trembling hand, I reached over and gave her back the key.

She looked at me with a little grin and said "We are going to have some fun on Saturday. Now, go and make us some dinner." That night before serving dinner I again was told to pull the cushion off the sofa and put it in front of the big chair. The ache in my crotch consumed me all through dinner as I tried to burst out of my prison. Mental anguish? You bet. This was a torture of the worst kind and - it was self-inflicted. I knew I wanted this, but now that I was being treated this way I was afraid she was enjoying it too much and of what I could become.

After dinner and the kitchen was cleaned (which I did), I stripped off my clothes as ordered and settled on my knees on the cushion in front of her thinking that another pussy licking was in order.

"Take my sandals off," she ordered. I bent over and undid the straps around her right ankle then the left one and pulled them away from her feet. Then, it was "Sit back and open your mouth." When I did, her foot slowly came up and the red polish of her nails glistened in my face. "Suck it" she ordered. She extended her leg, and the big toe of her foot entered the cavern of my mouth. I closed my lips tentatively and wondered what to do and - if I was even going to do this at all. "I said suck it" she said. "Just like I used to suck your cock. Get your tongue and mouth moving Deeper. Get serious about it or I can always add another day."

With these words my interest level went up. Foot worship had never been a thing with me, but the threat of another day convinced me. I began swirling my tongue around the painted nail and sucking the toe deeper into my mouth. The taste was not unpleasant - sort of a musky and earthy flavor. I had dropped to a new level and began to almost enjoy this base subservience. This had woken me to submissive desires in myself that I never knew existed. I opened my eyes and found her looking down at me. "I have always wanted to have my toes sucked" she said. "Keep going. Suck harder. You have nine more to clean."

This is what it is like to suck a cock I thought. Her toe was probing the depths of my mouth and the entry to my throat. It could not go any deeper as I licked and sucked its length. I moved to the next one and began to lick between then pull it in my mouth. When all five had been lathered and licked, she pulled her foot back and ordered me to open my mouth wide. With that, she slowly pushed her entire foot into my mouth stretching the opening. This really got me going and I started to pant, but could only suck air in through my nostrils. My mouth was completely plugged with her foot.

I looked down, and saw she had pulled the string of her thong to one side and was furiously stroking her clitoris in a circular motion. Her eyes never left her foot buried in my face. My nostrils dilated as I tried to gasp for more air. Suddenly I could see the color of her face and chest change. Her hand was a blur as the orgasm struck. Instinctively I reached down to stroke myself but felt only the unyielding acrylic surrounding my cock. God no. She was coming, moaning and mewling as the fluids gushed from her. I could smell her arousal over the smell of the foot buried in my mouth. I ached. I tried again to stroke my cock as the throbbing pain enveloped my groin.

When she finally pulled her foot from me, it was slick with saliva. The corners of my mouth felt stretched after the invasion. "Please" I gasped. "Please let me come. I have to. This is agony. Please let me come!" I begged. Both hands had gone down to stretch and pull against the diabolic cage around my cock. The flesh was trying to come out through the vent holes as the blood pounded through the cells. I didn't care any more. I reduced myself to more begging. "Please, oh please. Let me out of this. I have to come." I pleaded.

She looked down with a faint smile and replied "You can't cum. You are busy. There are five more toes to go. Open up." With that, she raised her other foot towards my mouth and pushed the toe past my lips. I slowly opened up as the digit invaded my mouth. "Suck it" she ordered. "Suck it hard. I want to come again, then you can clean my pussy. After finishing the cleaning and sucking of all her toes, I had to lick the entire bottom of her foot from the toes back to the heel. When she had her second orgasm with the left foot buried in my mouth, I could feel her toes try to curl when it hit. My mouth ached as she writhed on the chair furiously rubbing her clit. She was so wet, a froth of moisture showed on her trimmed pubic hair.

"On your back, head on the cushion" she ordered. As soon as I had complied, she slid down the chair facing my feet and landed her sopping pussy directly on my face. As soon as she landed, she started rocking back and forth coating my nose and mouth with the slick juices. "Lick it and suck it" was all I heard as she slid back and forth riding my face. I tried to lift her weight up with my hands, but they were quickly grabbed and forced down by my sides. Every few strokes she would lift up and allow me a quick gasp to fill my lungs. My nose was covered with strands of fluid that became thicker and thicker as she rode me.

Then, I knew another orgasm hit. Her pace picked up and she rode me faster and harder. I had closed my mouth mostly to protect my teeth as she pounded down on my face. Suddenly it was over and she sat and shuddered. I could feel the gasps of hot air on my thighs as she fell over. Even now, I don't know how I made it to Saturday morning. I was in my workshop later that evening and almost took a hacksaw to remove the acrylic ring behind my balls in order to stop the constant ache. So tempted to end it all.

Well, after a pretty sleepless Friday night, I woke early the next morning with the familiar ache in my crotch. In my pre- awake stupor I wondered if I was ever going to have another orgasm. I looked over at my wife and she had her eyes open gazing at me. "Ready for a shower big boy?" she asked. "Need some cleaning?" and then reached down to fondle my trapped cock. I jumped out of bed and headed down the dressing room to the walk in shower.

