Training a slave to cum in its own mouth

You might think it is impossible to make your husband take her sissy clit in her mouth like in the picture, but i beg to differ. I'll tell you how you make her do it.
First thing is keep her chaste 1 month if she is less than 35 and older guys 2 months. During this time you remove her belt only for cleaning and cbt.

Part 1: Cbt training

i suggest you use this buildup time for training her to receive sissy glans cropping without ducking. Before she gets to cum next time, she will have to take glans whipping. I'll explain first this training method.
It is essential You tie her up in such a way she cannot bring a hand, leg or her upper body between Your crop and her glans. she must not hide her sissy clit between her legs or turn around. It's best to make her kneel in front of a steel frame bed facing away from the bed and tie her knees to the bed legs widely apart, her hands behind her back and put either a bondage hood with eye holes or posture collar on her, and tie a cord from that to the bedframe also so that she cannot bend. Don't tie her head so far back that she has to stare at the ceiling. For the sake of the training it is better she sees the blows.
you need to still double a length of cord, loop the middle around the middle of her sissy clit and tie the ends to the middle bottom of the bedframe, so that the cord keeps her sissy clit horizontal and keeps it from swinging. Probably her clit is erect now even if she otherwise has erection problems. If it is not erect just continue without the last cord.
Leave him a little slack with all the ropes so that while she cannot really defend herself she can thrash about a little, like move her knees together a few inches.
Now You can start flicking Your riding crop against her sissy glans. When you start the training don't use force, just light flicks with your wrist. But repeat them as quickly as you can, hitting the same spot over and over again is the clue. You need target practise so that the tip of sissy clit is hit by the tip of the crop going both directions, so that every other hit is on the top side and every other on the underside. You can do this vertically or horizontally, and even directly towards the very tip of the clit.

If she does a defensive move using the slack you've given her, tell her not to move, but to return to the basic position and remain there. The aim of the training is to 'make her control herself to stay put as You inflict severe pain on her most sensitive spots'. If she moves again, You will give her a series of much stronger blows on the clit head. As you normally just flick your wrist, now you move your hand some 20cm away and bring the crop down on her clit head with force. You need to give her 1-5 punishment blows, and then you resume. Tell her that any try to move away will be punished like that and stay true to Your word.
As the training progresses, next times You can gradually put more force into flicking until You finally reach a quite audible level that You are happy with. Evemtually, as she is trained and she doesn't try to move as you whip the ti of her clit, you can start tying her head further back so that she must stare at the ceiling, and You can add ear plugs and large headphones to prevent her from hearing the sound of the whip. This will make a fine show for Your D/s friends eventually, a well trained and controlled slave is a pleasure to the eye.

Part 2: In your own mouth -training

But even before that You can start the 'in your own mouth' training. During training her to take her clit in her mouth, i suggest You don't give her any clitty stimulation in any position other than what she can give herself by her own lips and tongue. By the way, if your boy has a clit of less than 4", he must be very supple to get his tiny clit in her mouth - but it is possible!
Effective bondage is needed for clit-in-the-mouth as well. On her back on the bed, legs over the head, tie them down below bed level to the headside legs of the bed. Tie also her collar to headboard and wrists together behind her back and to the middle of footboard. It is essential her legs and crotch are shaved and she wears stockings and a corset, because in this position all she sees is her crotch and to make this pleasurable for her, like You wish, she must like what she sees. her swallen clit hangs before her eyes as well, and even though it is a sissy clit, it somewhat resembles a Real Man's Penis, so this training is good to get her acquainted with the proximity of cocks as well, and taking cocks in her mouth.
Say to her that from now on she gets no teasing but with her own tongue and mouth. That's a good motivator for her. Let her try to reach as close as she can by pouting her lips and extending her tongue. Probably soon she can lightly touch her clitty head with the tip of her tongue. Now you can help a little by tying a cord around her balls and clit tightly, and pulling the cord forcefully towards her head and you can even tie it to her head. A septum piercing would be handy, You could tie a cord from her balls to the ring. You can also help by fucking her ass with a strap-on and really laying on her ass.
Be true to Your word, don't vibrate or masturbate her, if she cannot touch it with her tongue, there is no other contact to the clit. Don't continue for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.
her spine will adapt and bend more and more. Measure her improvements as you continue. Eventually she will probably be able to take her clit head in her mouth altogether. you will probably want her to wear lipstick as a reward for that. As she is able to pout her lips lightly against her cock and flick her tongue across it, You can give her permission for her first orgasm in months - either ruined or full as You wish. she will obey. Maybe it will be the first time she feels a cock erupt in her mouth and deposit a load towards her throat. It is so much easier for her to service other cocks after she has serviced her own clitty first. You have made her want a cock shoot its load in her mouth. You have associated that with her ultimate pleasure - and sexy humiliation.

So finally it goes as easy as this


But her humiliations are not over. You can establish a rule that she must wait with her mouth open, load in mouth until You (maybe much later) give her permission to swallow her load. Even though she could eventually take half her cock in her mouth, that doesn't mean You would allow her to suck herself. You might attach electricity to her clit and balls and order her to just keep her cock in her open mouth, but not touch it, or only just touch it with lips but give no friction. Or You can allow only horizontal or circular licks, no sucking. Or You might make her wait passively with her clit deep in her fully open mouth, balls locked tightly to her nose ring (maybe balls touching her nose already!), until You make her shoot her cum by electro or prostate massage - maybe You can make her cum by only flicking the crop lightly against her frenum spot. you may offset the pleasure by using nipple clamps and removing those just as she starts to cum. i have also mentioned connecting her clit and head with a cord that goes around her clit behind glans and making her masturbate with her head pulling on the cord. So please train your slave, and keep it happy.

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