The water was on in a second and she appeared behind me holding the key to my cage. "Do you remember the deal?" she asked. I nodded and replied "yes". "Tell me then. I want to hear you say it." I half lowered my eyes and said "I get to be unlocked but cannot cum without permission." "And if you do?" "I don't get laid" I replied. "No. That's not it. You and I will be done with this play, and you will not see my pussy until your birthday, which is 10 months from now. Now - look at me and say it." I grit my teeth and spit it out.

I could tell that she was not fooling, and did not want to spend the next year "living in a freezer". I knew she was iron solid and unwavering once a decision was made. "OK, stick it out. Let's see what you have hidden there". With that, she grasped my balls and inserted the key in the lock. Once it was removed, she slowly began pulling the cage down the shaft. I could feel my cock pulse and swell and for the first time in a month I could see it.

"Pull the pin and take off the ring as well," she ordered. The ring had been off twice in the previous 30 some days and I almost felt naked without it. My cock and balls pounded and pulsed as the blood flowed freely. I had the water running and backed into the warm spray. Suddenly, for the first time in a long time, I reached down and stroked my cock. The familiar sensation almost made me faint it felt so good. I looked up and saw her looking at me with a bemused expression. "I don't think I can do this." I said. "You'd better. Don't forget our agreement" she said, then turned and walked out.

Here I was, alone with a throbbing erection, balls that were full to bursting and afraid to do anything about it. When I soaped my hand and reached down for another stroke, I knew that I had to get out of the shower. I had to forsake the one thing that I wanted over all else. I wanted to grip and stroke my cock with passion and spray the walls with my cum. The precum was running out the end in a torrent and I had to make my mind go elsewhere. Quickly, I spun the handle to cold and turned to face the spray. I sobbed, I was so frustrated but I knew the consequences if I ever came without permission.

The gym shorts I put on to go to the kitchen were tented out from my hard-on which would not go down. When I was pouring my cup of Java and both hands were busy, sweet wife came behind me and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. "After having it hidden for so long, I want to see what I've been missing" she said. We sat in the sun room with our coffees, me with a throbbing erection presented to the room while she looked over her mug at me. I had never felt so naked as I sat and watched my cock leak fluid from the tip. It would be so easy. A couple of hard strokes and the pressure would be gone. I had to get something to distract me.

"Lets go out." I said. "We can take the mountain bikes down the river valley." I had to put underwear on to try and hold in my hard-on but also to absorb some of the fluids that would not stop leaking. At least while we were on the path, I had some relief and could briefly take my mind off my situation. In the 4 hours we were out, we went quite a ways down the river, then crossed on the small bridge and headed back to town. Instead of heading home, she turned left and headed up to the main drag.

We were both thirsty, but I did not realize where we were headed until she stopped beside the same cafe/bar we had been to a month earlier. We had just sat down in one of the back booths, and. Oh no. The same waitress, Wendy that we had before came over. I watched her swinging boobs as she approached and knew this was going to be agony.

"Hi. I remember you guys. It's been quite a while." She said with a big smile. She looked over at my wife again and broke out in a bigger smile. Dropping her voice a bit she said "Yea, you were letting me have some fun. I remember that. How is it going?" she asked. "Fine for me" my wife replied, "but he is having a frustrating month. It's been over 30 days since he had any." "What? 30 days without? My boyfriend goes crazy after 2 days," she explained. "What's going on?" "He was put away 'as an experiment' but today is his day. He's been waiting a long time for this." Wendy looked over at me and smiled. "So today's the day is it? What can I do to help?" My wife said "do what you want. I get to watch."

To my surprise, Wendy gave me a sly look and headed off to the kitchen. We had not had the table cleaned nor had we given our order. "What's this for, service?" I wondered. What happened next? Wendy came from the back and judging by the wiggle up front, I knew she had removed her bra while she was gone. The next 90 minutes were an agony as my wife made us sit and have a second round, then something to eat while Wendy kept giving us (me) unusual attention. She would wipe the table every 10 minutes, causing me to almost soak the front of my shorts watching her full breasts undulate in her V neck top.

We ordered a full lunch and I was told that the food energy would be important later on, for my energy reserves would be depleted in the next few hours. All this teasing was too much. I wanted to sneak my hand down my pants right there in the restaurant and relieve myself. It was a world class tease, and I was the victim. Finally, we had a dessert and I was told to give Wendy a big tip. I had to pull my T-shirt down over my crotch to hide the bulge and the wet spot as we departed.

When we got home, instructions were to hit the shower and be back in the bedroom clean and shaved. Next, I was on the bed on my back with cuffs fastened at all four extremities. The cords were pulled tight, and I was stretched out unable to move my limbs. Looking down my stomach, I could see a pool of fluid on my stomach from my continually dripping cock. She stripped down to a bra and thong, then climbed up on the bed on my right side to curl up beside me without touching.

The first two fingers of her right hand pushed down on my cock just below the head, forcing it on my stomach. Then she began. Slow circular movements just below the head on the frenum with the dry pads of her fingers. Round and round and round. It was almost unpleasant, so I started to squirm away. "Stay still," was the command. Round and round went the fingers.

Then, after about 5 minutes I could feel it. Like the lights of a train in a long tunnel. The pressure of an orgasm starting to build. Round and round. A bit more pressure. Then, it was there. I could feel the pressure of the fluid building. Looking for release. A growing strain of fluid looking for a way out. Just as I could feel the dam break, the pressure lifted off my cock. I strained upward and moaned, trying to maintain the feeling. I could only stay up so long, and collapsed back on the mattress and the fingers followed. Relentless, rubbing round and round. The pressure started to build and I pushed hard to.... find it disappear.

Over and over again she teased me with that elusive orgasm. The fifth time I was begging her not to do it. "Let me go" I pleaded. "Either let me come or leave me alone" I begged. She smiled and rotated her fingers even slower. "I don't think so" she replied. "I think I want to hear you ask to go back in your cage for a week".

"You can't do that to me" I pleaded. "Please don't. Please let me come. I've waited so long". With that threat, I was almost ready to cry. She must have decided to take pity on me, because after about an hour into the merciless tease the pressure increased on my cock. I could feel the bubbling fluid straining to get out. "I'm going to let you come now," she whispered in my ear. "Do you really want to come?" She asked. I moaned and cried out, pleaded with her to let me have my release. Still the finger went round and round. "Keep begging," she said. I admit it. I begged. After trying to keep a hold on my manhood there was no way out. I broke down and begged and pleaded in a little boy manner for the release that I craved.

Then, it was there. The unstoppable rush. The explosion. No going back. No stopping. The moment I had been waiting for even though I wanted a firm grip on my cock, this was going to give me the release I craved. Gawd! I was going to come. The pressure stayed constant, then built and built and finally I surged up as the fluids gathered energy and erupted out the end. The first spurt went in my right eye, and the next sailed over my head, drops falling on my face. I don't know if the animal sound was me or not and I didn't care. Over and over, contractions forced yet more streams of fluid out of me. In all my years, I had never had an orgasm like that one. My chest was a mess of pooled liquid and my eye burned from the first spurt.

I had not even come down from the mind shattering experience and, suddenly, she spun up and sat on my chest, her pussy squishing in the fluid and reached over and unsnapped my right hand from the leather strap. She pulled it down into the fluid on my chest to moisten it then yanked it behind her butt to my still hard cock. "Masturbate" she ordered. "What, I can't. I just came" I retorted. The slap on my cheek was resounding. "Do as I say. Come again. Stroke it". With that I reached down and felt my cock for the first time in almost 40 days. I squeezed and stroked and felt the head swell and bulge under the familiar pressure. As I stroked, she began to ravage my nipples by twisting and pulling them, and reached up to again slap my face. "Come again" she ordered. "Come again. I want to hear you come again".

I stroked and pulled for what I was worth. Every time I thought I was getting close, she would severely twist my nipple and the pain cancelled out any pleasure I was getting. After a few moments, she slid up my chest through the fluids covering it, pulled her thong to the side and then plunked her sopping pussy directly on my mouth. The smell of raw sex and her fluids and mine coating my mouth and nose was the trigger I needed. With a guttural howl, I came again. I could hardly breathe, but gasped and sobbed as more fluid poured out of me. It was unreal, the second most powerful orgasm of my life less than 5 minutes after the first. My pulse was racing as I collapsed back on the mattress.

After cleaning the sticky fluids from her crotch with my tongue I was still hard. She slid down my body, and with her hand, aimed my still rigid cock into the warmth of her pussy and began to ride me. Up and down, she slammed onto me with her weight. Her breasts dangled in my face as her hips pounded me into the mattress. Then, I watched the flush of color rise on her chest and her muscles clenched me in a vise like grip as she came. Her sounds were no match for mine - but I'm glad we lived far from the neighbors. After laying quietly and me cuddling her with only one hand, she got up and headed for the bathroom.

I dozed off (hey - I'm male and just had two orgasms). I jerked into awareness as she pulled my balls down to slide the ring in behind and push the pin through the holes. "Hey" I explained. "I thought I would be out for a while." "You are, and now you were. You are going back in for a week. We can do this again next Saturday if you behave according to my standards during the week. Remember? You agreed, didn't you?" I hesitated long enough to debate the change in our circumstances. I knew that if I allowed my cock back in, my freedom would be over. However, the last month had been an orgy of sensation, frustration, hornyness, new experience and lust for my new wife. The decision was made.

"OK, I replied. Please lock up my cock and keep the key." It was slid on before I could start hardening, the lock slipped in and the "click" as the hasp closed. I was locked up again. "Great". She replied and clapped her hands in glee. "Come on, out to the living room and get the cushion down. You had yours, and now I want the same. My pussy is a mess and I want you to clean it out." This is how it ended - or should I say started. I was back down on my knees, face buried in a pussy covered in my juices and her heels pushing on my back to go deeper. I guess I finally got what I wanted. I took some